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Heroine Netori 9

Heroine Netori 9

Chapter 9 – The Youngest Daughter of a Chaebol Family (5)

“Heh… Heck… It’s Yuna, it’s Yuna!”

Siwoo masturbated while thinking of Yuna.

She swayed her cock today, remembering the feel of her breasts in her hand as they bumped into each other.

But that alone wasn’t enough.

‘I’m showing it because it’s Siwoo… Ruler… ‘
‘Hey, don’t just touch the nipple like that… Oops…’
‘Haa… Good mood… Oh! I’m ashamed…’
‘Just stay here… Don’t touch… Here too… Yes?’

Yuna in delusion was lewd. She lifted her skirt and showed her panties and asked her to touch them. Yuna was delighted when Siwoo touched her with her trembling hands.

‘Aang! I feel good… Ha… Siwoo… ‘
‘Just a little bit harder…’
‘Oh… I can’t stand it… Siwoo now… ‘

Siwoo pulled down Yuna’s panties and pulled out her cock. And she into Yuna’s cramped cunt…

“Ugh, Yuna! Cheap!”

“Ha… Ha…”

That’s how Siwoo served Yuna as a side dish today and comforted her.

At first, I felt sorry for Yuna, but now I just think about how she can have a relationship with Yuna like in a delusion.

“Hey Yuna… “

This act started from the day she felt Yuna as her woman.

She originally thought she was pretty, but she didn’t think of her as her woman. After all, she herself is a commoner, and Yuna is a conglomerate. At best, she thought her friends were over.

She thought that the crush she felt from time to time was not like her crush as an absolute member of the opposite sex, but because she was a friend and a colleague cooking with her.

But that wasn’t her true heart. In fact, Siu knew it too. She knows that Yuna likes herself, that she also has her heart for her Yuna.

However, she was blocked by the inexorable obstacle of reality and pretended not to know.

However, seeing Yuna becoming more beautiful day by day as if her flowers are blooming, Siwoo became aware of his feelings.

That day, she went to a new cafe with Yuna and talked about recipes without realizing that time was passing. That time was a turning point.

Siwoo didn’t want to show her smile to others that day.

When the heart that was once blocked burst out, it grew out of control. I wanted to date you right away. I wanted to shout that it was mine. I wanted to covet Yuna’s body. Impregnate her Yuna and marry her Yuna and have her own child with her Yuna
And Yuna… Yuna and…

From that day on, Siwoo started to masturbate while thinking of Yuna.

But recently, Yuna has changed again.

It’s not that her appearance or body has changed, but the atmosphere of a person has changed.

Unlike usual, the sticky voice that penetrates the ear, the strange hand movements, the eye smile that excites people… Everything about Yuna became bewitching.

He wasn’t the only one who felt it. Even her classmates and teachers have changed the way they look at Yuna.

There were kids who said she masturbated with her Yuna. The number of children who wanted to eat Yuna increased. When I heard about it, I got annoyed. So I deliberately approached Yuna more aggressively.

Yuna was seductive enough to get an erection if she was a little careless, but if she endured it somehow, she could feel the envious stars around her. With that sense of superiority, Siwoo fell for Yuna.

Now, even during her break time, she imagined Yuna and masturbated to her.

And that Yuna asked her to go on a trip together at school yesterday.

For a moment, the surroundings became quiet. I felt envy, jealousy, envy and such negative emotions. That was too sweet for Shiu.

Siwoo didn’t know, but when he replied that he knew and that he would definitely go, he was having an erection.


The travel destination was Jenane’s villa overlooking the sea. Because it was a private property, it was quiet because there were no other vacationers even though it was a resort.

After unpacking at the villa and going into the sea for a while, we came back and had a barbecue party. After having a good time, the team split up and Yena and the butler washed the dishes, and Yuna and Siu decided to buy ice cream.

In fact, it was a team that planned in advance with the help of Jena and the butler. The two said they supported the relationship between Siu and Yuna. And Yuna also added that she has feelings for Siu.

Siwoo gained confidence.

One summer night, I walk down the street with the woman I love… Siwoo decided to convey his feelings today.

“Yuna, I… Hey.”

“… Yes?”

But he didn’t let go easily.

It was dark, so I couldn’t see Yuna’s expression.

I was suddenly afraid. What if she was alone and misunderstood? If she is rejected as it is, then what if we are no longer friends?

“That is… That…”

“…… “

As the thought came to my mind, I bit on my tail and got more and more bad thoughts. I got anxious. It was painful. I wanted to run away. As he spoke, he felt resentful of himself.

“Hey! That… You… You!”

“… Yes, I am listening.”

My head was so complicated that it exploded. I had no ideas. I just wanted to avoid this moment.

“You are so good! Is not it! Ha ha…Haha… “

“Hmm?… Oh, that’s right! I really like it because I am traveling like this!”

“Yes… So say… Haha!”

