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Heroine Netori 14

Heroine Netori 14

Chapter 14 – Royal Road Dragon Item (5)

I thought it ended with a simple happening.

Happenings caused by curiosity.

Happening caused by turning on erogenous stimulation.

I thought so.

By the way…

“Brother… Can I touch your cock?”

From that day on, Sofia was looking for my cock.


As usual, I was stroking the depressed Sophia’s hair, but Sophia suddenly said that she wanted to touch her cock.

“… What?”

“Can I touch your cock? Ugh… Why embarrassingly make me say it twice!”

“No, embarrassingly, why are you trying to touch a cock?”

“That is… Strangely, I felt good when I touched my brother’s cock at that time…”

That’s it.

Sexual stimulation.

That’s the problem.

When the cock was touched, I habitually turned on the erogenous stimulation, but that shouldn’t be the case.

“Yes? There’s something lacking about stroking your hair… Cock, can’t you touch it? Yes?”

“Sophie… You have Siwoo.”

“Ugh… This… I’m just trying to cheer you up! I was offended by someone in the first place!”

Ah… Did that happen?

It seems that I trained Sophia unknowingly.

Whenever Sofia was depressed, she stroked her with erogenous stimulation.

Sophia found her sexual pleasure whenever she felt down.

So, even though she knew that touching her cock was raunchy, her body demanded it.

I can’t help it. I made this, so I have to take responsibility.

There is absolutely no black heart.

In the first place, I had no intention of attacking the main heroine.

“Under… Okay. Ruler.”

As she pulled out her cock, Sophia waited and reached out to touch her.

“Hehe… ! Weird really Why does touching your cock make you feel good?”

“It’s because Sophie is a pervert… Aww! You!”

One joke made Sophia grab her balls.

She screamed in unexpected pain.

“Pervert must be my brother! Be quiet before you tell Daddy!”

It seemed that he still had the events of that time in his heart.

Well, it’s worth it.

I decided to keep her mouth shut because it was I who sinned.

Instead, he took Sophia to bed.

“Mu-mu-mu, what are you doing?”

“Now, wouldn’t it be more comfortable this way?”

I sat down on the bed, laid down and leaned against the wall, and put Sophia on my stomach.

He puts both of her knees between Sofia’s legs and forces her legs apart.

The dress Sofia was wearing slipped down to her hips, exposing her thighs.

As I lowered Sophia, my cock landed between Sofia’s crotch.

I felt the soft feel of my panties.

In that position, one hand of hers was wrapped around Sophia’s shoulder, and the other was stroking her hair.

Sophia, who flinched several times, soon got used to it and soon began to caress my cock with her snort.

“Huh-heung-♪ Heung-♬ It’s definitely much more comfortable. Hehe.”


Sophia held in her arms smelled like a girl of her age.

I brushed her hair to see the white nape of her neck.

Small beads of sweat were forming, probably because of the erogenous stimulation.

I stuck out my tongue and licked it.

“Haaang! … What, what!”

“You wiped the sweat.”

“…… ?”

Sophia didn’t seem to notice.

After… I almost fell for sexual desire without even realizing it.

Sophia is the main heroine.

The main heroine must not be touched.

Have to be patient

But should I be patient?

She put her hand on her shoulder this time and pulled it around her waist.

Sophia’s waist was very thin.

She put her face out and put it on her Sophia’s shoulder.

Then Sophia’s cheek and her cheek touched mine.

Sophia’s face was already flushed.

With her other hand, she touched Sophia’s thigh.

Her thighs were also wet with sweat.

He could feel her panties getting wet on top of her prick.

As Sophia caressed her my cock, she let out her moans little by little.

“Ha ha… Hehe…”

“What do you think…? Ha… Are you feeling good? Hehe…”

“Yes? Hehe… Am I good at it? Yes?”

Asking for compliments, Sophia leaned her body against me.

Then she slowly started moving her hips.

She didn’t seem to notice herself.

She instinctively moved her hips.

“Sophie, hold her cock that way and move it up and down her.”

“Ha… Like this… Crab?”

“Well done. Hold on to her but a little harder. That’s right.”

“Hehe… Like this… Ha… Motivate here… Are you doing it?”

“Ugh, keep going.”

“Hehe… ♬”

Sophia This scary child… Give one and she knew ten.

