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Heroine Netori 13

Heroine Netori 13

Chapter 13 – Royal Road Dragon Item (4)

Siwoo gave an evasive answer to Deokbae’s words, and Deokbae got angry, but that was it.

In the end, it was a problem that Siwoo and Sophia had to solve together, so a third party couldn’t interfere any more.

Deokbae sighed and left with the words, “Please take a little more care in the future.”

Seeing this, Siwoo was grateful to Deokbae and felt sorry.

‘I’m sorry bro… But my feelings for Sophia are real. Certainly… I will definitely make Sophia happy. Please bear with me until then.’

Deokbae was not Sophia’s older brother. It wasn’t long before I got to know Sophia.

However, the two quickly became close and became close enough that anyone would consider them family.

Quick-witted Deokbae found out about Sophia and Siwoo’s relationship right away, but instead of interfering with them, he cheered them on.

Thanks to this, their feelings for each other grew stronger, and Sophia began to approach Siwoo more actively.

However, Siu was not ready to accept Sophia.

It is because Siwoo has a trauma about love.

Siwoo’s father and mother had a forbidden love.

Her father was an aristocrat and her mother was a commoner.

The father, who fell in love with the mother who worked as a maid at home, loved her beyond social status, and the mother was also immersed in such a father.

However, the father’s parents, who noticed the relationship between the two, forcibly gave him a fiancée, and the desperate father ran away with his mother in the early morning.

The couple settled down in the current village and had a happy time, and soon Siwoo was born in the mother’s belly.

The two thought that only happy days were waiting for them.

But the reality was grim.

The ducal family, having learned the location of the two, sent someone to take their father by force.

My father promised my mother that he would definitely come back, but he never did.

In the end, the mother, who was left alone, gave birth to and raised Siwoo by herself, but fell ill and died.

That’s why Siwoo hates love that he can’t take responsibility for.

Siwoo knows that those who are blinded by love and forget the reality will only receive hurt in the end.

That’s why Siwoo, who has no parents, no home, and no property, can’t accept Sophia.

So, Siu practices.

To become a guard for the nearby city of Marta.

If you become a guard, you can get city citizenship, housing, and property.

When Siwoo becomes a guard and can stand proudly in front of Sophia

At that time, I am thinking of proposing to Sophia.

I finally reached the age where I could apply for the guard this year.

There really isn’t much left now.


When I returned home, my aunt was waiting for me.

There was a residents’ meeting, so the uncle went to the chief’s house, and Sophia went out to play with her friends.

When she asked if I was going to the meeting, she secretly lowered her panties and said she had something else to do.

I also pulled down my panties and said I would help.

“Haaang! Joe, great! Hot, ah, ah!”

Fang Fang Fang

My thighs slammed against the aunt’s ass every time the cock entered and exited her cunt, making a rough sound.

When I slapped her butt, the lady burst into moaning and loved it.

I took a picture with my smartphone with one hand while continuing to hit my butt with one hand.

The woman on the screen was shaking her large breasts that could be seen from her back.

“I’ll eat it now!”

“Yeah, uh, wrap it up! Ha… Yes, in the vagina! Guard!”

She screamed and tightened my cock and I ejaculated her accordingly.

As I pulled my huge cock out of my cunt hole, my cum flowed out of it.

After filming that far, I put my smartphone in my inventory.

I held her cock to the gasping lady and she licked and sucked my cock.

I got an erection again at the bewitching tongue, but I didn’t fuck it again.

I had a fight with the main character today and was tired in many ways.

I left the sad woman behind and headed to her room.

Sophia was waiting for me in the room.

“… Sophie? When did you come?”

It was cooked

Normally, when Sofia went out to play, she always came back after dinner, so of course I thought it would be like that today, but it wasn’t.

If you heard Sophia having sex… Her eyes go dark.

“…… “

Ah… Ruined.

I saw that he didn’t say anything with a red face. I’m sure you heard

Sophia, who talks a lot, can’t be this quiet. She obviously knows

What excuse…

“Brother… With mom… I did it?”

“Sophie, that… “

“Oh My God…Really?”

“… Sorry.”

Suspension right… Shall I write? Earn points and buy a one-day return ticket or something like that? I don’t know if they sell it…

After… The good feeling that I had raised so far seemed to crash.

“If you tell Dad about this… Are you in big trouble?”

Yeah that’s the problem You may be kicked out right away.

Of course, you won’t be able to work at a bar, and this ‘Heroine Netori’ itself may fail.

He was complacent, probably because he had to stay for more than two months to go on an adventure.

I lived in sex, and it seemed to end before I even started the story.