I wanted to die. I wanted to hide in a mouse hole. Regretted it I’d rather say something like an idiot, what are you doing… Siwoo shed tears.

At least Yuna didn’t seem to notice, so she thought it was fortunate.

She didn’t notice that Yuna was cursing herself inside her.


Siu couldn’t sleep.

He was disgusted with himself at his ugliness today.

He only sighed and looked at the photos taken today. I saw Yuna in her bathing suit. She had an erection like a conditioned reflex. But she didn’t want to masturbate.

While she is suffering like that, she gets a call from Yuna.

[Siwoo-kun… Are you sleeping?]
[Actually, I also have something to say to Siwoo… ]
[I’ll be waiting for you on the terrace overlooking the sea in front of the villa.]

Shi Woo jumped up. And he sat down again.

He calmed his excited heart and thought about it calmly. He now calls himself… At least it was obvious. He didn’t even have to think about it. Yuna also felt the same way as her.

How much did she say if she was frustrated with herself, would she bring up the story directly from Yuna? She was sorry and thank you again.

[I wasn’t sleeping! I’ll go down right away!]

After sending a reply to Yuna with trembling hands, Siu put on his overcoat and went down to the first floor.

By the way… A strange sound came from the room Yena was supposed to use.

“… Good… More… Ah… “
“… Ruler… Paper… More… “

It was too curious to ignore. As I tried to keep her footsteps as quiet as possible and get closer, the door was open and Jena’s moaning could be heard through the gap.

When I secretly peeked into the room with a pounding heart, I saw two naked bodies coveting each other.

“Haaang♥… More, harder♥! Doing… Yes, yes♥!!”

“Are you saying this?”

“Hey ♥… Haaang♥! Aaaaang♥♥!”

“My lady, are you feeling well?”

“Great… Haeung♥, I like it♥♥!”

She thought the two were too close, but she thought it could be because she had heard that Jenna had followed Butler like her brother since she was a child.

But the relationship between the two was more than that.

Jena was lying face down on her bed, and Deacon Gam was on top of her, thrusting his cock into Jena’s cunt.

Every time Deacon Gam’s cock entered her cunt, Jena’s back bounced like her salmon.

“Can you tell me which is good?”

“Pussy ♥ I like pussy ♥♥ Haa… “

“You should be more specific.”

“The cock♥… Heh… The place where the butler’s cock ♥ stabs… Haaang♥”

“Are you talking here?”

“Right… There♥♥ There too♥♥ Ha, haaaaang♥♥♥!!”

Jenna peaked. Seeing her friend go away made her feel strange. The situation was bizarre as she looked at it and she was having an erection.

Butler Gam pulled out her cock, and Jena’s juices flowed out of her cunt. Deacon Gam’s cock was incomparably bigger than her own, and she was more than a big black guy in porn.

I couldn’t believe that cock had gone into Jena.

I wanted to see more of their love affair, but Yuna was waiting outside.

Shi-woo turned her head away from Ye-nane’s room, thinking that perhaps starting tomorrow, he and Yuna could become like that, and was about to leave.

However, I heard a voice that I shouldn’t have heard in the room.

“Whoops… Now it’s my turn♡?”

Siwoo’s footsteps stopped. He thought it was an illusion.

“Yes, Miss Yuna.”

Siwoo’s accident stopped. It was not an illusion.

“Hurry… Please♡…”

“Didn’t I teach you what to do when that happens?”

“Poke the butler’s big cock in Yuna’s lascivious pussy♡♡!!”

“You did very well. Then we will begin.”

“Hot, haang♡! Sleep♡ I came in… Haaang♡ I love it… ♡♡”

Siu sat down on the floor. He turned his head again and looked into the room.

The ugly butler’s cock was frantically driven into Yuna’s cunt. Yuna’s cunt was already familiar to her, and she accepted it without showing any signs of pain.

I heard a nasty sound every time the cock got stuck.

The bed shook every time her pussy was poked.

“Now, Lady Yuna, please get on top.”

“Okay♡ Butler, stay still. Whooping… I’ll do everything! Haha♡! Everyone came in♡♡!”

The two switched positions. It was a triumph.

Yuna’s big breasts were visible. Contrary to Siwoo’s imagination, it was bigger and more beautiful. As Yuna began to move her waist, her chest trembled uncontrollably.

I saw Yuna’s bewitching face. Contrary to Siwoo’s imagination, he had a more erotic expression. When Deacon Gam grabbed Yuna’s chest, Yuna screamed in delight.

“Ahhh… ♡ Likes ♡! Please touch me more♡♡ more!”

Siwoo felt like his cock was about to explode. What he had been delusional about, no, more than that was real.

Although the target was not herself, she felt very painful and bitter, but more than that, Yuna’s appearance of her was distorted.

Her heart ached as if she were going to die, but so did her cock her.

