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Heroine Netori 7

Heroine Netori 7

Chapter 7 – The Youngest Daughter of a Chaebol Family (3)

The first thing Shin Ye-na has changed after receiving my massage is being honest with herself.

It is said that because of this, her image as a newcomer in school has changed a lot. Her sloppy appearance is the same, but she’s much cuter because she doesn’t force herself to hide it.

She used to be misunderstood by her other friends because she acted unintentionally due to a sense of distance from her image that was desired within her family.

The second thing Shin Ye-na has changed after receiving my massage is that she goes home quickly every day.

This part is more important, but she says that Shin Ye-na fell for my massage, and she naturally pushed and pushed the main character. She clung to the main character annoyingly every day.
Rather, the main character came to care about her newcomer.

As a result, it seems that she became a little impatient for reasons or her position. As she competes with different rivals, she can no longer just smile.

In the end, the reason I was anxious I asked the rookie me why she had changed, and she said that our kind lady brought up the story of her getting a massage from me. She said that since it works well, she even asked if she would like to come and see it.

It was an offer with no reason or reason to refuse on her part.


“Are your hearts ready? As Lady Yena said, you will do some embarrassing things.”

“Yes, we have been prepared for a long time. Please come.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Yuna! The butler is someone you can rest assured of!”

She always sits in the seat where she did her massage. Newcomer I was looking at me from a little distance away, and as usual, I approached the back of her recliner chair and prepared her massage.

As she stretched, she looked down at Yu-na, and her pressure was no joke. It was destructive enough before, but now… Oh wow

As I couldn’t take my eyes off the valley, Shin Ye-na screamed in anger.

“Let’s get started!”

Glancing at her timid chest, she let out a sigh, and Shin Ye-na covered her breasts with her hands and groaned.

“What are you looking at!”

“It’s nothing. Come on, Miss Yuna. Then we will begin.”

I put her hand on my shoulder and caressed her. Of course, I thought it would be soft, but it was surprisingly clumpy.

She immediately turned on her erogenous stimulation and pressed it with her thumb. Then he stretched out her fingers and began to loosen her entire shoulder.

She gave me a few minutes of touching and if it worked, she reasoned.

“Ha… Oops…”

I pretended not to hear and expanded the area I touched.

My hand, which had been stroking the nape of her neck, went down little by little and stopped at her waist.

Starting at her pubic bone, my hands passed the tiny baby belly, crossed the ribs, and eventually landed on her huge under breasts.

“… Excuse me?”

When I put my hand up and lifted her chest, it was heavier than I thought. Wearing something like this can’t help but bring her shoulders together. Thinking so, he enjoyed Yuuna’s heart.

It was a huge size that couldn’t fit in one hand, even though my hands were never small. Ayeon was also big enough, but this one was of a different class.

It was soft and much softer, to the point where your fingers would dig into your chest if you touched it.

“Ha… Wait, this… I’m sorry… Why? There… Superintendent? Oops…”

I lowered my head and put my head on the nape of her neck. Then he sniffed and enjoyed her scent her, biting lightly. I couldn’t stand it when I saw the pure white nape of my neck her.

“Ah! Ugh… That, stop!!”

Then, startled, she got up from her seat and screamed.

“Miss Yuna? Are you okay?

“Stop it! This is molestation! Poetry, poetry, I’ll report it! How could you do this!”

Lee Yu-na blushed as if she was embarrassed and stammered.

“It’s not sexual harassment! What are you talking about! This is a massage!”

Then Shin Ye-na also screamed. He seemed angry when he called the behavior he received every day as sexual harassment.

“Go, breasts… You touched my chest! Then bit my neck… How can this be a massage!”

“Oh! I told you beforehand. There are also some embarrassing acts!”

“But I never thought this would happen! What the hell… What the hell…”

Lee Yu-na bowed her head and began to cry, probably shocked by the confident appearance of Ye-na.

The massage she was thinking of wasn’t like this lascivious hand movement… I got it. On top of that, it must have been humiliating to feel better with such hand movements.

“Miss Yuna. This is the kind of massage that makes women attractive.”

But it was the reaction I expected.

“Sniff… Are you going to lie to the end!”

