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Heroine Netori 5

Heroine Netori 5

Chapter 5 – The Youngest Daughter of a Chaebol Family (1)

She initially intended to only achieve an A grade and finish it.

That was the plan, and I was going to get the settlement right after I actually achieved it. But suddenly, the heroine confessed to me. It was an unexpected confession.

The moment I heard that confession, an idea came to my mind.

“Responsibility Without Pleasure”

The worst situation is that the woman she thought was her wife was a female panting while being impaled on another man’s cock, and the child she thought was her daughter was the man’s child.

The idea was that if we created that situation, it would be possible to rank higher than A.

The result was successful. It was worthwhile to have been a Jonber for three years.

She said, in fact, she didn’t intend to last until three years, but somehow it got longer. She was at her happiest point because she wanted to go to hell.

And her words to John Budge weren’t even boring. Rather, it was a fun time.

It was thrilling for her to have interbreeding sex next to the main character sleeping on sleeping pills. It was also funny to see the main character apologizing for my semen and fake blood.

It was also fun to call out midway through each anniversary and fill the heroine’s cunt with my semen. I felt sorry for the main character who split the room without knowing anything, but he’s not even a real person anyway.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been repeating the remorse of conscience.


The tutorial is over and now it’s time to settle down.


[Mission cleared!]
[Result: S grade, acquired points: 13200]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Achieving First S-Grade’]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Achieved First Grade A’]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Receive a Confession from the Main Heroine’]
[Clearing privileges: ‘Sensation Stimulus’ skill, ‘Likeability’ skill]

Wow, the D grade was 600 points, but the S grade is over 20 times. It seems that the achievement achievement points are quite good.

And I can see the clear privilege that I didn’t see last time. Should this be considered an achievement reward?

[Sensitive Stimulation Lv. 1 – Sensitivity can be stimulated through skinship.]
[Favorable Work Lv. 1 – It becomes easier to obtain favorability.]

Checking the skill’s abilities, it’s a netori optimization skill. It’s a pity that it’s not a combat skill, but where’s the skill? Decided to be satisfied.

So now I have to spend points…

“Status window!”

[Name: Gamdeokbae]
[Ability: ‘Heroine Netori’]
[Health: 3]
[HP: 1]
[Strength: 5]
[INT: 1]
[Agility: 2]
[Skills: Sensuality Stimulation Lv.1, Favorable Work Lv.1]

It’s a really crappy ability. I heard that the average ability of non-awakened people is 8… It’s okay, because I can upload it now anyway.

As I thought I would raise my stamina as a test, an information window popped up.

[Points cannot be used for stamina.]

… ?

[Points cannot be used for intelligence.]
[Points cannot be used for agility.]
[Points cannot be used for stamina.]
[Points cannot be used for magic.]

… ??

No fuck… I thought it would, of course. Do you spend your points on stats or what? But it wasn’t.

What to do After raising his abilities like this, the hopeful future of becoming an S-class hunter and sweeping money and women was shattered.

“No, the fuck is done, then let me raise the penis!”

[Would you like to increase your penis size? 10 points per 1 cm]

Is this happening again?


[Remaining points: 20]

I couldn’t raise my stats or skill level with points. But what? The point is invincible, my dick is god.

I gained confidence. I think I can do anything.

Is this the feeling of a big thing… Exciting! New! Big is best!

As I grew my dick, the points I needed went up exponentially, so I spent quite a bit of it, but it’s a point that I can’t even use anywhere else anyway. This is a reasonable consumption.

If it was like the old days, what are you doing raising a cock that you can’t even use anyway? But now that there is ‘Heroine Netori’, the situation is different.

It means you can hit it anytime.

Oh, thinking about it makes me sick. Originally, I was going to take a break, but shall we just go right away?

Even after spending so many rounds of tutorials and spending three years at the end, less than a minute had passed since I returned to reality.

So it’s still morning. I’m a little hungry, but I’m not particularly tired or tired. Mentally, I was a little tired, but seeing the changed penis made me feel refreshed.

There didn’t seem to be any side effects, so I decided to use my ability right away.

[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[Select the genre you want.]
[*Error* Randomly selected because of insufficient points.]
[Select the character you want.]
[*Error* Randomly selected because of insufficient points.]
[Select an item to use for this round.]
[*Error* You cannot select any item because you do not have enough points.]

“No, don’t you have to tell me in advance to save it?!”

