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Heroine Netori 10

Heroine Netori 10

Chapter 10 – Royal Road Dragon Item (1)

No, what… Suddenly it’s an S grade?

The original plan was to get an A grade, enjoy it moderately, and get settled by the time you get tired of it.

However, as she suddenly became S-class, “Heroine Netori” Came to an end.

I was fucking in the middle of it, but when I came to my senses, I was fucking in the air.

Shit, these characters are too sad to let go like this, so why did they end up like this? Did Yuna do something?

The reason why Siwoo was brought on the trip was to connect Siwoo and Yuna. Originally, if Siwoo confessed, Yuna was supposed to accept it.

I decided to show Yuna and I having sex when we became lovers and the happy circuit was in full operation.

But I never thought that Siwoo would be such a jerk that he couldn’t even confess at that perfect opportunity… Still, despite being the main character, I was very disappointed.

So, I decided to think about it the next day, and while the three of us were having a good night, the message of achieving Grade A came to mind.

Just in case, I peeked at the door and saw Siu spying on it. While masturbating too.

I thought this was okay and focused on sex, but Siwoo suddenly ran out of the villa, and a few hours later, an S-rank achievement message came to mind.

There was a lot left to enjoy, but only regrets remain.

After… Still can’t help it It’s already past.

[Mission cleared!]
[Result: Grade S, Acquired Points: 26100]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Receive Confession from Sub-Heroine’]
[Accomplishment Achievement: ‘3P with Heroes (including Main Heroine)’]
[Clear privilege: ‘Cooking’ skill]

Oh! Over 20,000 points. Is it because of the 3P achievement? Or maybe the last time was a tutorial, so the reward was small.

And the ‘cooking’ skill… Actually, the theme of ‘Heroine Netori’ was cooking. Yuna is a bakery, Yena is a food company, and Siwoo also has a talent for cooking.

[Cooking Lv.1 – You will become good at cooking.]

It’s a very simple explanation, but I’ll have to check it out later.

[Sensitive Stimulation Lv. 5 – You can stimulate your senses through skinship. The more skinship through the genitals, the easier it is to stimulate sexual feelings.]
[Favorable Work Lv. 2 – It becomes easier to obtain favorability.]

Looking at the existing skills above the cooking skill, I could see that the erogenous stimulation had changed.

Level 5 seems to have added new features. Are you trying to make sex feel easier now?

Unfortunately, it did not rise much.

The sexual stimulation is easily raised, but I have no idea how to increase the liking.

Even if you seduce two heroines, you only get 1, so maybe you need another method.

And now I have to check this…

[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]

I don’t mean to leave right away. Just checking in advance. I was so curious.

What happens if you have points and what you can choose.

[Select the genre you want.]

Fantasy, light novel, martial arts, modern fantasy, romance, etc. Genres seen in web novels are on the list. However, the price is 100 points.

What is so cheap Seeing that the price is the same, it seems meaningful to choose.

When I picked a fantasy, a new list came to mind.

I saw themes that I saw in web novels, such as royal road warriors, foolish possessions, Igoeng, Nawisal, etc. But there is a difference in price.

500 points for Mannani Bing Water. 1000 points for winning. The royal road dragon… 0 points?

Why? I’m not sure why. Next time, I was thinking of a royal road dragon, but 0 points was good.

When choosing a royal road dragon, a detailed genre came to mind.

Harem, gag, impoverishment, love of humanity, etc… Wait a minute fuck humanity?

I was so full of energy that I checked and found that if I chose love for humanity, I could receive points instead of paying points.

Choose the genre of humanity to earn 10 million points? Is there a heroine in the humanity genre in the first place… ?

… A terrible thought came to mind. What if you entered the humanity genre instead of haremura novels due to gacha failure?

“Woo-wook… Chew.”

Nausea came out.

No matter what happens in the future, I won’t do crazy things that turn gacha in the genre.

But do I need to earn points this far?

When choosing a harem, it was 500 points. It sounds like 600 points for Fantasy, Royal Road, and Harem, but do you need 10 million points? It’s not like you can raise your stats. I decided to skip once.

[Select the character you want.]

Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5… What is this Rise rating table?

When I clicked Tier 0, I saw the Demon King at the top of the list that popped out.

