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Heroine Netori 18

Heroine Netori 18

Chapter 18 – Royal Road Dragon Item (9)

Deokbae grabbed Sophia’s thigh her as he was inserting his cock her, then shook his back her while inserting his cock her between her thighs her.

It felt good as if it had been inserted into the soft, elastic feel of the thigh of her.

Sophia also accepted the stimulation from Deokbae, letting out a pleasant groan as her cock rubbed on the sunken clitoris her.

“Haa♡… Ah, ah, heheung♡… I feel good, haang♡… “

Sophia, who was already excited to the point of excitement, was sensitive enough to go away at the slightest stimulation.

After Deokbae shook her waist a few times, Sophia quickly left.

“Ugh, aaaaang♡♡!!”

However, Sofia looked at Deokbae with a vague gaze, as if she was still lacking.

As Deokbae stroked Sophia’s ear her, Sophia gasped and asked.

“Brother♡… Ha… Sleep♡ Put it in…”

But Deokbae had no intention of inserting it.

Instead of saying yes, he thrust his longest finger into Sophia’s cunt her.

“Haaagh! Wow♡!”

Even with just one finger inserted, Sophia struggled.

Sophia felt pain when Deokbae forced her to insert her ring finger into her.

“Ugh! Oh, it hurts… Mandible… Haaang♡!”

However, as if it was painful and good, he groaned and squeezed Deokbae’s fingers into her.

In response, Deokbae scratched her vagina, causing Sophia’s back to twitch.

“Huhh♡! Ah, hot, there♡! Crying! Ha… Crane! Oh, there too♡!”

Every time Deokbae’s fingers moved, Sophia gasped as if to answer him.

Sophia’s cunt her was so sensitive that if she touched anything, it would go away quickly.

“Please… Oppa♡, please stop… Ha… Stop now…”

Sophia forcibly held on to her spirit her and begged Deokbae in a trembling voice.

Of course, Deokbae’s fingers her were also really nice, but today she wanted Deokbae’s cock her.

“Yes? Haaang♡… Put it in, oppa Jajii♡! Haaang♡!”

“My girl♡… Oppa, hot, hang♡! Take it… Huh?”

When Deok-bae took his finger out of her vagina, a trickle of love juice flowed out.

Sophia spread her legs apart on her own and pulled the sides of her cunt her with both hands.

Sophia’s lewd pussy swelled and coveted Deokbae’s cock her.

“… Are you okay? It’s not just today.”

Deokbae was well aware of the fear of his cock her, which had grown through Yena and Yuna.

It was said that it was too big to be inserted into a virgin, so it was difficult to insert it unless the inside of the pussy was developed in advance, and it was also difficult from the point of view of getting stuck.

The pain of breaking through was stronger than the pleasure of erogenous stimulation.

However, Sophia wanted to connect with Deokbae right now.

It seemed like he could do anything for Deokbae now.

Hehe♡… Because it’s okay… Put it in oppa♡ You’re waiting like this… Ha… ♡”

Sophia opened her pussy wider and lifted her buttocks to seduce Deokbae.

Deokbae couldn’t stand the lewd behavior that could hardly be considered a virgin.

Deokbae grabbed his cock her and brought it to the entrance of her pussy her, so Sophia lifted her waist and tried to insert the cock.

Deokbae held her by both sides of her waist and took a position to drive his cock her.

“… Put in?”

“Come♡… Ahhh, my first… I can give it to my brother… I’m so glad…”

Sophia looked at Deokbae with tears of joy.

Her gaze was full of love for Deokbae.

“I love you♡… Brother…”

“I love you too, Sophie… Then, relax your body.”


Deokbae, who confirmed their love for each other once again, pushed his cock little by little.

Sophia was in pain as his huge head her went into her vagina her.

“Ha ha! Ha♡…Really, too big…”

“It’s okay?”

“Because it’s okay… Haa♡… Please come at once.”

“… It must be much more painful than it is now.”

“Hehe… Anything my brother gives me is good… It’s okay♡.”

Deokbae became excited again at Sophia’s bold words her.

After making eye contact, Sofia nodded slightly, and Deokbae stabbed his cock in one breath.

Sophia’s cunt her, who did not know the man, was throbbed, and blood gushed out to prove her innocence of her.

“Keuk, kuk, ugh! Ha… Aaaaang♡♡!”

