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Heroine Netori 4

Heroine Netori 4

Chapter 4 – Tutorial(4)

Jung Ah-yeon came to her senses.

She thought she had been dreaming. But no. The man still existed in front of him. He was staring at himself with his cock stiffly erect.

‘Come on, sleep… ‘

It was the first time I actually saw it. Although it wasn’t as big as the cock in the delusion, it looked very firm. Now the thought of losing a virgin to that cock made me shudder.

“Are you out of your mind? Then lift your back and take this off.”

The man grabbed his pants and started talking. A cold sweat broke out. If you take off your panties like this, you will be completely naked. Even her own pussy, which she has not shown to anyone in her life, is revealed.

As she hesitated, the man pressed on.


Jung Ah-yeon’s face turned red. Tears welled up in my eyes. My whole body trembled with shame. But even so, she couldn’t refuse.

I was excited at the thought of allowing my body to a man I had never seen before.

In the end, she gave up on her sense of immorality.


As she lifted her waist, the man’s hand pulled her panties off. She closed her eyes at the fact that her underwear came off unintentionally, not voluntarily.

However, the man’s words immediately forced her to open her eyes again.

“Ha, look at this bitch.”

The man laughed as he took off his pants. Following his gaze, the juice from her cunt was smeared on her panties, creating a thin, opaque line.

“Are you that excited?”

Jung Ah-yeon’s face turned red. I covered my face with my palms, but I couldn’t cover the man’s words.

I was so ashamed. It was the first sight he had ever seen. It was more shame than surprise.

Then, as soon as her panties came off, she pulled her legs together to hide her cunt. I didn’t want to find out that I was excited anymore.

But it was too easily spread by the man’s hand.

Her legs spread apart, revealing the petals of her pussy as well. Her slightly open cunt was already covered in love juice and smooth.

She quickly lowered her hand to cover her cunt.

“Are you going to do that now?”

The man smirked and held her hand. Then her clit rubbed against her fingers, provoking her.

“Haaang! Oh… Ah… “

She was started when a loud groan broke out involuntarily. However, there was no time to be surprised by the stimulation that followed, and I had no choice but to continue moaning.

“Ah… Haang…! Ha… Aang!”

“Good? You like to rub it here.”

It was his word. For some reason, the man knew where she was weak.

As the man stroked her clit, she climaxed again.

“Hey… !”

Seeing this, the man removed her hands. Then he put his cock on it.


I felt the heat and hardness of the cock placed on top of her pussy. Juice gushed from her cunt.

The man’s cock was covered in Cooper’s juice and love juice even though he had not yet inserted it.

‘You’re really doing it… Sex… ‘

This was a clear reality. It wasn’t the delusion she had every night. Now all that was left was to get her pussy poked into that cock. When I thought so, my whole body trembled again.

A thought came to my mind. He mustered up the courage to seduce her, but Siwoo pretended not to know. If not, wouldn’t the cock on his pussy belong to Siwoo?

But that was already past. He didn’t want Siu’s cock to take his virgin.

The thought made her excited again. She couldn’t control herself any longer. I wanted to quickly get stuck in that cock.

“Wait a minute, someone wants you to put it in.”


As I calmed her excitement, I saw that she lifted herself up and tried to insert her cock.

She got to see her own horny face many times today that she didn’t even know it was.

“And I have no intention of putting it in?”

Saying that, the man moved his hips. Every time he moved, the woman’s clit rubbed against his cock. The man started doing smata instead of insertion.

Twice, three times… As the act was repeated over and over again, it was difficult for Jeong-yeon to hold her spirit.

But she gritted her teeth and persevered. Because I couldn’t believe what the man said.

“Uh, how… “

But before she could finish her words, she climaxed again.



Minsu has a crush on Ayeon. She fell in love with her at first sight when she was a freshman in college and her OT. And it wasn’t just Minsu. Both Yunho and Jaemin fell in love with Ayeon. However, the final winner was Siwoo.

‘I said I wasn’t interested… Pup.’

I was imagining that the two of us might be sucking and sucking by now, and I was banging, when the notification rang.

But Minsu didn’t care. It seemed like it would come soon, so I decided to focus on kicking her.



Concentration was broken by the continuous notification.

“Ah, let’s hit the daughter!”

Seeing the notifications coming in all at once, it seemed like a group chat room. When I opened the door to see if something had happened, everyone was in a serious mood.

[Hey guys! Never save! If you save it, you might be sued for what crime?]
[What the fuck can I save the girls?]
[But it’s crazy. Has Ayeon been this hot?]
[Hey! Don’t save!]
[No, I uploaded it myself, but who are you?]
[It turned, really. Should I ask for a fleet too?]

“… ?”

What the hell was this all about, I looked up and there was a video sent by Ayeon.


And the mosaic preview was full of flesh colors.

As soon as Minsu saw it, he pressed the save button. It was a large video of 8.92 GB.


I don’t know what it is, but I don’t know why Ayeon sent this, but it seemed like an erotic video. So everyone is like this.

‘Did you send me a sex video? Dog fuck!’

Even while downloading, the chat room was noisy.

[This is a man’s meal, right? Aren’t you bastards crazy?]
[Fuck male feminists, anyway, male feminists are either gay or sex offenders]
[Wow… It’s so fucking bad, really]
[Hey then, Siwoo filmed this and Ji sent it?]
[But there’s something strange about Shiura…]
[Lee Si-woo, you bastard, this is not answering the phone]

“Fuck! Siwoo Lee you bastard!!”

Apparently, she seems to have uploaded a video of her having sex with Ayeon.

“I said I would treat you with respect!!!”

Minsu, who was a genuine man, cried out.