Sofia’s thin, slender fingers grabbed my cock and wiggled it, stimulating her glans.

On top of that, Sophia’s cunt was soaking my cock.

“Aha! Brother! Ha… Are you excited? Is it not?”

Sophia was delighted when her copper liquid flowed out of her pleasure.

“Right Sophie. I got excited because of you.”

“Hehe… ! I see! Hehe… So now that… Ha… Semen…”

“Okay, here we go. That was not the purpose in the first place.”

“Sir, I hate it! I’m in a good mood too, so you can cum too!”

If I wrap it up like this, I think it would really cross the line

I’m really the main heroine and I think I’ll just do it like this

I tried to stop

Sophia refused.

“Come on, hurry up and pack it up! Huh? Ego!”

Sophia gripped her prick harder, as if trying to pull it out before I refused.

And now he was shaking his back so much that the bed creaked.

“Ha ha… Hot, ah, ah…! Quickly…! Oops…”

“Hey… Feel good! Oh, ha, oppa too! Ha… “

As her cunt and clit rubbed against my cock, Sophia seemed to be excited too, so her moans burst out.

The room was filled with obscene smells and sounds.

“Brother… Haaang! Please! Haaa… Huh? Together!”

Eventually, I couldn’t stand it and apologized.


At the same time, Sophia climaxed.

“Ha… Ha…”

“Under…Sophie you…”

“Hehe… Oppa me, ha ha… Did you buy it?”

Sophia, who successfully ejaculated, smiled as if she had won.

Then, he fiddled with the semen on the dress.

“This… It’s semen…”

Then he took it to his mouth and swallowed the semen.

“… Sophie?”

“Wow! It tastes awful!”

“That’s not surprising… No, why are you eating it?”

“Just… I thought it was my brother, so I thought it would be delicious… Hehe”

“You really… “

The whole atmosphere was broken at that sight.

Right before ejaculation, I was going to go all the way like this, but now I’ve calmed down.

It is early bar wise time.

Instead of attacking her, she lay down on the bed and hugged Sofia.

Sophia was held in my arms without resistance.

I’ve been spending so much time

I came to my senses belatedly and washed the soiled blankets and clothes.


After that, similar days were repeated.

When Sophia is having a hard time, I pull out my cock, and when I ejaculate, Sofia climaxes…

A month passed like that.

The recent Sophia started sucking her cock last week, as if touching her dick her wasn’t enough.

And from today…

“Haam… Churup, chung, chung ha… Lick”

I decided to do Morning Fella like now.

“Oh! Woke up? Hehe… Are you feeling good this morning?”

It’s a really strange feeling. The fact that the cock is fast in the morning.

He replied that he was happy and patted Sofia’s head her.

Sophia was delighted and devoted herself to sucking his cock her.

Sofia at first bit the cock and didn’t know what to do

Now she was used to sucking her cock her to the point that she would ejaculate right away if she was unguarded.

“Ugh, Sophie’s going to eat it!”

As Sophia’s mouth was filled with ejaculation, Sophia chewed the semen in her mouth and enjoyed it.

At first, he said it was tasteless, but recently he liked it, saying that it has a strangely addictive taste that reassures himself.

Perhaps there is no effect of erogenous stimulation.


“Ha… Swallowed it all hehe.”

Sophia, who was more pleased than I, who sucked her cock her, was very hot.

After pulling Sophia up, he hugged her from behind and massaged her breasts her.

“Ah! Oh brother! Stop it!”

He pretended not to hear and did not stop.

Perhaps because she was a child who would become a saint, the maternal love from her heart her was great and beautiful.

“Ha ha… Don’t do it!”

Sophia ran away from my arms. Her nipples were erect as if she was excited by the short caress her.

“Boo, what a shame! Really… “

Sophia herself might have noticed that, and she covered her breasts her with her arms her to cover her her erect nipples her.

“Isn’t it embarrassing to suck a dick?”

“That, that’s it! This is it!”

And Sophia ran away.

I’m trying to caress her gently, but the iron wall is unexpectedly high.

Is it a new kind of bullying that you can’t touch a dick while sucking it?

If you knock on it, it will open.

I think we can capture it before we go on an adventure.

Main heroine?

Just to have I won’t be able to do it.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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