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Heroine Netori 11

Heroine Netori 11

Chapter 11 – Royal Road Dragon Item (2)

“Hmm~ Heh-hmm ♪~”

When I go to the supermarket to buy food ingredients or a few things, I naturally hum. I feel that the way people around me see me has changed.

Still, when I was in Leeds, I wasn’t lazy anywhere. It’s because I can’t overwhelm you. It’s a flat match.

This cool and heavy feeling… 7 years later

He lived like a disabled person for 5 years, came to his senses for 1 year, and spent 1 year as an unemployed person.

As a result, his appearance was rotten to the point of decay, but now he has regained his appearance at that time.

No, in fact, I strengthened it a few more times with a little more greed.

I didn’t have enough points to use for stamina, but I’m not in a hurry.

And since I didn’t touch the estimated cost, it was a reasonable consumption this time too.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t make him handsome enough for people to stop and stare at me on the road… What?

“Ahh, the old man is a loser… “
“Heng! Well, you’re having a blast with me.”
“You? A passing earthworm would laugh. Chuckle.”

“Wow… Are you of mixed race?”
“It’s over, fuck your life.”

“Hey, there’s my boyfriend.”
“You crazy boy! Stop being my boyfriend.”
“You perverts can hear you!”

I went home and changed my pants. I can’t wear my old pants anymore. Should I buy a new one…


You used the cooking skill.

“This… Ramen? What I’ve eaten so far…”

The effect was awesome!

I never thought that ramen cooked at home would taste like this…

Cooking skill is the real thing. If there is a recipe that you have never seen before, you can memorize it by itself just by looking at it once, and if there are strange parts, it is automatically corrected.

When I start cooking, I naturally act according to the recipe, and when I forcibly add other ingredients, I immediately cook the optimal dish accordingly.

This is why there are voices that are unfair because of the awakened people. Because I, who lived my whole life without knowing the benefits of cooking, made this kind of dish.

It’s not something I’m just going to say while boiling ramen…

Anyway, I found out that the cooking skill works normally. However, I have no intention of registering an Awakener with this.

What I want is to be a hunter, not a cook.

If you register as an Awakener like this, you will be able to get the Awakening support fee right away.

However, someone who has cooking skills as a cook claims to have suddenly awakened fighting skills?

At first, they would be scolded for lying, but later analyzed as a special case, but such a situation is unacceptable.

It is not too late to just wait patiently and register as an Awakener after obtaining combat skills.

Moreover, this time, ‘Heroine Netori’ is a royal road warrior in the fantasy world.

Wouldn’t it be possible to acquire combat skills with a high probability?


[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[Select the genre you want.]

Just like when I made the estimate, I chose fantasy, then I chose the royal road warrior and harem.

Because fantasy is a man’s romance. Because royal road dragons are the standard of fantasy.

What about harem? Netori only happens when there are a lot of heroines.

[Select the character you want.]

Among the 4 tier characters, I chose ‘neighborhood hyung A’. The price is 100 points.

It is a character at the bottom of Tier 4, but the reason why I chose this character is because I am from the same neighborhood as the hero.

The main goal of ‘Heroine Netori’ this time is to enjoy the fantasy life.

Become a member of the warrior’s party and try to adventure with the warrior. In other words, he wants to ride the warrior bus.

They would go on adventures like that, sneak artifacts, learn combat skills, and eat pheasants and eggs.

To do that, it is better to join from the beginning.

It’s hard to be in the middle with my low ability, so it’s a ruse to join the party from the beginning.

What about Netori? I should do it.

But the main heroine is not going to be touched.

If you touch the warrior mentally or if you are hated by the warrior, the adventure will go out.

Rather, I plan to go ahead and connect the main heroine and the hero, and then netori the sub-heroes.

A guy who has a girlfriend wouldn’t say anything about being a sub-hero, Netori. You can also get help from the main heroine.

[Select an item to use for this round.]

As expected, I chose ‘Inventory (3 slots)’ and ‘Right to Suspend’, which I had seen when making the estimate.

Items to be stored in the inventory are prepared in advance. A smartphone (with a solar charger connected), sleeping pills, and a tent.

Smartphones were prepared for filming, sleeping pills were prepared to help prevent the loss of sleep, and tents were prepared to help when sleeping on the street.

Fortunately, thanks to the charger trick, everyone went into the inventory without much trouble.

After paying up to 1000 points for the use of the temporary suspension ticket, the remaining points are 480 points…

Should I just buy 4 random boxes?

Just in case, yes, lion.

Finally, select the random box and click Done.