“I am not lying. Lady Yuna would know better. Wasn’t Lady Yuna herself the one who said that Lady Yena had changed recently?”

“… That.”

“Will you please calm down and listen to me?”

Unintentionally, they became carrots and sticks. Shin Ye-na gets angry and I calm her down.

I wonder if this worked. I seemed to have calmed down my excitement a little.

“… Tell me then…”

I slowly approached you. Yuuna flinched, but she did not run away. Because I politely held out my hand.

Holding my hand with trembling hands, she sat back in the chair and spoke.

“Do you know what hormones are? That hormone that has multiple functions in the human body.”

“… I have heard of it.”

“Among those hormones, there is something called a female hormone. It is a very beneficial hormone for women. When these hormones are released, your skin improves and your breasts and hips grow.”

“Yes? I don’t want to get any bigger here!”

“Oh, no! Thankless!”

Ignoring the conflicting reactions of the two, I continued.

“But more importantly, when this hormone is secreted, it creates a unique atmosphere.”

“A special atmosphere?”

“That’s right. The recent change in Lady Yena is because of this unique atmosphere. It made me look more lovable and more attractive thanks to this atmosphere.”

As Lee Yu-na listened intently to my words her, I secretly put my hand her on her shoulder her and turned on the sexual excitement.

Without noticing, she repeated what I had said.

“It makes you look attractive… Alas, so.”

“Even if you do the same things as usual, you will look different. That is the power of female hormones.”

“But do I really have to go and touch my breasts… ? “

Thanks to the erogenous stimulation, her cold body started to heat up again. A nipple protruding from the T-shirt was visible.

“That’s right. Sexual stimulation is necessary to secrete female hormones. Like this.”

I gently removed my hand her from my shoulder her and reached out to touch her nipple her.


I didn’t resist this time, perhaps because I brought up the topic of hormones. I put both index fingers on the nipple and rotated the nipple to stimulate. It was Ayeon’s favorite caress of her.

“Really… Ha ha… Sexual stimulation causes female hormones to rise… Will it secrete… ?”

Do I know In fact, everything I’ve said so far is bullshit. It was a plausible bitter sound that he brought out to caress Shin Ye-na’s breasts her.

But for some reason, Shin Ye-na trusted her like a stone, but Lee Yu-na also noticed.

Is it because she is it’s a harem novel character? Or maybe it’s because they’re rich girls.

In any case, being tricked is a pleasure for me. Thanks to you, even if I touch you like this, you stay still.

“No. That alone isn’t enough. That’s why I do massage like this.”

“That… Haang! Ha… Haha… Why…”

“I’ll tell you about that! When you receive sexual stimulation and feel sexual pleasure, female hormones are secreted!”

“As expected, Miss Yena. You understand very well.”

“Anyway, Yuna-san is the first one, so it might be difficult! So… I’ll show you a demonstration first!”

Shin Ye-na said with a confident smile while placing her hand on her small chest her. Looking at the nipples standing on both sides next to her hands her, Shin Ye-na seemed to be getting hotter as well.

The one being touched is Lee Yoo-na, but the one in heat is Shin-Yena.

This girl is so naughty

But that’s a good idea. It seems fun to show a friend a disheveled look and to see a friend walk away.

“That’s a really good idea. Miss.”

After lightly pinching Lee Yu-na’s nipples, I approached Shin Ye-na.


Now that this has happened, I thought I should take this opportunity to slow down a bit.

I’ve touched all the other places, but I still have n’t touched Shin Ye-na’s pussy her.

Every time I tried to touch my pussy, she made an excuse and blocked my hand her.

But this time it will be different. Since the newcomer or himself said he would show a demonstration, he would n’t be able to refuse even if it was because of his pride her.

First, as usual, she put one hand inside her clothes her and caressed her breasts her.

Touching Lee Yu-na’s unrealistic breasts When he touched Shin Ye-na’s breasts, it looked like a cliff, but he didn’t dare to say it.

And small breasts are also women’s breasts. This is also good in its own way.

Unlike before, he touched Shin Ye-na’s weak point her, her ears her, while touching her breasts her that could be held in one hand.

Hehe♥ There… Hee ♥…”

Then she stuck her tongue out the other ear and started licking it, causing Shin Ye-na to twist her body. I held my head with the hand that had been touching my ear her and stuck my tongue into my ear hole.


