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Heroine Netori 15

Heroine Netori 15

Chapter 15 – Royal Road Dragon Item (6)

Sophia, along with her village friends, visited Lucia and received sex education.

It was a tradition in Minamo Village that new brides would gather village girls and give them sex education.

Lucia vividly conveyed her first experience without shame.

The first time I saw a cock
The story of the first time I touched a cock
The story of the cock entering the pussy
A story about a cock ejaculating in a pussy

Sophia’s face lit up every time she heard it.

Then, she naturally thought of Siu.

‘Me too… I’ll do it with Siu… ?’


‘No… Would Siwoo want to do it with a guy like me?’

Even in her imagination, Sophia was rejected by Siu.

Due to Siwoo’s iron wall, Sophia’s self-esteem was very low.

She began to doubt her own attractiveness, and she was worried that the love she had received from the villagers had not been a mere sympathy.

‘Okay… There’s no way Siwoo would be with someone like me… Siwoo doesn’t like me. She might rather think that she imagined this and that she is a dirty woman… ‘

Sophia, once drowned in the swamp of her self-esteem, crashed endlessly.

When she thought of Siwoo, she was always fun and happy.

At some point, her chest felt tight and her heart felt depressed.

So Sofia remembered her virtue.

Deokbae was always on Sophia’s side.

When Sophia was having a hard time, he was always there to comfort her.

‘Hey… Brother… ‘

Deokbae in her imagination petted Sophia, saying that if she were Siwoo, she would never have refused.

Then she felt a little relieved.

By the way

‘Yes, if it were my brother, I would never refuse…’

‘What? That means…’

Deokbae was also a man.

Lucia said,

A man with a cock.

A man who could ram a cock into Sofia’s cunt.

In Sophia’s head, Lucia’s story and Deokbae’s face merged.

Naturally, he portrayed himself sharing love with Deokbae.

Caress Deokbae’s cock
My pussy is stabbed by Deokbae’s cock
Ejaculated on Deokbae’s cock

“Ugh! No no no no!!!”

Sophia screamed, her face red.

“Ahahaha! Sophie! What the hell were you thinking?”

“Look at how red your ears are!”

“Hoho, did you like Siwoo’s cock in your imagination?”

“Oh my gosh, what is he talking about?”

Then Lucia and her friends by her side laughed at Sophia with a sinister smile.

However, Sofia did not hear anything about the shocking imagination she had in mind.

I never thought of Deokbae as a man.

Deokbae was a family to Sophia.

But for the first time, I became conscious of Deokbae as a member of the opposite sex.

Many thoughts came to my mind and many emotions flooded me.

Anxiety, excitement, fear, and affection were mixed and mixed.

Sophia, unable to stay still, ran away.

“Oh? Are you that hot?”

“Sophie will do the next sex education! Ho Ho.”


Sophia arrived home.

She didn’t know what she was running from, but she thought it would be a relief to come home.

However, it was only after arriving that I realized that Deokbae was inside the house.

When I saw Deokbae, I couldn’t think of what to say.

I decided to quickly go to my room and hide.

By the way

A strange sound came from the house.

Creaking bed sound
The clattering sound of flesh colliding with flesh
The sound of a man’s heavy breathing
The sound of a woman’s moaning

It was the sound that came out during sex that Lucia had just told me about.

‘Oh, Mom and Dad… I guess?’

Sophia thought so, even though she knew it wasn’t her father’s voice.

Sophia slowly… I walked slowly to my mother’s room.

The closer I got, the more obscene heat I felt.


Let’s arrive in front of the slightly open door

Through the gap, he could see his mother and Deokbae mingling with each other.

‘Lie… ‘

It was true.

‘Why… ?’

She couldn’t know

“Haaang! More, harder! Aang! Yes there!”

“Ugh… Ugh!”

The two coveted each other with familiar body movements, as if they had repeated it several times.

I heard a voice I had never heard before.

I heard the sound of Deokbae that I had imagined a while ago.

I felt a strong sense of betrayal.

I don’t feel betrayed by my mother.

As a woman, I could understand her to some extent.

Although she is still a young and beautiful mother, her father loved alcohol more than her mother.

Sophia knew that she was lonely.

It was a betrayal of Deokbae.

But Sofia couldn’t understand why she felt that way.

Whoever Deokbae fell in love with was an area that Sophia could not interfere with.

I was just annoyed.

Anger soared.

‘How can you do this with your mother? Why!’

Sophia didn’t feel

He was jealous of his mother.

