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Heroine Netori 6

Heroine Netori 6

Chapter 6 – The Youngest Daughter of a Chaebol Family (2)

“How are you? Can I make it harder?”

“This is enough… Wow!”

“Sorry. There are a lot of lumps in this area, so I will use a little more strength.”

“Really! Ha ha… I want you to hear the answer first! Ha ha…”

The girl sat on a recliner chair and received a massage from a man. She had never entrusted herself to an outsider, but it was possible because she was a man she could trust.

As if the man who said he knew how to give a massage wasn’t a lie, pleasant feelings spread every time he touched his body.

“Hot… Quite… Whew… You are doing well!”

“I’m glad I was able to satisfy you, my lady.”

It wasn’t the first time the girl had been getting a massage. However, the experience was not a pleasant memory for the girl. It was because the girl’s skin was sensitive, so she always felt pain rather than pleasure.

But for some reason, the men’s massage was different.

‘Ha ha… Is it because men are stronger? Or is it because Secretary Gam is better at massages than they are?’


The man’s hand movements, which started from his shoulders, spread forward and backward little by little, and eventually he touched the collarbone or wingbone, enjoying the girl’s body.

In fact, the girl did not know that this act was a caress, not a massage. The girl did not know that the feeling of improvement was not due to the loosening of tight muscles, but because of the skill called ‘erogenous stimulation’.

The girl was in a hurry to hide the moaning that leaked out without even realizing it.



The stimulation was too strong to hide.

“Ugh! Oh, this is…”

In the end, the girl couldn’t stand it and burst out laughing. I was ashamed. It was a sound that no one had ever heard.

His face turned red. I was in tears. As the daughter of the Shin family, she shouldn’t have looked disheveled, but this time the girl couldn’t control herself either.

Disappointed with myself, I wanted to stop the massage. However, the man did not stop the massage even after seeing his ugliness.

“Ugh… Stop! Ha ha…Stop! Oops…!”


“Please… Now stop!”

Fortunately, the man’s hand stopped.

However, the girl’s body was already hot. The girl didn’t notice, but her nipples were erect and her panties were wet.

The girl leaned against the man’s body and let out a heavy breath. Then I felt the body of a man I had never known before. Oddly enough, I didn’t like it.

“Ugh… I know the butler is good at massage! But is this really the kind of massage that makes me so attractive?”

“You’re right. You may not be able to see it, but the current lady is very cute and attractive. Perhaps that man will fall in love at first sight when he sees the lady now.”

“How many times do I have to tell you that it’s not cute!…?! I am a cold and unfeeling person!”

The girl caught the corner of her mouth trying to rise and was angry with the man. It attacked the man by moving its head, which was leaning against the man’s body.

The man saw the girl and started stroking her hair.

“Hey… “

If you are good at massage, are you good at stroking your hair? The warmth felt deeper than when the girl’s father stroked her hair.

As the angry girl calmly enjoyed the man’s touch, the man gently put his hand down and touched her ear.


She made a noise even though it was just skinship this time.

“Eh… Stop… Hot!”

This time, the hand did not stop. She gently caressed the ear lobe and gently caressed it. Little by little and carefully, as if touching a precious doll, the man played the girl with her ears.

“Hey, stop! Ha ha… Why do you keep talking ugh… Aren’t you listening!”

The girl complained, but the man didn’t listen. Rather, he inserted his fingers into the girl’s soft ear canal.


An incomparable feeling came over me. It was a pleasure that seemed to let go of my mind if I was even a little bit off guard.

From her waist up, her body twitched and flinched. She feared that she would not be able to control her own body. She reached out and grabbed the man’s arm. Then I felt a little reassured.

The man looked at the girl and kissed her ear.

I could hear the man’s breathing.


I was ecstatic.

“Don’t hold back.”

“… Yes?”

It was his first low voice. It was also the first time he had heard of his short words.

But there was no time to worry about that. It was hard to come to my senses just by whispering in my ear.

“Don’t hold back and surrender to the emotions that flow. Are you feeling good? Don’t deny yourself.”

“Okay… I’m sorry… No! I am from the Shin family… Oops…”

“It’s okay. There is no need to overdo it.”