In the end, Siwoo started to masturbate while watching Yuna and the butler’s affair.

“Miss Yuna. Now she has gotten used to the riding position.”

“Huh ♡ Thanks to the butler ♡ hehe… Ha ♡ hot ♡ ah ♡ no ♡”

“But it is still not enough.”

“Ha♡ o’clock, no♡ I will do it… It’s okay, stop♡”

Feeling that Yuna’s stimulation of her wasn’t enough, the butler bounced around her waist her and began to thrust his cock deeper into Yuna’s body her.

Yuna, who seemed relaxed, began to gasp, and she was soon able to let out nothing but her own moans.

“Aaang♡ haang♡ Ah, ha ha… Heeung♡ Aang♡”

Seeing that, Siu grabbed her cock and shook it even harder. He masturbated as if he was fucking himself and he thought he was going to rip himself off.

“It’s cheap now. Lady Yuna.”

“Me too… Haang♡ go away♡ go, together♡ hot♡ang♡”



The butler ejaculated, and Yuna climaxed accordingly.

Seeing this, Siwoo also apologized.

“Haaa… Ha… Superintendent… More… Fuck me more♡”

“Wait! Now it’s my turn!”

Yuna didn’t let go of the persimmon butler, but Yena said it was her turn her and rushed. Yuna and Yenna entered on either side of the lying butler.

The butler stroked the heads of the two before pushing them toward his cocks.

“Would you like to wash your clothes first before the next one?”

Siwoo heard a gulp. Yena and Yuna put their tongues on the butler’s cock, no matter who did it first.

“Haam♡ Churup, Chuha… Chewy♡”

“Haljjak, Chueup… Ha ♥ Churrup ♥”

Then they both started licking and sucking the cum and creamy cock.

“Ha… Chun, chuup ha… ♥”

“Chewup♡, chung, tseung♡… Ha… Under… “

As if Yuna and Yena had sucked cocks together more than once or twice, they naturally divided the zones and served the cocks.

The butler appraised the two sincere service. It was when Jena was biting her cock of her.

As Yena shrugged at Yuna, Yuna put her tongue in her Yena’s mouth in her. Then she took the butler’s semen from Jena’s mouth her. Surprised, Jena resisted with her tongue as if she couldn’t lose, trying not to take the semen.

All I could see was the two of them kissing.

Meanwhile, the two of them were caressing their cocks with their hands.

“Since I begged Lady Yuna, I will do Lady Yena next.”

“Really… Churup, ha♡… There’s nothing we can do.”

“Huhheung♥! It was originally mine!”

“Then I’ll bring the ice cream I bought earlier.”

“I’m asking for mine too!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring the butler’s share, really.”

When Jena was next, Yuna headed to the door of her room to go to the kitchen.

Seeing that, Siwoo jumped up and ran to the second floor.

I never thought I’d be caught by the thump. An accident was already impossible. He fell and crashed several times before reaching his room her.

My hands and feet were shaking and I felt pain in my heart.

I remembered the image of Yuna getting stuck in her cock. Her butler her, who said she was cheering her on her, said she was making fun of herself. She was like Yena and Yuna was like that too. She said she had something to say. She lied when she called her.

“Dirty bitch, whore, damn bitch… Fuck… Fucking bitches… Fucking…”

Siu shuddered. She was angry and couldn’t control herself, but she couldn’t do anything.

“Traitor bitch, vulgar bitch… Fuck bitches who only know dicks…”

Her heart her ached so much. I felt dizzy and felt like vomiting. Feeling betrayed, I felt like I was going to fall into distrust of people. Those three were hateful and hateful.

“Haaaaang♥… Go away Oh clothes ♥♥♥!! Aang♥…”

Another climax came from the first floor.


Siwoo vomited up. I felt like I would get a psychosis if I stayed in the same space any longer.

In the end, after roughly packing his things, Siwoo quickly left the villa and ran away. I gritted my teeth and ignored the moans of Yuna and Yena that I heard in the process.

Siwoo, who had been running for a while, took a taxi and headed home.

“Oh! They ran away!”

“Really, the more I got to know him, the worse he was, Siwoo.”

“Right! I never thought I wouldn’t even be able to confess!”

“I felt sorry for her, so I called her for her daughter her, and look at how she ran away. “

“Ladies. Please stop talking about other men in front of me and pay more attention to my cock.”

“Oh my ♥! Are you jealous?”

“Whooping♡… Do not worry. We’re the only butlers♡…”



As soon as Siwoo arrived home, he ran to the bathroom and vomited.

His whole body His lost strength.

Not wanting to listen to his concerned family his, he went into his room his and locked the door.

He sighed deeply and with sluggish hands pulled his belongings out of his bag.

However, there was a note that I saw for the first time.

Looking closely, it looked like a diary, not a notebook.

[Breaking point reached!]
[Currently rated S.]
[Cannot go any further. Settlement begins.]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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