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Heroine Netori 17

Heroine Netori 17

Chapter 17 – Royal Road Dragon Item (8)

In fact, Sophia had guessed.

That Deokbae loves him.

Since that day, Deokbae’s expression toward him has changed.

I could feel the affection from the hand that touched me.

So Sophia couldn’t help but think about it.

But I pretended not to know.

I didn’t want to tell you the truth.

If at all, if he hadn’t been wrong, he would still be hurt too much if Deokbae was just a younger brother and not a girl…

So, when Deokbae confessed, Sophia was really happy.

What she said wasn’t sincere.

Of course, it was true that she was anxious when she thought of Deokbae and her mother, and she hated Deokbae for continuing to have a relationship with her mother even though she was confident, but Sophia knew that the two only had a physical relationship.

Mom still loved Dad, and Deokbae always put himself first.

Even so, the reason Sofia shouted was actually to hide her feelings for Siu.

The reason why Sophia was annoyed was actually because she hated herself for thinking of Siu even in that situation.

Sophia fell in love with Deokbae, but still loved Siu too.

I hated myself for loving two men at the same time.

So Sofia couldn’t accept Deokbae’s heart.

Sophia was depressed again.

Like a conditioned reflex, I thought of Deokbae, but I couldn’t go to him.

While wandering, she went to see Siu.

I was thinking of meeting him and clearing my mind once again.


When I walked to the empty lot at the back of the village, Siu was still training.

He was swinging his sword in the same posture as always.

It is said that he gained enlightenment about the sword after a sparring with the vigilante leader.

In order not to let go of that realization, they say that they swing their swords every day…

‘Is it that important? More than time with me?’

Sofia suddenly hated Siu.

He was in such agony because of his feelings for Si-woo, but he himself was swinging his sword without thinking.

‘How can you not give me time? How?’

If Siu hadn’t changed in the first place, or if he’d even shown that he still loved him even if he had changed, Sophia wouldn’t have suffered so much.

‘Even now! You must have noticed that I came… How could I not say hello?’

After grumbling like that, Sophia realized.

Even when he saw Siwoo, he wasn’t thrilled at all.

‘… What?’

I definitely thought I still loved Siwoo.

It was because my heart still trembled whenever I saw Siwoo.

But no more.

‘I… Seeu…?’

It was a big mistake.

He didn’t even know his own feelings.

But now I know.

She no longer loved Siu.

‘Ah… ‘

Actually, the reason she was excited to see Siwoo was because of Deokbae.

If Siwoo rejects you, you can run to Deokbae and comfort him in his arms, so seeing Siwoo makes your heart tremble.

The reason I didn’t mind seeing Siwoo now was because I couldn’t go to Deokbae right now.

‘I see… I already made up my mind…’

My mind became calm.

As soon as his thoughts on Siwoo were sorted out, his feelings for Deokbae naturally grew.

Sophia went back to her house, leaving Siu alone, who was still focusing on his training.

Then, as if he hadn’t expected it, Siwoo looked at Sofia’s back with a sad face.

‘Sorry, Sophia… It’s really not long now Please bear with me a little longer.’

Not knowing that their hearts had already split, Siwoo focused on training again.


Late at night, when most people sleep,

Sophia got out of bed and sneaked out of the room, and she quietly opened the door to Deokbae’s room and entered.

Then she burrowed into Deokbae’s blanket and climbed on top of the sleeping Deokbae.

Looking at Deokbae’s sleeping face, Deokbae opened his eyes.

“… Are you awake?”

“No, I wasn’t actually sleeping.”

“Huh, it seemed like that too.”

At Deokbae’s words, Sofia smiled a little and burrowed into Deokbae’s arms a little more.

Sophia’s voluptuous breasts were pressed against Deokbae’s chest.

Deokbae immediately got an erection and his cock touched her belly.

But Sophia did not change her posture.

“What’s going on at this hour…”

“Can’t you come?”

“It’s not… “

Deokbae was still mindful of what had happened in the morning.

It was the first time Sophia had looked so sad at him and the first time Sophia had been so angry with him.

But Sophia now is completely different from then.

