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Heroine Netori 12

Heroine Netori 12

Chapter 12 – Royal Road Dragon Item (3)

[2 months ago]

“Brother… Am I not that attractive?”

“Are you talking about Siwoo again?”

“Yes. You know, they don’t even touch the lunch I brought. Really.”

Sophia whined at me, her pretty eyes widening.

The iron wall of the main character is too high. How the hell does a kid like this set up a harem?

Fortunately, the two of us were already having a fling before I could do anything.

It was good up to that point, but when Sophia tries to go one step further, the main character keeps hitting an iron wall.

She’s supposed to go and talk to her, but when she brings it up too, she turns her back.

“It’s not that you’re unattractive, isn’t it that your lunch box isn’t attractive?”

“I went with my brother’s cooking!”

“What? I served it for you to eat, so did you take it with you?”

“But… Eating out is better than eating at home… Yeah, it’s better to eat with a group than to eat alone…”

“Just say straight up that you wanted to eat with Siu. If so, she would have prepared it for two.”

“Ahaha… “

He pretends to be a cupid and tries his best to bring the two together, but it’s not easy.

Making time for the three of us to be together, then subtly slipping back

Encouraging Sofia to ask her out on a date, I’ve tried

Every time that happened, the main character stepped back with a troubled expression.

So recently, even though they even set up a strategy for forced skinship, telling them to launch a physical attack, it didn’t work for the main character.

Are you a real goon?

If a beauty like Sophia clings to me, I’m confident that I’ll get an erection right away, but the main character said she didn’t even move.

The sun-colored hair that fell down to her shoulders, her eyes filled with the sky. A face with the scent of a young girl and a voluptuous body that is already ripe.

I don’t understand why a woman like this likes her but maintains her immobility.

Does that mean she can become the hero of the harem?

“What… Why is she suddenly staring at me so grossly…?”

“That’s the expression of sympathy.”

“Oooh! I don’t want to be pitied! I want to be loved, not pity!”

“From Shiu?”

“Hot! Ugh… Brother… Am I really that unattractive? Huh?

Sophia, who caught my heart, blushed and then suddenly clung to me with a melancholy expression.

Has this started again?

Sophia’s self-esteem was greatly reduced as the main character kept hitting the iron wall.

Maybe she didn’t have much to say because the child who always received only love kept getting rejected… ? She fell ill

To cure this disease, the main character needs love, but he can’t get it right away, so I’m giving him love as the next best thing.

It is not love as a man. Love as a brother

I’m stroking my hair with the erogenous stimulation on, but it’s real.

In the first place, the main heroine had no intention of attacking this time.

Without this petting, Sophia gets really depressed and cries all day long.

That’s the consideration of an older brother you don’t want to see.

“Today, when they see me training, they tell me I’m cool, so they say I’m still far away, but they look at me with a straight face, but they don’t look at me… “


“I see. He didn’t even look at Sophie.”

“He brought a packed lunch, but he said he had already brought it… He said he didn’t want to eat together… Am I hated?”


“I see. Siwoo hates Sophie.”

“What? Ji, does Siwoo really hate me?”

Oops, this isn’t it.

I made a mistake while repeating the end of my words like a conditioned reflex.

“Listen, Sophie.”


“Originally, men bully the girl they like. The more he likes it, the more he bullies him.”

“… Is that so?”

“Okay. He’s a pervert who enjoys seeing you sad by pretending to hate Siwoo.”

“Siwoo is not that kind of pervert!”


Sophia headbutted me in the stomach with the head she was stroking when I said a joke.

The sound came out naturally, but when I saw Sophia leaning against my chest, I immediately thought of getting angry.

I guess I was really anxious this time.

I hugged Sofia, who was trembling in my arms.

Since it is a rural village, people usually get married at an early age, but there was a talk that Sofia should also think about it.

That’s why I seem to have gotten more impatient lately.

I really need to talk to Siwoo.

“Sophie, as you know, Siwoo is shy. It must have been the same this time.”

“… Really?”

“If you think about Siwoo’s personality, it must be something like being shy about the smell of sweat or being shy about side dishes in lunch boxes. It’s stupid to care about such a dull guy.”

“Hmm… “

“Come to think of it, Siwoo talked about it himself the other day. When Sophie is by her side of her, she smiles without realizing it, so she expresses herself on purpose.”

“Really? Did Siwoo really do that?!”

“Is that so? So there’s no way Siwoo hates you. Got it?”

