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Heroine Netori 16

Heroine Netori 16

Chapter 16 – Royal Road Dragon Item (7)

When she was about to be killed by a monster she met by chance outside the village where she went out of curiosity as a child, Sofia fell in love with him at first sight when she saw Siu, who appeared in front of her like a knight in a novel and saved her.

Sofia saw Siu and felt that it was destiny.

And it was the same with Siu.

Seeing Sophia, who was raising her head proudly in front of a monster bigger than herself to protect her smaller child, while her legs trembled, while her tears were welling up in her eyes, seeing Sophia smiling and saying that she would protect her, Siwoo told her I fell in love with her at first sight

From that day on, the two of them stuck together like one body and were always together no matter where they went in the village.

Siwoo was always happy when he was with Sophia, and Sophia was always relieved when she was with Siwoo.

Seeing the two of them, the villagers also watched them happily, and the villagers had no choice but to put their minds on Siu and Sophia.

But at some point, Siwoo changed.

From the day the headman of the next village came to visit, Siu’s time to visit Sophia decreased.

Instead of playing with Sophia, Siwoo started training with a sword.

Sofia also liked Shiu like that.

Although the time he spent playing with himself decreased, it was cool to see him wielding his sword while engrossed in training.

However, as the days passed, the amount of time Siwoo practiced increased.

Even after the training was over, he didn’t play with Sophia anymore.

Instead, Siu began sparring with the village vigilantes.

Sophia was heartbroken by Siu’s growing wounds every day.

When asked why he trained so far, Siwoo did not answer.

On the contrary, he sparred with stronger people and increased his wounds.

Sophia was very uneasy about that figure.

In the end, Siwoo overcame even the vigilante leader and ended the sparring.

But even so, Siu never let go of his sword.

Sofia felt that Siu was taken by the sword.

Gi-rang didn’t even play with him, and his pride was hurt that he kept holding on to the sword.

Angry, she begged Siwoo to play with him, but Siwoo was cold.

Even if he packed a lunch box or asked him out on a date, Siwoo always thought of the sword.

Sophia collapsed little by little.

The thought of not being loved by the people she loved lowered her self-esteem every day.

At that time, she met Deokbae.

Sophia was repulsed when her parents told her to treat strangers like her family.

Contrary to her likable appearance, I felt somewhat insecure.

But maybe that was an illusion, Deokbae was a very nice person.

He was always kind and consider and cooked delicious meals every day.

When I was depressed because of Siwoo, he always comforted me like a real older brother.

With Deokbae comforting her, Sophia quickly regained her strength.

From then on, Sophia, who had been losing her smile little by little, began to smile again.

As she received Deokbae’s help, her relationship with Siwoo also grew closer.

Seeing Siwoo, who was only engrossed in training, didn’t make him anxious or impatient anymore.

It was good to just watch him.

Although it hurts that she still didn’t accept my date request

She was happy just seeing Siwoo smiling at her every once in a while.

By the way

Now is…

When I see Siwoo, I think of Deokbae.

To be precise, it reminds me of Deokbae’s cock.

As big as your face and as thick as your forearm

That look so lewd…

That image keeps coming to mind.


Sophia’s panties are wet.

Her damp lower abdomen made her feel worse.

Even thinking about it, Sophia has become too lewd.

Even if she thought to herself, she herself was so disgusting.

With Shi Woo in front of her eyes, she thought of her Deokbae’s cock and felt embarrassed at the sight of herself spilling her love juices.

I felt so sorry for Siwoo.

However, the more I felt sorry for Siwoo, the more my panties got wet.

I felt weird again.

In this vicious cycle that occurs whenever she sees Siwoo, Sophia eventually went to Deokbae.

For days she had been avoiding him, but she couldn’t take it anymore.

Deokbae welcomed himself as usual.

I was relieved at that appearance, but also saddened.

‘… My brother is fine…?’

As Sophia hesitated, Deokbae came over and hugged her and stroked her hair.

It was always thanks.

But Sophia wasn’t always Sophia.