My eyes went dark.


[The genre is ‘Harem Light Novel’.]
[You are an attendant of heroine Shin Ye-na.]
[There are no available items.]

[Mission: Netori the heroine.]
[Tip: The main character doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. The main character is being courted by the heroines, but she doesn’t notice it because of her unique insensitivity.]

Under… Regret it I wasn’t obsessed with cock size. If I had known I could write here, I would never have made it this far.

If I had points, I would have chosen fantasy. It’s a romance, a fantasy. A saint, an elf, a succubus… Under…

I don’t know what items are there, but there must have been many items that were helpful for netori, but that’s a pity.

I’m glad that the character gacha was a success.

Heroine Shin Ye-na’s attendant. Could she be considered a secretary? But what kind of student subject is a secretary? Is it a chaebol house?

Looking around, it’s definitely a rich house. Big and wide There are many works of art that I have never seen before, and I see users here and there.

That’s it. A chaebol heroine who appears in harem movies. Ah, but those guys aren’t cheap with a high probability… I have an annoying feeling.


“Really! How can that commoner be so ignorant!”

Even the heroine comes when I say it.


“What are you doing? Miss.”

“The man! You made an appointment with another girl even though I was by your side! How could that be!”

Long, straight hair that reaches up to a thin waist with neatly trimmed bangs. The chest that quietly began to assert itself. Even his angry face is rather cute.

You are also a heroine So pretty.

But is the main character a crazy bastard? Making a date with another girl with a girl like this next to you?

“Shall I kill him?”

“Yes…? Oh, no, that’s not going to happen!”

No you have to kill Harem characters are social evils. Holding on to several women by yourself doesn’t mean you’ll have a moose like me.

“But that is an act of blatant disregard for the lady. No, it’s an act of insult because you can’t ignore it. It deserves to die.”

“That… Are you running?”

“That’s right. They will tell you to kill even a passing cat.”

“No… Actually, it’s not even a date appointment… Let’s go eat waffles together…”


“Team A. It is a command. Kill the target A target is a target H. Say it again. Kill the target.”

“For a moment! Stop!”

It’s also cute to see him screaming with his face red in embarrassment.

It wasn’t the cheap side, it was the sloppy side.

“It’s a joke.”

“I really! Are you kidding me too?!”

“Sorry. The embarrassed lady is so cute.”

“Hot! Ears, cute… ! I’m not cute! I am a cold and unfeeling person!”

Wow. A truly sensible response. It is also a light novel. A short girl puts her hand on her not-so-tall chest and closes her eyes as she speaks.

This is a scene that will definitely go into the illustration.

“You’re right. The young lady is a cold and unfeeling person.”

“Oooooh… ! Are you kidding me too? Why is everyone doing this when they see me…”

Because the response is good. In other words, reaction hyeja. It’s so cute how he reacts while actively using his tiny body.

Hmmm. I’ll stop teasing here and listen to the story in earnest.

“Miss. Going out to eat waffles together is a date. I dared to put her aside and ask another woman out on a date. I really regret it.”

“Oh! After all, going out to eat waffles together is a date! Actually, I went to eat waffles with that commoner today! I don’t think it was a date… Oh my gosh!”

It’s cute how shy you are, but what the hell are you talking about? He said it was another year when the main character asked to go eat waffles.

“Okay. Did you like it?”

“Yes! I never thought that such delicious food would come out at a commoner’s store!”

“But that man is going to eat that delicious thing with another woman.”

“Oh… Right! How could that be! I boasted to Miss Yuna, and she immediately asked her out on a date! They said, ‘Do you want to go out to eat next time?’!”

“That’s how it happened.”

“Oooooh… Does that guy just not care about me at all? Or are you really that careless?”

The answer is the latter. Too bad I don’t notice Perhaps the main character is thinking, ‘Ah, these guys really like waffles’? I wouldn’t have thought of an after school date like this.

But I can’t say it literally. Alright, I saw Netori angle.

“Miss. Do you want to monopolize that man?”

“Eh, it’s all to yourself! No! However… It wouldn’t be bad if that commoner only looked at me!”

That’s what you want in the end to speak back.

“There is a way. Make him only look at you.”

“… Really?”

“That’s right. There are massages that I know how to do that really make a woman attractive.”

It’s an opportunity to use erogenous stimulation.

“Would you like to take one?”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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