[Demon Lord: 100 million points]

Aha! I got it. That’s why you need 10 million points. You have to eat your ass 10 times to become a demon king. The position of the demon king seemed very high.

In addition to the Demon King, I saw the Former Hero (50 million points), the Magic Tower Master (30 million points), and the Dragon Lord (70 million points).

It seems that this kind of thing has no choice but to pray that it will be selected as a gacha rather than paying for points.

In Tier 1, you could see kings and popes, and in Tier 2, you could see nobles such as dukes and counts, and guild leaders.

In Tier 3, apprentice adventurers or apprentice knights were seen, Tier 4 was the lowest of the low end, and Tier 5 was at the level of extras.

Tier 3 alone had a minimum amount of over 10,000 points, while Tier 4 had a maximum of 2400 points. All 5 tiers are 50 points.

I think a reasonable choice would be a character with a minimum of 4 tiers or a maximum of 3 tiers.

It is possible to gacha with 0 points, but… It’s too much of a gamble.

[Select an item to use for this round.]

This time, the list of items appeared immediately. Again, the prices at the top of the list were no joke.

[Return by death (single use): 10 million points. If you die, instead of being forced to settle, you go back to the day before you died.]

It’s only used once, but 10 million is one asshole. It was a scary time.

Come to think of it, in a fantasy world, you could really die… I couldn’t even think.

Fortunately, looking at the explanation of death return, just because she died in “Heroine Netori” Didn’t mean she would die in real life.

[Time stop mechanism (single use): 10 million points. Pressing it stops time, pressing it again restarts time and destroys the device.]

This time, it was 1 button per use. There must be a lot of uses, but it was disappointing that it was disposable. And it was too expensive. Even if you achieve S grade, you can’t earn 30,000 points, but inflation is crazy.

As I scroll down the list to find cheaper items, I see ‘?: ?Points. ?’ Items appeared.

It seems like an item that has not been unlocked yet, but I have no idea what to do to unlock it.

Five… I guess I can live with this.

[Inventory (3 slots): 10,000 points. You can put up to 3 objects from real life or from “Heroine Netori”. You can take or bring. (It disappears when ‘Heroine Netori’ is settled)]

[Right of suspension: 1000 points. ‘Heroine Netori’ can be paused and returned to reality. Points are awarded for each use. (Up to 3 ‘Heroine Netori’ can be played at the same time)]

Inventory… It’s a complete hyeja.

With this, even if you can bring only one artifact from the fantasy world, you can get out of the studio right away.

In addition, if you bring your smartphone, you can take direct pictures of Netori, so if you sell it on the deep web, you will be able to make quite a bit of money.

And the right to pause is good.

It’s a pity that it’s 1000 points at once, but whenever the inventory slot is full, you can return to reality and empty it, or if you get tired of it, you can take a breather and play another ‘Heroine Netori’.

All the really good stuff was down there. You should absolutely buy two of these.

And it looks good if you buy a few of these to kill time.

[Random box: 100 points. It is a random box.]

You never know



After making a quote for ‘Heroine Netori’, I came to the bathroom to take a break and wash up, and there was an ugly guy.

“Ah fuck this is me… “

It was me.

After working as a butler for several months, I had forgotten my face.

When I became a different character through ‘Heroine Netori’, I was very handsome as a butler to see how much correction was put in to match that character.

Sagging shoulders were corrected, and dark circles and skin blemishes were all gone.

That doesn’t mean my base disappeared at all, but I had a butler’s face that I had plastic surgery on a few times in my Leeds days before I became unemployed.

“It’s like shit… “

I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t there from the start, but it’s annoying because it doesn’t exist. Living as a handsome man and coming back makes me hate living. How can you not raise your appearance to points?

[Would you like to spend points on your appearance? 10 points per time]

Does this work?

So, can I raise the stats now?

[Points cannot be used for stamina.]

It wasn’t.

You can’t raise your stats, but you can grow your dick and fix your appearance? So what about energy? Even so, when I was doing 3P, I felt that my energy was lacking. It would be nice if I could raise my energy too.

[Would you like to spend points on Stamina? 10 points per time]

Okay? No, what is the criterion? Could it be that you can only raise abilities that are useful for ‘Heroine Netori’?

[Intelligence has risen by 1.]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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