When the saving was completed, Minsu plugged in his earphones, took out a tissue, and lowered his pants.

Minsu’s cock was already fully erect.


[Please… Hurry… ]
[Tell me what you want me to do quickly.]
[… ] Don’t… Please… ]
[I won’t do anything until you say it yourself.]
[Ha… Too bad… ]
[Do you want to speak directly?]
[… ] You please put it in! Please… ]
[What do you want to put where?]
[Now, take your cock…]
[Where is the cock?]
[Put your cock in my virgin pussy!!]
HahaI really do this. Then I’ll put it in, so open it yourself.]
[Ha… Here… Here, quickly, quickly, please fuck me quickly!]
[Okay, okay. Did you ask for it?]
[Right. That’s what I asked for. So come on! Hurry up and put your cock in my virgin pussy! Ruler! Hurry!]
[I know. Awesome!]
[Huh ♡, huh… Haaaaang♡♡!! Aaaaang♡! Aaaaang♡♡!!!]


“Hey, the reaction is crazy.”

I filmed the opening ceremony with the heroine’s smartphone and posted it in a chat room. At first, I was going to send it only to the main character, but I thought it would be more effective this way.

Besides, this looks more fun.

As expected, the response was explosive. The men who admired it and the women who despised it were fighting, and I’m sure the women saved it all.

Perhaps because they mistook me for the main character, it was really funny to see the centipede swearing at each other. The main character must have been upset.

And maybe because she thinks that the heroine is her easy-going girl, she asks if she can afford it too. She has been contacted by guys who boast of her sex skills, and she genuinely cares about her heroine. Friends also contacted me

While watching this and that, I got a phone call from the main character.

“I got a phone call. Ruler.”

Come to think of it, the heroine’s name was Ayeon Jeong. Until now, whenever she met, she would just fuck her right away, so she didn’t even have time to know her name.

“Huh… Churup, Chuu Hello?”

Ayeon sucked her cock and answered her call.

Getting her cleaning blow job after she finished having sex was amazing. Besides, she licked her virgin blood-stained cock several times more.

“Yes…? Chun, Oops… Ha… Is that right? Churup…”

In fact, I was going to take a video of this scene as well, but I got a lot of calls, so I took a few pictures and uploaded them.

With the words [I want you to use it as a daughter’s feeling]

“But… Chug, Chu, Chug… Gulp, ha… It just felt good.”

Ayeon finished her blow job after sucking up the remaining semen from her neatly. It must be the first time in this episode, but it’s amazing that she’s so good at it.

“Ha… And you said you wouldn’t eat it even if I offered it to you? Going on a diet Oh, that’s funny.”

That’s right The one who can’t eat even if given it is wrong. So don’t feel too unfair.

“And since my body and mind already belong to this person… I’m sorry, but let’s break up.”

Done. The words I wanted came out. She didn’t know that Ahn Ahn would bring up her words to break up first, but… Success!

“Hehe… I’m alone now… So with me…”

[Breaking point reached!]
[Currently grade A.]
[Are you sure you want to continue? Or do you want to settle now?]

“Will you date me?”



Siu was happy. Because the first love is the last love.

After marrying her first girlfriend, Yeon-yi, every day was enjoyable. Although I was noticed by both families because I was pregnant before marriage, my parents liked it more when the child was born.

Of course, not everything could be good. Actually… The first experience with Ayeon was a drunken Siwoo’s mistake. Siwoo, who had a lot of sexual desire, borrowed the energy of alcohol and forcibly slept with Ayeon.

The next day, when he came to his senses his, Si-woo knelt down and apologized and asked for forgiveness, but from that day until now, he had never had sexual intercourse with A-yeon. He said his PTSD came on every time he tried and was terrifying.

Still, Ayeon-i forgave Si-wu, and like a miracle, she was able to succeed in marriage as Ayeon became pregnant through her act her that day.

Now, after steady psychological counseling, they have been treated to the extent that they don’t mind seeing each other naked. Siwoo’s current goal is to finish treatment as soon as possible and have a second child.

Siwoo is working hard towards that day.

“What are you looking at so intently?”

“Oh, sorry. That is… “

“I am Do you brag about having a pretty wife? Is it salted?”

“Not that… “

“It’s okay man, it’s a joke. How is Jesu-san?”

“Yes, I am doing well hehe.”

“Aww, sweet bastard. Now, the courier came to you.”

“Yes? Me? I didn’t do anything else.”

“Then who sent it? Anyway i’m going Stop looking at Jesu’s picture and do some work.”

“Yep, go in!”

When I opened the box, which was small for a courier, it contained a USB. Other than that, there was no information. I didn’t know who sent it or what it was about.

Puzzled, Siwoo plugged the USB into the tablet.

When I checked the contents, there was a folder named ‘Jeong Ah-yeon’ on the USB drive, and when I clicked on the folder, I saw videos with titles of various dates. When I thought about it for a moment, each of them was an anniversary with Ayeon.

‘What… Are you impressed? When did you prepare something like this?’

Come to think of it, Ayeon’s hobby was filming videos. When she went on a trip or on a anniversary, she always had a camera with her, and it seemed like the images were collected.

‘I’ve been busy lately, so maybe it’s because of this… Zinna…’

Tears leaked out.

Seeing her anniversaries her, Siwoo recalled her memories her day by day.

Then one date stood out.

‘April 28th… The day of my first experience with Ayeon… ‘

It is an unforgettable day. It is a day not to be forgotten. However, it is a heavy day to call it an anniversary.

‘Why is this day…Is it there?’

Feeling unknown anxiety, she played the video of Siwoo.


[Breaking point reached!]
[Currently rated S.]
[Cannot go any further. Settlement begins.]

“Jonver Success… “

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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