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Heroine Netori 3

Heroine Netori 3

Chapter 3 – Tutorial(3)

Jung A-yeon, the heroine of the tutorial, has a fetish for rape.

She wants to be touched, stripped, and fucked by a man she doesn’t know. No matter how much she resists, she finally gets naked and wants her vagina to be stabbed by a man’s hideous penis.

That’s her sexual orientation.

She wasn’t like that from the beginning. There was a time when she, too, wished for her first experience of tenderness with her loved one. However, the porn she happened to see changed her taste 180 degrees.


It was when she had just entered high school. While her uncle was away, her uncle’s laptop, which she had opened, had pornography that she hadn’t turned off.

It was a pretty hardcore piece. In the video, the woman was tied up with a rope and the man was staring at her with a mean laugh.

At first, she thought she shouldn’t watch it. But she was curious. She wanted to see what it was like to have sex that she had only been told about.

After a moment of thought, she pressed the play button. The man in the video then approached the woman and began to rape her.

[Stop it! Ha ha…! Ha… Please!]
Hehe. What are you talking about while tightening up like this?]
[Ugh… Ha… Ugh!]

It was a shock.

It was terrible. I was horrified by the woman’s scream.

She was different from what she thought her sex was.

She thought it was better not to look.

I was about to turn off the video in a hurry, but at some point, the woman’s screams started to change into moans.

[Ha… He… Aang! No… Haang]
[Did your cock hurt that much?]


The woman was still being raped. But for some reason, her expression had changed. She was excited She was excited and enjoying herself.

Jung Ah-yeon did not understand. Why? You hated it so much I don’t even like it, but I was forced to do it. But why? Her head was complicated.

[Haaaaang! Good! More, more! Harder!]

Gireko woman rather asked to be stronger.

“That is… It feels so good… ? Even if you force it?”

Jeongyeon lowered her head and looked at her own pussy. Then she remembered the size of the man’s penis in the video.

As she raised her hand the size of it, it touched her own navel.

“Hey, are you going to put it in here? Nonsense… You can’t feel good…”

My body trembled. A strange feeling came to mind. It was the first feeling she felt.

She thought she was the woman in the video. She was forcefully tied up and raped when she didn’t even want to, gasping and moaning…. Cold sweat broke out. But oddly enough, she didn’t like it.

She unconsciously put her hand on her panties.

The panties were wet.

The wet touch startedled her, but she did not let go of her hand.


That day she masturbated for the first time in her life.


Since then, she has developed a habit of delusion of being raped whenever she masturbates.

In a delusion, she was raped at a karaoke room by her classmate Iljin.

In a delusion, she was raped by her homeroom teacher in the night shift room after school.

In her delusion she was raped by her uncle who came to her room at night.

In her delusion she was raped by her own father during a family trip.

I felt a strong catharsis and orgasm from being forced to do something socially and ethically wrong.

That’s how she developed a rape fetish.

Even Jung Ah-yeon knew that she was broken. But she couldn’t stop. Already she was indulged in the pleasure of immorality.

She thought it would be different if she made a boyfriend, but she was mistaken.

How would you feel if you had a boyfriend but were raped by another man? And how thrilling would it be if your boyfriend found out about it?

Just thinking about Siu’s face in shock made her panties instantly damp.

Because she was that kind of woman, Jung Ahn gave her all to the first man she saw who came to her house.



“It’s a courier.”

Hearing that, Jung A-yeon expected it. She said she had never ordered a courier, so maybe she was the one who came to rape her.

But she soon shook her head. It was because the courier next door had come to her a few times.

Still, she thought what if she seduced the courier, she took off her dolphin pants she was wearing. Then, in plain sight of her thighs, she slipped her leg out and opened the door.


She was started. The man at the door was not a courier.

Taking advantage of her embarrassment, the man entered the house and locked the door as if it were his own.

My heart was pounding. Her whole body started to tremble.

She pretended to be frightened and shouted, “Don’t come,” But the man didn’t even pretend to hear.

She laughed and said, “I didn’t let her cock.”

I got goosebumps. She was the ambassador when she fantasized about being a courier. When she didn’t know what to do, a man approached her and she kissed him.

It was Jung Ah-yeon’s first kiss.

The man’s tongue entered her mouth. Following the movement, she also stuck out her tongue and mixed saliva with it. I was ecstatic.

“Ha… Churup, chung… Ha… Churup.”

As the man hugged her, she started sucking on his tongue. She didn’t want to miss it. Strangely, the more she sucked, the better she felt.

She was sucking her tongue while the man caressed her breasts.

“Ha ha… Ah… “

It was thrilling. Goosebumps ran down her back. It felt completely different from when she touched it. The man harassed her nipples and pinched her nipples as if that wasn’t enough.

“Haaaaa… !”

It was the first peak. Jung Ahn went white inside her head. Her lower back gave way and she naturally leaned against the man.

The man took this opportunity to start undressing her. Jung Ahn helped the man take off her clothes. Then the man looked at her breasts with eyes full of desire.

It was the first time she showed her body to others in her reality, not in her delusion. She was ashamed

“Don’t look… “

“Do you want me to touch your pussy?”

That’s not it… She couldn’t say She rather gave her little nod of her head.

The man smiled and put his hand inside his pants.

“Aang! Ah… He!”

I felt better than before. It seemed like she was going to lose her mind. As the man rubbed her clitoris, Jeong Ahn shed tears without realizing it.

But it wasn’t over. The man inserted his finger into the woman’s vagina. I felt like I was going crazy with that alone, but he inserted another finger and stimulated the vaginal wall.

“No! Ha… Not there! Please… Stop it… Ha…”

It was very pitiful to see the man gently touching her. He said no, but he wanted to be touched.

Jung Ahn looked at the man and made her unspoken protest.

‘Please… Please… ‘

The man noticed and stroked the area. That alone brought an unimaginable pleasure.

“Hauu♡… Aaaaang♡♡!”

She climaxed with a puff of tide.

And I lost my mind for a while.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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