My eyes went dark


[You selected Fantasy, Royal Road, Harem, Neighborhood Type A.]
[The world of ‘Heroine Netori’ is in the making… ]

[… ] ]

[… ] ]

[… ] ]


[Mission: Netori the heroine.]
[Tip: The hero, the hero, will leave the village in 6 months and start an adventure to defeat the demon king. The main heroine, the saintess, who is a childhood friend, is also planning to travel together.]


Half a year has already passed since I entered the fantasy world.

A lot has happened in half a year.

First of all, as soon as I entered this world, the parents of my brother A in the neighborhood died.

The parents of my brother A in the neighborhood were peddlers. His father was killed by a robber, and his mother took me to this village with a wounded body and closed her eyes.

It was a village bar couple who helped me when I had no place to go, and they gave me a boarding house.

It is said that the couple at the bar were close friends with the parents of brother A in the neighborhood.

I agreed to help out at the bar in exchange for staying at home.

At first, I only did chores, but thanks to my cooking skills, I got to work in the kitchen, and as the number of customers increased thanks to the snacks I made, I became an indispensable person at the bar.

Thanks to that, the bar couple treated me like a son, and thanks to that, I had a younger sister.

It is Sophia, the main heroine of this ‘Heroine Netori’.

Sophia couldn’t adapt to the sudden family and she argued a lot with me, but now she has become close with her brother and sister.

Meanwhile, while working at a bar, I heard a story about a poor fellow in the village who often comes out as a snack, but it turned out that he was the main character.

The main character also said that she had no parents and lived with the village chief’s house. She said that her mother died of a disease while raising the main character alone when she was young.

Maybe that’s why it wasn’t difficult to get close to the main character.

I took care of this and that under the excuse of the same consensus, and the main character immediately followed me while shouting hyungsori.

The time for the main character and main heroine to leave town is coming soon, and it seems like they’ve earned enough goodwill to join the party.

Oh, of course, I didn’t just work for fun.


“Ha-yeah, ang-ang, aang!”

“Auntie, I’m sorry… I think it will be cheap!”

It started when the auntie, Sofia’s mother, happened to see me washing up.

No, now that I think about it, it wasn’t a coincidence.

Anyway, the lady who saw my naked body seduced me when no one else was around.

She was frustrated and she needed my cock.

Even though she was in her 30s, she still maintained the beautiful appearance and body of a 20-year-old, so I succumbed to her temptation without hesitation, and we ended up having sex whenever we had a chance.

“Ah, ha ha! Me too! I think I’ll go too, ah, ah!”

“No, because… Heck, solve it quickly!”

“No, sssss, aang, wrap it inside, today… Hah, it’s dangerous!”

Unlike the heroines who were her virgins, her aunt was very unpretentious, and she entertained me with her caress and posture that I had never seen before.

“Are you crazy?!”

“It’s okay, haha… You just have to paint over it, haha!”

The problem is that she always wants to cum inside me. Even on dangerous days.

He says he will make an alibi by having sex with the uncle, but honestly, I’m worried.

“Mom! Brother! I’m here!”

Ah, after having sex like crazy, it was time for Sophia to come back.

Confused, I try to pull her back, but the lady won’t let go.

“Release your legs! Sophie is here!”

“Haaang! Ha, then… Aang! You can buy it quickly and go!”

“Then shut your mouth, you’ll get caught!”

“It’s okay, Aang! Sophie… Hot, dull part! Because… Hot”

“No matter what, if you grow like this.”

“Ego! Come on, come on! Haang! Hem!”

When I tell her to be quiet, she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. It means to block it with a kiss. Have you ever seen such a lewd lady? Even when her daughter comes, she doesn’t stop.

“Ha, ha… Churup, ah…”

“Town! Ugh!”

“Huh… Whoa! Under… Ah… “

In the end, she just threw herself away. After pouring her semen all over her vagina, she loosened her legs.

Free, I quickly put on my pants and ran to Sophia. I didn’t even have time to wear panties.

“Brother! Where are you! I have something to say!”

“Sophie! Am I here? Sorry, I was talking to the lady for a while… Haha… “

Will you be deceived?

She showed up with the smell of semen and was covered in sweat, but honestly, it’s strange that she went on like this.

As Auntie said, Sophia has a dull part.

“What are you talking about! I had sex with my mother again!”

Dumb bitch.

“That’s not it… Haha…”


Angry, Sophia ran to me and she quickly took off my pants.

Then her cum- and cream-soaked cock spurted out.

At the evidence that they had sex she couldn’t deny, Sofia gave a short sigh, then she screamed.

“I told you this cock was mine!”

Then I got on her knees and stuck out her tongue to clean my cock.

Let her daughter clean the cock that was going through her mother’s pussy hole… Her body her trembled at this mad sense of immorality.

Of course, the cock also got an erection.


Her Sophia smiled, saying that she had an erection thanks to her her self her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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