“Hehe… ! After all, there’s no way Siwoo would hate me!”

Sophia asked when she was depressed, but she wiped away her tears and smiled confidently as usual.

When I pet her again, Sophia closes her eyes and enjoys my touch her.

Hehe… After all, if you consult with your brother, all your worries will disappear.”

“Then, will Sophie wash the dishes today?”

“Huh! That is that and this is this!”

She freaked out, and Sophia, who pulled away from me, put on a mischievous look and ran away.

She’s a really cute little sister.

Because she was an only child, she always wanted an older sister or younger sister.

Whenever I said that, her friends looked at me like crazy.

With the saying that such words would never come out in real life.

But now I get it. That’s what all of those guys were doing. Deceiver guys.

She has become very close with Sofia while giving her recent dating advice.

When she first met, she was Sophia who tickled her, but now she has become so close that she often embraces her.

However, he had no intention of crossing the line between Sophia and her.

Sophia embraces me because she thinks of me as her family her, and because I also think of Sophia as her sister her, not as her woman her.

Actually, she’s lying, but anyway, she’s trying to think of her as much as she can, so she doesn’t want to touch Sophia.

Even if she wasn’t just the main heroine, ha…


As I walked to the empty lot behind the village, I saw the main character training hard.

For some reason, the main character’s name was Siwoo this time too, and his face was not very different from the one I saw every time.

In other words, he was handsome this time too. Just a little taller and a little more muscular.

Perhaps because he was a warrior this time, Siwoo was strong even before he had awakened.

In the first place, he had natural strength and good body vision, so he has never been beaten in a neighborhood fight.

However, Siu did not stop training.

He is such a jingling training insect that he trains without stopping even once Sophia visits him to play and act cute.

Maybe you like water lilies. He is the main character of the royal road dragon.

But this kid is serious.

Are you swinging your sword and cheering? It must be noise pollution from this kid’s point of view.

Did you bring your own packed lunch? You’re a bastard who eats training meals, so you don’t even touch other lunch boxes.

You want to go on a date? I’m going to have a lot of money, but I’m going to do this water lilyung-I.

But I’m tired of seeing it like this. If you do a fair bit of hawking, you should respond.

I know that both of them obviously like each other, but since they are clenching their teeth and fighting hard, it makes me angry.

After tearing off the back I wanted to kick, I need to say something about whether you like training or Sophia.

“Oh, Deokbae-hyung! What will happen?”

Without answering, he grabbed a nearby wooden sword and charged at the hero.

After drawing up virtual internal energy from the non-existent danteon, he raised his wooden sword and struck it at the warrior’s head as if crushing Taesan.


Chit, is this a warrior after all?

My wooden sword was intercepted by the warrior’s sword and bounced off, and the palm holding the wooden sword tingled.

But I can’t back down from here.

Using the recoil, I rotated my body once and swung the wooden sword at the warrior’s side as if sweeping away the heavenly army with one swing.


Damn, I never thought this would stop.

But it didn’t work. The hero must have been nervous, so he couldn’t retract his sword and was wary of me.

Now is your last chance!

To prevent the hardened hero from reacting, he stabbed the wooden sword at high speed like a dragon flying away.

This time, as if the hero couldn’t react, my wooden sword pierced the warrior’s sword and stuck between the warrior’s forehead.

No, it was an illusion.

My wooden sword stopped right in front of the hero’s forehead.

The warrior was holding my wooden sword, which I thought had penetrated, with his bare hand.

Did you lose in the end…

The three-jaed sword method, which had been practiced only with imagery for over 10 years, was easily blocked.

A warrior was also a warrior.

“What is it all of a sudden?”

“Bastard, did you make Sophie cry again? Didn’t I tell you to do it properly?”


“Don’t laugh, kid. Affectionate.”

“But hyung, I need some training. The posture is good, but the strength is not working.”

Water lily bug… I want to bring up training at this time.

It wasn’t that I was standing still.

In order to join the warrior party, the minimum stats would be needed, so after coming into this world, I trained without stopping.

But something has to change whether or not it continues.

Even after taking the experience point potion that came out of the random box and training, the stats did not change.

“It’s okay, man. How long are you going to treat Sophie like that? Well, I don’t care about the fish I’ve already caught, is that so? Or is Sophie not good enough for you?”

“No way! That’s not it. Just… “

“Just what?”

“I’m sorry… Haha.”

“Damn it.”

There are two ways to make a person angry, one is to stop talking,

The other one

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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