Deokbae was the only one who hated him because he didn’t realize that.

Sophia, who could no longer see the two of them, held on to her shaking legs and went up to Deokbae’s room.

I thought I would get angry when Deokbae came up.

I don’t know what made him angry, but I was going to be angry anyway.

But when Deokbae came up to the room, Sofia…

I couldn’t be angry.

Strangely, he didn’t hate Deokbae.


I was ashamed to think of Deokbae who I had been in love with in my imagination.

Once I became conscious of Deokbae as a man, I started to care about Deokbae endlessly.

Deokbae was surprised to see Sophia and apologized soon after.

Looking at Deokbae’s expression, it seemed that he wanted this moment to pass, rather than being ashamed.

He thought he was going to die because Deokbae was worried about him, but Deokbae didn’t seem to have any feelings for him.

Sophia didn’t like that.

He wanted Deokbae to take care of himself, just as he cared about Deokbae.

At that time, Lucia’s sex education came to Sophia’s mind.

“… Can you show me that… Don’t sleep…”

Even Sophia knew that what she was about to do was something an ordinary man and woman could not do.

But I consciously ignored it.

Sophia just wanted Deokbae to see her as a woman by doing this.


Deokbae took off his pants and pulled down his panties, revealing his huge cock of her.

‘Nonsense! It’s much bigger than Lucia told me!’

Sophia was started by the unexpected size.

It was terrifying to think of that cock coming into her body.

Seeing that, Deokbae carelessly brought up the story of Sophia’s mother her.

The atmosphere turned cold.

I remembered the scene where Deokbae and his mother were having sex.

The one who was closer to Deok-bae was himself, but the one who left love with Deok-bae was his mother.

Sophia burst into tears.

‘Also… I’m not attractive Neither Siwoo nor oppa see me as a woman… ‘

Deokbae approached Sophia as usual when she was in a state of embarrassment.

Then, Deokbae’s erect penis touched Sophia’s belly.

Startled, Sophia stepped back.

Come to think of it, Deokbae had an erection when he saw Sophia.

‘Lucia is sure, men get an erection when they see a woman they like… ‘

As Sophia stared at her cock her, Deokbae told her to touch it.

‘Lucia obviously loves it when you touch her cock her… ‘

Sophia reached out her hand, thinking that this would make her conscious of herself as a woman.

Deokbae’s cock was harder and hotter than I thought.

But strangely… Felt good.

It felt like a cozy, warm, and reassuring feeling when Deokbae stroked her.

No, it was better than that.

The anxious mind calmed down and the sad feelings disappeared.

The cock looked scary when I first saw it, but now it’s cute.

When he gently touched a pleasant place, his cock flinched and Deokbae let out a small moan.

Sophia enjoyed touching Deokbae’s cock.

As he touched his cock like that, pre-cum flowed out.

‘My brother is excited… I touched… With my fingers… ‘

I was happy.

He could do it himself

Deokbae and cock excited by his touch his were lovely.

Sophia slowly approached the cock.

Deokbae’s cock emanated the lewd smell that had flowed from his mother’s room.

I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had taken Deokbae away from my mother.

Sophia’s mouth opened and a saliva-soaked tongue came out.

‘If you lick his cock… Would you like it a lot? And… It must be very pleasant, right?’

His tongue her moved toward the copper fluid on his glans her.

And when you get close enough that you can feel the heat of the cock even with the tip of your tongue.

At that time

Sophia came to her senses her.

“Joe… Oh, whoa!”

When I raised my head, I saw Deokbae who was excited.

When I lowered my head again, Deokbae’s cock was right in front of me.

Sophia hurriedly got up and ran to her room her.

The seat where Sophia was was wet.


From the moment she saw Deokbae having sex with her mother, Sophia was out of her mind.

And when she came to her senses her, Sophia was trying to lick Deokbae’s cock.

‘That’s mutual… It’s between likes!’

Sophia struggled on the covers.

‘I like my brother… Are you doing it?’

‘However… Siwoo?’

Thinking about what happened with Deokbae today made me feel sorry for Siwoo.

At the same time, when I felt sorry for Siwoo, I felt sorry for Deokbae.

But Deokbae and her mother are like that.

Siwoo doesn’t seem interested in himself.

Sophia was depressed.

Deokbae came back to me when I was feeling depressed.

Deokbae’s cock came to mind.

‘My brother is sleeping… If you finally lick it… What would have happened?’

That night, until dawn, Sophia’s room was filled with squeaks.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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