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Heroine Netori 8

Heroine Netori 8

Chapter 8 – The Youngest Daughter of a Chaebol Family (4)

OO month XX

I got a massage from the butler today. 1 went to her breasts and 3 times to her pussy.

She said ‘go away’ as Deacon Gam had taught her, and since she was in her climax, she praised her for doing well.

We will continue to care in the future.

Miss Jena has finally gotten used to having two of her fingers inserted into her cunt. She says she will challenge three from tomorrow.

Miss Yena proudly told me, but I’m already being stabbed with three.

And… Today, the butler and Miss Yena kissed. It was always beautiful to see them hugging and kissing each other.

When will I have my first kiss?

… Oops, when I imagined kissing, instead of Siwoo, I thought of Butler. It seems that the kissing scene of the two people I saw today is still in my mind.

OO month XX

I had a new massage today. Unlike usual, I got naked and had my breasts sucked by the butler.

She said it was a massage that stimulates the mammary glands to secrete female hormones.

The butler frantically sucking my breasts looked like a newborn baby and was cute.

When I stroked the butler’s head, Miss Yena became jealous of me. I felt a little superior and felt good.

Her breasts were something I hated because of their size, but now I feel fortunate that they are big.

OO month XX

Today, I learned an act of sucking a cock called fellatio. Semen from the penis is said to help secrete female hormones.

The butler’s cock was very large, and it was incomparably larger than the fingers that used to pierce our pussies.

When I got closer and touched it, it was hot enough to burn me and hard as steel. Her cunt twitched as she imagined this cock entering my cunt.

First, Miss Yena demonstrated. After kneeling on her floor, she put Deacon Gam’s cock in her mouth. And with one hand, he caressed the part of the stick that was not in his mouth, and the part of his ball with the other hand.

Miss Yena was already accustomed to it, and soon after, she succeeded in extracting semen from the butler.

But I couldn’t. As I kept biting on her cock, her jaw hurt so much, and I licked it here and there, but I couldn’t satisfy Deacon Gam.

In the end, Deacon Gam must have felt frustrated, grabbed my head with both hands, moved her waist, and stabbed her cock into my throat.

It was painful and I felt like vomiting, but I couldn’t help it because I was lacking. Fortunately, my throat seemed to like it, so he quickly ejaculated.

Thanks to that, my mouth was filled with the butler’s semen. It didn’t taste very good, but I didn’t hate it, thinking that it was semen that the butler ejaculated because of me.

When I swallowed the cum in one gulp, he stroked my head and said good job.

By the way… Now that I think about it, my first kiss was the butler’s cock…

I felt sorry for Siwoo.

OO month XX

Recently, Siwoo’s attitude toward me has changed. As you get closer, he blushes and takes a step back. You can’t look me in the eyes even when we talk like we normally do.

I finally got the feeling that Siwoo was seeing me as a woman.

Come to think of it, my father also asked if I hadn’t changed a little lately. It seems that the effect of massage is starting to be revealed.

As a token of gratitude, I sucked the butler’s dick harder than usual.

OO month XX

Today, Siwoo asked me out on a date. Siwoo brought up the story of a new cafe near the school and said that the shortcakes sold there were delicious and invited them to eat together.

Fortunately, today was a day without a massage, so I accepted the recommendation.

As Siwoo said, the cake was very delicious. He seemed to be writing a unique recipe, so Siwoo and I analyzed the recipe head-to-head. I was happy to spend a good time with Siwoo after a long time.

No, it’s the worst.

Not happy at all.

No… I’m worse.

They both love each other, but why do I…

What am I…

Why does my heart hurt so much at the news that Miss Yena and the butler had sex…

OO month XX

I haven’t gone for a massage in days.

I was afraid to see Miss Yena and the butler.

… I’ll correct it. I was afraid to see Miss Yena and the butler having sex.

… Also, I will correct it. I was afraid that I would get hurt when I saw you two having sex.

Clearly, the two of them love each other. And I like Siwoo. The reason I get a massage is to seduce Siwoo.

So, congratulations on the two of you finally having a first time.

But I…


Are you greedy?

I hoped that the first experience of the two would happen in front of me.

Since Miss Yena has a sensitive body, I thought he would leave before satisfying Deacon Gam.

So I thought I should fill the empty spot naturally.

He wanted to be loved by Siwoo, but he also wanted to be loved by the butler.

I… Greedy is right.

Sorry… Siwoo-kun, Yena-san…

I’m sorry butler…

OO month XX

I haven’t gone for a massage in over a week. I consciously keep my distance from Yena. Miss Yena seemed to be worried about me, but she forcibly ignored me.