Shin Ye-na climaxed with an obscene sound. When he looked up and saw Lee Yu-na, he was looking at Shin Ye-na with surprised eyes while covering his mouth with her with both hands.

Her face her was red, but she couldn’t take her eyes off us. Does he know that he is sticking his head out like a turtle?

Holding back a laugh, he slipped his hand into Shin Ye-na’s pants.

Then, Lee Yu-na’s round eyes widened.

“The butler?! Hey, here it is! It’s not a place! Then!”

At the end of the climax, Shin Ye-na, who was drooping, came to her senses her and grabbed my hand with both hands. It seemed to stop him from going any further.

I could pull it off with enough force, but it didn’t.

“Yena lady. I have to show Yuna a demonstration.”

Instead, he whispered in Shin Yena’s ear to her.

“Demonstration… ! It is, but…”

“Now, Lady Yuna is watching. As a senior, you have to show your confidence.”


Also, the guard is strong. If so, there is nothing you can do about it.

I grabbed her head her, turned her head, and put my lips to her lips her. He stole her first kiss her.

Shin Ye-na opened her eyes wide, then closed them soon after. You think you have to close your eyes while kissing.

I put my tongue into Shin Ye-na’s mouth her while watching her excited expression her. Then I felt that she didn’t know what to do.

He put his tongue out of her and touched her tongue of her, and it ran away. At first, it was cute, but when it didn’t stop, it became annoying.

A hard rub against her ear lobe left her tongue unguarded. Taking advantage of that gap, he grabbed her tongue her and sucked it.

“Hey ♥… Churup, ha… Churrup, haeung♥… Churup.”

After that, when I let go of her tongue her, she licked every nook and cranny of my mouth with her tongue her, as if imitating my tongue movements her, and sucked up my saliva.

Taking advantage of that gap, I slipped my hand into Shin Ye-na’s pants her. As expected, her panties were already wet.

Shin Ye-na opened her eyes in surprise at my hand her slipping into her pants her, but she closed her eyes again and focused on sucking my tongue.

“Churup… Chun, Churup, haa♥… Chew up…”

Enjoying the act, I put my hand inside my panties her. It seemed that he would allow it no matter what he had already done.

Shin Ye-na flinched as she rubbed the clip, but she did not resist. A kiss was also the answer.

I put my finger inside her pussy her, wondering if it would be all right until here, but as expected, she didn’t resist. Rather, he opened his eyes, looked at me, and confessed to me.

“Haaang♥… Okay, I like you♥! Because I like you♥! Ha ha… I made you touch… Churup, yes! Well… Haa♥… Chew.”

Whether it’s a kiss or a confession, just do one thing.

But I’m glad This is already the second confession. It’s not real, but it feels good to be confessed to by a lady like this.

I opened my mouth and answered her.

“I like you too, ma’am.”

After putting his mouth on his ear her again, he bit his ear her gently. Then, she moved her finger inside her pussy to her. Shin Ye-na’s pussy was so narrow that even with only one finger inserted, it was very tight.

It seemed like it would take quite a bit of development to put my big cock in it.

“Ah… Haa♥…Really! Haaang♥… That’s it! Hae ♥…”

“It’s a joke.”

I tried to find the G-spot by moving my finger of her, but it was not easy because it was so narrow. Instead, the vagina was developed using erogenous stimulation.

“Ahhh♥… ! Academic…Why… Lie! Haang♥… Don’t lie, huh… Mind!”

I wanted to try putting two fingers in today, but it seems impossible.

“You’re right. It’s a lie. I don’t like you, I love you.”

Wow He even said something disgusting to himself. But this lady likes to say things like this.

Hehe♥!, Heh, heheuuuuuh♥♥♥!! Aaaaang♥♥♥!!”

As she said that she loved her, she chewed on her ear lobe her and shoved the inside of Klee and her cunt her.

Her juices her gushed out and the chair she was sitting on became wet.

Shinyena must have been exhausted with her climax. She leaned against me and gasped for her rough breath.

She raised her head again and looked at me.

This time she was not covering her mouth with both hands.

No, does that lady know what she’s doing?

Why is she masturbating? Looking at me, I smiled bitterly.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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