She was more laid back than usual and more loving than usual.

Deokbae could not come to his senses at the sight of her changed appearance.

“Yes… What I said today… Can you do it again?”

“Sophie, Auntie’s job is really never again…”

“Silly! Really… Are you so blind? Not that. Yes?”

When Sofia spoke her words with her wishful eye smile, Deokbae pondered for a moment, and then she came up with an idea.

Deokbae was happy but afraid, anxious but smiled.

Then she looked at Sophia for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“… I fell in love with you, Sofia, from the first time I saw you.

You were a brighter and happier child than anyone else. It was fun to see you like that.

But you already liked Siwoo, and the only thing I could do for you was to cheer them on.

But seeing you having a hard time because of Siwoo, I couldn’t hide my feelings any longer.

Sophia, you should be happy, you deserve it.

So don’t cling to Siwoo any longer. I’m more than Siwoo.

I love you more than anyone else.

More than anyone else, I’ll make you happy. So… “

Unlike the usual Deokbae who was always relaxed

He was very nervous now.

His face turned red
My voice trembled
I broke out in a cold sweat.

Even so, Deokbae did not avoid Sophia’s eyes.

Even though I’m ashamed to the end

He looked at her

“… So, would you like to go out with me?”

Deokbae finished talking

Sophia stretched out her hands and grabbed Deokbae’s face.

Then she put her lips to his.

The first kiss tasted salty.

She was crying

“… Yes, gladly I love you too, brother…”

Deokbae hugged Sophia.

Sophia gave her body to him.

When Deokbae opened her mouth, Sophia followed suit.

Let’s intertwine our tongues and suck each other’s saliva

“Haa♡… Chug, Churup, Ha♡, Chuup, Chu… “

The room was filled with the strange sound of each other craving each other.

As Deokbae grabbed Sofia’s breasts, he felt the protruding nipples on her palms her.

Sophia started taking off her clothes her layer by layer from above, as if the stimulation on her clothes her wasn’t enough, and Deokbae also took off her clothes her according to her.

After a while, each other’s naked bodies were revealed.

“Sophie… Beautiful.”

“Boo, shame on you!”

When Deokbae stared at Sophia’s naked body her, Sophia was ashamed and pressed her body her close to him.

The two looked at each other and then started mingling their tongues again.

“Ha… Haang♡, tseung, chup, hot! Aang♡…”

This time, they didn’t let each other rest.

Deokbae teased Sophia’s nipples her with both hands, and Sophia caressed Deokbae’s cock.

Deokbae’s cock was already covered in copper juice, and Sophia continued to drip her juices.

When juice dripped from her legs her, Deokbae put down his hand her and stroked her pussy.

“Ha, haaaaang♡♡! Ahhh… “

Sophia went lightly.

Sophia casually placed her face on her cock her and started licking it.

Deokbae then turned Sophia’s body to her and licked her pussy.

It was the so-called 69 posture.

“Ha ha… Oh no ♡! Haam, hot, juicy, haaa♡! Stop! Ah… Hot♡!”

“In this case… Aaaaang♡! Can’t suck… Aang♡! Chew, ha… Hehe ♡!”

She tried to lick her cock as usual, but Deokbae’s cunnilingus kept Sofia from coming to her senses.

Sophia flinched at Deokbae’s tongue for the first time.

Then before long

“Haaaaang♡! No no no ♡♡! Whoa, whoaang♡!”

It culminated with a loud groan.

Deokbae’s face was covered in Sophia’s love juice, but Deokbae didn’t care.

He turned Sofia over and spread her legs apart.

Then her cunt spread open.

It was the first time Deokbae had ever seen Sofia’s pussy in her.

Not knowing her man her, her cunt her was as clean and beautiful as hers.

But her virgin pussy her, without a single hair, was already wet with lust.

Seeing that scene, Deokbae’s cock, which hadn’t gone yet, flinched.

Copper fluid dripped down and into her cunt her.

As Deokbae placed his cock her on top of her cunt her, she covered her navel with his cock her.

The sight frightened Sophia.

“I, really, this is… Are you coming?”

Sophia, who said that, looked expectant.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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