“Did you tell me? A massage that makes you attractive. Take off the clothes that don’t fit. Be honest with yourself. You’re attractive enough even if you don’t force yourself to pretend to be arrogant.”

The girl couldn’t understand what the man was saying. The stimulation given to her was too strong for her to understand. She couldn’t think of anything else.

However, I could understand what the man said next.

“So if you feel good, just say that you feel good.”

“I feel good♡!! Hehe… ♡♡ Ok, ok ah ♡♡!!”

For the first time in her life, she climaxed.


It seems that I hit the jackpot in the character gacha.

Feeling like you picked the essential human rights character of the SS rank tier with a single difference?

From the beginning, she sticks around with the heroine and has a very high affinity for her. Because of her high status, she has many subordinates and is trusted within her family, so she does not touch her even if she acts freely to some extent.

So, like now, it was possible to investigate the heroine and other heroines with just one word.

I never thought that the A-Team, which I joked about, actually existed…


I opened the file and took out a piece of paper containing information about the main character and other heroines.

[Kim Si-woo. The son of the owner of a local snack bar. He entered as a merit scholarship student. His class attitude is poor, but he consistently maintains the top rank. My hobby and specialty is cooking. Won the school cooking contest.]

What… Chill again? Well, the name Siu suits the main character.

[Reason. The only daughter of the owner of a famous brand B Bakery. Her grades are average. Won the school cooking contest. Note) Lady Yena is the runner-up.]

Well? Looks like you came out on the same team as the main character. A win over Shin Ye-na… So, is he the main heroine?

I’ll be sure to check it out in person, but… It’s not like there’s another woman next to the main character, so Lee Yu-na must be the main heroine.

Under… It’s the main heroine.

Now that I think about it, I think I made a mistake in the buildup.

Even though it is a haremran novel, there are few cases where it connects with everyone. Most of them are eliminated one by one and eventually end up with the main heroine.

If not, then who are you going to pick?! It ends by doing

The problem is that, no matter what, sub-heroes are very rare.

And I was already on the sub-hero route, Netori…

That’s why it’s not Netori, it’s just sales!

The sub-heroine is usually a role that confirms the main character’s feelings for the main heroine.

When he confesses to the main character, he suddenly thinks of the main heroine and realizes that he is actually in love with the main heroine.

Then, the sub-heroine laughs after crying and sends it away.

“Hora! Are you going to be fine?”

Damn what the fuck is horamogenzen.

In the end, to truly play Netori, you have to seduce the main heroine, which is not an easy task.

First of all, it is not easy to capture the heroine because he is already in love with the heroine, and even if the heroine is captured, if the heroine has not yet realized her feelings, the worst situation that ends with congratulating the main heroine may come.

If Shin Ye-na is instigated to confess, it might change again… I’ve already crossed a lot of the line for that.

I sent her away touching her breasts several times under the excuse of bust-up, and the already high likability rose vertically.

After finding out that her ears are her weak point, she caresses her breasts with her left hand and her ear lobe with her right hand, and when she approaches her ear and tells her that she is cute, she goes away with a hehe’ comes to me

“Sir! I’m asking you to take care of me today!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I can’t afford a massage today. I must have told you yesterday.”

“Oh, lie! Yiing… Joy! Because I am a cold and unfeeling person! I’ll understand. Cold and sober! Cha. Gap. Go! Cool!”

“Under… Where is the young lady who has become honest with herself?”

“I don’t know! Please make me honest again!”

“After… I can’t help it. If you change your clothes and wait, I will come to you soon.”

“Hey… ♥”

I haven’t even talked about the main character lately, so even if I try to encourage her to confess now, there’s no way I’ll do it.


Why don’t you just make it a draw?

Is it really necessary to do netori? How do people always do well, and sometimes they don’t?

By the time I saw it, it was already too late. Wouldn’t it be better to just chat with Shin Ye-na and see the ending? Even if it’s a sub-heroine, a heroine is a heroine, so the C grade will rise.

Besides, if it’s a C grade, you can repeat the course once, so you can repeat it once…

Okay, let’s just have fun this time!

There were times when I thought that too.

“Hello, butler. I heard a lot from Yena. Could I have that ‘massage’ too?”

Your boobs are really big

No this is not
Why are you here

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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