“Sophie please… “

“…… I’ll keep it a secret… Can you show me?”

“… Yes?”

What is he talking about?

“That…Don’t sleep…”


“Wow! It looks like this… Very big and ugly It’s like snake skin.”

Sophia looked at my cock and left an impression.

She seemed to be a little excited, so her voice was higher than usual, but it was the first time I had seen Sophia like this.

Sophia is also at an age where she is interested in sex. She never thought she’d ask me to show her my cock…

As Sophia stared at her cock, she couldn’t help but get it erect.

“Kyaaaaa! What! Brother, why are you like this?”

Sophia was frightened at the completely different appearance from before.

After a few ejaculations, he was very stiff, unlike before, when he had lost his strength and drooped.

“This is what it really is.”

“Hey… Okay?”

Sophia looked at her cock, then glanced at her own belly, and she screamed in embarrassment.

“Lie! This… How to put this! After all, Lucia lied!”

Lucia, she’s obviously the chief’s four daughters, but she recently got married.

She seems to have told Sophia after getting married and having her first experience.

“No, Sophie. It happened to her auntie too.”



Oops, I don’t know how to stop… Are you crazy or really

When I saw Sophia, she was looking at me with a teary look.

“How… Can you do that with your mother?”

“…… “

I couldn’t answer anything. This is what Yugumu said. I wanted to hide in a mouse hole.

But my erection was rather stiff.

The more he felt cheated by Sophia, the more excited he became.

“Sniff… Why… Black…”

I ended up making Sophia cry. She was worried and she approached Sophia.


The erect cock touched Sophia’s belly.


Startled, Sophia stepped back from her.

Fortunately, the shock of hitting her cock seemed to dispel her thoughts.

“Are all men that tall? …… Siwoo too?”

Sophia asked me, her face red.

Suddenly, I’m angry because I’m talking about the main character. And even the main character can’t win this.

“No, I’m a bit on the big side.”

“Hey… “

When the conversation returned to the cock, Sophia focused on my cock.

Lucia, what the hell did she say?

Thank you!

“That… Sophie, would you like to touch it?”

“What is it? That’s kinda…”

Even though he said that, looking at his cock her gently made him want to touch it.

“It’s very embarrassing, but it’s for Sophie’s sake, so I’ll bear with it. It’s okay if I touch you.”

“If my brother says that…… “

After one push, Sophia reluctantly reached out her quivering hand and touched my cock.

“It’s hot, oppa!”

“Zids are just like that. Because it has to enter the human body.”

“I see… Ugh… A strange feeling.”

Sophia grabbed the head of her penis with her fingers and wiggled it around, then ran her palm over her cock her.

Her cock her trembled at the inconsistent touch, soft and hard. I felt too good.

Sophia immediately grabbed her prick her and then she casually lowered her hand down to her roots her.

She was very excited by an unusual sensation.

Sophia brushed her cock her with her fingers her, then began fondling the back of her glans her with her index finger.

Sophia was watching my reaction and noticed my weak spots in her.

What a naughty child…

Sophia was delighted as she let go of her groan at her unbearable pleasure.

“Oh really! Do you really like it Are you feeling good bro? Are you touching me like this? Hehe…”

Lucia, what are you…

“Sophie… Now stop…”

“Hehe, don’t you like it? I will continue. Ruler! Is it good here? Eight! Eight!”

Finding her weakness her, Sophia enjoyed my reaction and continued to stimulate her cock her.

It was not pleasant enough to ejaculate, but it was exciting to see Sophia actively touching her.

“Ah! Seo, could it be that you ejaculated?”

“No, this is Cooper’s liquid, and when a man gets excited, it comes out of his cock.”

“Hehe… Are you excited bro? Hehe…”

Disappointed when he says he didn’t ejaculate, she is delighted when he says he’s aroused.

What is this kid what is so cute and nasty

Under… I can’t stand it.

Should I keep it instead of just giving it to the main character?

“Ha… Ha…”

Sofia was also excited, and at one point she caressed my cock without a word.

Then, little by little, she came closer to the cock.

Then he put his face right in front of his cock and sniffed my cock.


Is it my voice
Is it Sofia?
Or is it the sound of both?
The sound of swallowing was heard.

Softly, Sophia’s mouth opened.

Sophia’s cute little tongue was visible.

A tongue that was already wet with saliva came out of her mouth.

No way…

“Joe… Oh, whoa!”

Ah, just before her tongue her closed on the tip of her cock her, Sophia lifted her head.

She looked shocked, as if she realized what she was about to do.

After a moment of silence

“I-I’ll go!”

Sophia ran away.

Come to think of it, she had erogenous stimulation turned on.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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