Oddly enough, this alone didn’t calm me down.

After all, she needed her virtuoso cock.


She is…

She decided to follow her own instincts.


Touched the cock

She sucked on his cock.

Swallowed Cum

I was so happy when I acted according to my instincts.

Deokbae going away with her own hands and tongue was lovely.

It was nice that he couldn’t stand it and gently touched her body.

My self-esteem, which had been low because of Siwoo, began to rise again.


Recently, there have been more cases of Deokbae touching Sofia’s body.

At first, I secretly touched it little by little without noticing it.

Now he openly massaged his breasts, tugged at his ass, or ran his hand over his cunt.

Every time Deokbae touched her, Sophia felt fulfilled as a woman.

It was satisfying to know that Deokbae was immersed in himself.

Besides, when Deokbae touched her, she felt a different kind of pleasure than when she touched her cock.

The pleasure was so strong that she lost her mind if she was caught off guard.

So Sofia was scared.

As she is, she is touched and she fears that she will allow him her body…

It’s not that she doesn’t like Deokbae.

Rather like it

However… Siu was still in Sophia’s heart.

If I crossed her line before sorting out this complicated mind, something would go terribly wrong. … Something inside her seemed about to break.

Unaware of Sophia’s feelings, Deokbae touched Sophia’s body today as well.

“Sophie… Can I touch yes?”

Deokbae touched Sophia’s nipple and whispered softly.

He hugged Sophia from behind her, casually slipping her hand into her dress and touching Sophia’s breast.

“Ha, don’t! And hey… You’re already touching me…!”

Sophia didn’t resist even though she told her not to.

Rather, she moved her waist and rubbed her own ass against Deokbae’s erect cock.

“But if you feel like going, Sophie keeps running away.”

“In the first place… Ha… This is something you do between people you love…”

Sophia put her hand on top of Deokbae’s hand to free it.

But instead of letting go of her hand, she touched Deokbae’s hand and massaged her own breasts with Deokbae.

“Is it okay to suck your dick every morning?”

“That, that’s it! This… Because this…”

Deokbae became quiet as Sophia made her usual excuses.

He still held Sophia’s breasts, but did not knead them.

“… Brother?”

Deokbae took his hands off his chest and hugged Sophia tightly with both arms.

Sophia’s body entered Deokbae’s arms.

Sophia’s body trembled as she felt Deokbae’s firm body.

“Oh, brother… ?”

Deokbae did not let Sophia go.

Deokbae’s rough breathing sounded in his ears.

Gulp Sophia swallowed dry saliva.

“I love you, Sophia…

Deokbae’s unexpected confession left Sophia in a daze.

After that, tears came out.

He tried to hold back, but he just couldn’t stand it.

My heart started pounding and my hands and feet trembled.

The first thing I thought was that I was lucky that I wasn’t the only one loving myself.

Then he realized that he loved him more.

He grabbed the arm of Deok-bae, who was holding him.

My head and heart were filled with thanksgiving.

I tried to answer that I love you too.

“Thing… Nonsense… Are you just talking? And my brother… You and your mother are like that…”

But the words that came out of his mouth were different.

Sophia was still concerned. The relationship between Deokbae and his mother.

“What? Hopefully, not at all. No, just physical with the auntie… It’s just that kind of relationship.”

“Don’t you want a relationship like that with me? Did you tell your mom that you love her too? Aren’t you doing it to me as well as you did to your mother?!”

The thought of her mother made Sophia anxious.

The heightened self-esteem cracked again.

Feeling anxious, Sophia shouted at Deokbae in a sharp voice.

“Not at all, Sophia… I really only have you. Trust me.”

Deokbae hugged Sophia more tightly and spoke in a more gentle voice than usual.

Whispered in Sofia’s ear.

But Sofia

“Sorry… I don’t know… I…”

She ran away from the spot.

Deokbae could only look at Sophia.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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    What the hell happened to his plan? Now she’s going to get in the way of him getting with the other heroines because he told her he loved her. Hopefully not though.

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