“I came in… Oppa’s cock♡, sniffle. Really… Really came… Sniff I really did it with my brother♡…”

Sophia was in pain for a while, but she quickly got used to it and felt pleasure accepting Deokbae’s cock.

In love for Deokbae, he didn’t even feel the pain of breaking through.

Rather, I was delighted with the satisfaction of finally connecting with Deokbae and the satisfaction of achieving love as a woman.

Then, in order to feel Deokbae’s cock more, he started to move his waist to her.

“Haaa♡… Jajii, I like it♡ Oppa, Jajii, haang♡ Haaa…”

Deokbae slowly stroked the piston in line with her movements.

Sophia’s vaginal pressure her, which tightens her cock her without removing anywhere

Deok-bae almost fell for it as soon as he hit it a few times, just like when he was a virgin, at the lustful touch of the vaginal wall that came with each insertion and removal.

“Hot, haang♡! Haa, it’s hot♡! I like this brother! This ♡♡!”

Sophia drool over and over again and enjoyed Deokbae’s cock her.

As her waist her swayed and her large breasts her swayed along, Deokbae kneaded her breasts and touched her nipples.

“Ahhh♡!Haha♡! Haaa… Haang♡”

As if that was n’t enough, Deokbae buried his face in Sofia’s chest her and sucked her nipples.

“Okay♡, ha ha from both sides… Hot ♡ Being bullied is so cheesy ♡♡!”

Then Sophia couldn’t stand it and left.

When Deokbae tried to pull out his cock of her, Sophia helplessly lifted her legs and wrapped her arms around Deokbae’s waist her.

Then, with tears in his eyes, he opened his mouth.

“Don’t take it off… Stay like this for a little while…”

Deokbae reached out and wiped away her tears.

Then he lifted her up.

With Deokbae’s cock still connected to Sophia’s pussy, Deokbae was sitting and Sophia was hugging him.

As they faced each other, the two coveted each other’s tongues without asking who came first.

Deokbae sucked Sophia’s tongue and slowly moved her waist again.

“Huh, ha♡… Ugh… Churup, ha… Haaa♡…”

Sofia also hugged Deokbae and shook her waist up and down.

The cock, which went deeper than before, stabbed Sophia’s cervix her.

“Joa♡… Ha-am, chun-ha… Heuuuuu ♡, Joaaa ♡!!”

As Deokbae stabbed her cock, Sophia pressed her body closer to Deokbae.

All areas of the body and mind above and below were connected to Deokbae.

Sophia felt love for Deokbae and happiness as a woman beyond the sexual pleasure that flooded her head.

Sophia worked harder for Deokbae.

Until now, if he had moved for his own pleasure, the current movement was only for Deokbae’s pleasure in her.

Thinking of the times when he sucked his cock her, he turned his back to find a weak point in his cock her and tightened his pussy to make Deokbae happy.

But more exciting than that

“Haha♡! Oppa, wrap it up, look at it like this… Hang, haang, wrap me up♡!”

“On my brother’s own pussy♡hehe… Engrave proof that it belongs to you ♡♡… “

“Semen♡! My brother’s semen♡! Ha ha… In Sophie’s pussy… Haaang♡! Please fill it up ♡!!”

It was Sophia’s cry, clamoring for circumstances.

Deokbae, who had a sudden sense of ejaculation, laid Sophia down as it was, pulled out her cock her, and sprayed her body her with semen.

“… Haha in the vagina… Ask for a pack… You did…”

Sophia looked at Deokbae’s cock with regret.

Deokbae’s cock was still erect even after ejaculation.

“Sophie, I love you so it’s cheap outside.”

“Hehe… My brother hates children… ?”

“If you have a child, Sophie’s love will be taken away from you.”

“Pufu, what is that! Stupid…”

Despite saying that, Sophia was amused by Deokbae’s words of hers.

She was happy to be able to hear the words of love naturally.

Deokbae lay down next to Sofia and held her in his arms.

Then, as always, he stroked her hair.

Sophia embraced Deokbae, enjoying his touch her, and his erect cock her touched her body her.

It seemed like it wasn’t enough to finish it once.

And, in fact, Sophia was the same.

Sophia got on top of the deck and started talking.

“Then… Will you love me all night like this?”

“Of course.”

Hehe♡… Be happy…”

The two made love until dawn and fell asleep while embracing each other.

And on that day, Sophia was awakened as a saint.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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