When I was weak, Siwoo took care of me a lot. He took me to a secret restaurant or a cafe with a good atmosphere and put a lot of effort into making me feel better.

I thanked Siwoo, but my mood did not improve at all.

Rather, whenever I was spending time with Siwoo, I thought of Miss Yena, who would be in love with the superintendent.

Ah… That’s not it.

It reminded me of the butler who was supposed to be in love with Miss Yena.

Even with Siwoo in front…

OO month XX

I didn’t go for a massage today.

OO month XX

I didn’t go for a massage today.

Today, Siwoo asked me out on a date, but he declined because he was sick.

OO month XX

I didn’t go for a massage today.

Today, I masturbated imagining the sex between Miss Yena and the butler.

But it didn’t feel good at all.

OO month XX

I didn’t go for a massage today.

OO month XX

… I had sex with the butler.

Happy… Happiness is like this. I forgot.

I need to write a diary… I have no strength in my body

I guess I woke up and realized it wasn’t a dream, right?

OO month XX

Fortunately, it wasn’t a dream. The pain in my pussy told me that the sex with the superintendent yesterday was not a lie.

Actually I don’t remember very well.

Miss Yena and the butler were waiting in front of the school gate, and we went to Miss Yena’s house together, and Miss Yena allowed the butler to have sex with me.

Sex with the butler…

Why! I can’t remember the part where we had sex. It’s my first experience… It’s unfair!

She sent me a video of my first experience because I complained to Miss Yena. In the video, I looked very lewd and lascivious.

As I was stabbed by the butler’s vicious cock, I let out a pleasant cry and hugged the butler.

This is really me… ?

Is sex so good that I’m so confused… ?

I plan to go to Miss Jena’s house soon. There, we’re going to have a sex party all night under the guise of a pajama party.

We must be careful not to lose our mind this time.

OO month XX

We had sex today.

I stayed sane until the second climax, but I lost my mind again by the third.

Still, I think it’s better than Yena, who faints at the first climax every time.

OO month XX

Today, I kissed Miss Yena.

The beginning was a three-person position. I was lying on the floor, and after Miss Yena got on top of it, the butler was in the position of fucking his cock between each other’s pussies.

Although it was not directly inserted, the clit rubbed and was very excited. And Ms. Yena, who was purring on top of me, was lovely.

Unknowingly, I kissed Miss Yena, but Miss Yena accepted my kiss. As we were absorbed in kissing, the butler shoved cocks into each of our pussies.

This time, Miss Yena passed out with the first climax.

It was fun because it seemed like I had sent it away.

OO month XX

The three of us had sex today.

Now I’m completely used to the butler’s dick.

Even after I ejaculated on Ms. Jena, I inserted the erect penis into my chest and sucked it on one side.

Then, after lying face down on the bed, I lifted my ass and spread my pussy open, and the butler fucked my cock.

A groan erupted naturally from the sensation of dizzying pleasure.

After all, sex feels good.

OO month XX

Recently, Siwoo’s gaze at me has changed again. Now I break out in a cold sweat just by talking to them and I don’t know what to do.

Today, I had an unintentional small skinship with Siwoo, and I saw that Siwoo had an erection.

It was very disappointing.

OO month XX

Recently, not only the boys in my class, but even the teachers have changed their views on me. Siwoo wasn’t the only one like that.

There are even people who whisper and secretly take pictures of my breasts or buttocks. My breasts and hips already have separate owners. Disgusting people.

When I talked to the superintendent, everything was cleared up. Expulsion and dismissal, it didn’t take even a day.

He is also competent in every way.

As a token of gratitude, I climbed on top and shook my waist today. But in the end, the butler shook his back as if it wasn’t enough. I’ll have to break out.

OO month XX

The three of us had sex today.

OO month XX

The three of us had sex today.

OO month XX

The three of us had sex today.

OO month XX

Miss Jena is pregnant.

I was envious.

OO month XX

Just in case, I also checked.

It was two lines.

Ah… Happy.

OO month XX

I decided to go on a trip to commemorate my pregnancy.

But the butler said to invite Siwoo too. On this occasion, he said to definitely end his relationship with Siu-kun.

Even so, I was annoyed by Siwoo being overly friendly and sneaking in skinship lately.

When I said yes, he said he was nice and kissed me. Saying that kissing wasn’t enough, he acted cutely, so he fucked his cock.

I should have been acting cute a long time ago…

OO month XX

I invited Siwoo on a trip. After hearing the story, Siu-kun was more delighted than anyone else and replied that he would attend unconditionally.

Seeing Siwoo like that made me think of a good idea.

Whooping… I am looking forward to the day of the trip.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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