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Heroine Netori 2

Heroine Netori 2

Chapter 2 – Tutorial(2)


“It’s a courier.”

He also raped the heroine. After taking off her clothes and caressing her moderately, she fucked her cock. Fortunately, this time, he fucked her pussy in one go. But the stimulation was still intense.

“Fuck premature ejaculate.”

The round started again.



“It’s a courier.”

Now it’s not even Adah, I have to endure 5 minutes. Calm down.

“Fuck premature ejaculate.”

The round started again.



“Fuck premature ejaculate.”


“Ha ha… Haang! Aang!”

“Are you okay, you pervert? Do you like being raped!”

“I’m sorry, Siwoo… Hehe… I’m sorry black…”

I don’t know how many times it was repeated. Fuck and cheap and curse, fuck and cheap and curse. Still, from a certain moment, the curse disappeared, and eventually the word premature ejaculation disappeared.

“Oh, no… I’m sorry… Siwoo I… Haaaaang!”

And finally, I was able to send the heroine before me. After… It was a really long time. Fortunately, when I repeated the rounds, my physical condition was restored, so it would have been difficult if I had not endured.

“Ha… Ha…”

“Wake up bitch. Who let you rest?”

“No…Now, oh! Ahh…”

Now that I know the heroine’s erogenous zone and G-spot, I can make the heroine go at any time. Just like now, if you fuck your cock and pinch your nipples


“Ugh, cheap!”

Simultaneous climax was possible.

“Ha… Ha…”

But the problem is that even if you do this, you can’t get out of the C grade.

[Breaking point reached!]
[Currently grade C.]
[Are you sure you want to continue? Or do you want to settle now?]

“I’ll do it from the beginning, not both.”

My eyes went dark.


Apparently, the answer lies with the main character. That’s because the ability is ‘Heroine Netori’. It seems that I should focus on ‘Netori’ rather than simply picking up heroines.

The reunion with the heroine was the worst.

A video tape came from the heroine who was studying abroad.

Yeah, shouldn’t we instill this feeling of despair in the main character?


“It’s a courier.”


Siwoo, who returned home after the date, was regretting it.

“Do you want to eat ramen at my house?”

Didn’t Siwoo know that those words were a signal from Ayeon? In fact, Siu knew it too. But she was just scared.

What if I am not satisfied? So what if Ayeon is disappointed?

He knows well that he is timid. However, Siwoo wanted to have his first experience fully prepared. It is because his anxiety grew when he heard the stories of his friends and seniors talking about quick compatibility.

To that extent, Siwoo valued his relationship with Ayeon.


Could it be because Ahn thought about it? She got a knock from Aeon. She went to bed early because she was tired, so Siwoo checked her talk while wondering what was going on.

“Video? Uh…?”

What Ayeon sent was a video. I opened the app in anticipation of what kind of video it would be, but the preview was unusual.


Seeing the screen full of flesh, Siwoo swallowed and pressed the down button. It’s an 892mb video, so it took a while to download.

While waiting, Siu had dozens of thoughts.

‘Bur, are you naked? A video taken while taking a shower? A video of masturbation?!

I could only imagine, but her face was red and her cock was erect.

‘There’s no way Ayeon would send something like that! Are you kidding me?’

But why would you play such a prank? Is it an appeal from Ayeon? Is it right to visit her now?

Siwoo felt like his head was about to explode.

And finally, the download was completed, and Siwoo swallowed once again and played the video.

[Poem, no! Do not! No! Ha ha… Eh, it can’t be like this… Hot… Please stop… ]
[Does the bitch who says no get her pussy wet like this? Even the judge won’t believe you bitch!]

Siwoo felt his head go blank.


His hand lost strength and he dropped his smartphone.

I couldn’t believe it. In the video, Ayeon was being raped. It was Ayeon who was smiling next to me just an hour ago…

“Ha, is it synthetic? It’s no joke, ah…?”

Denied reality. He was the most precious zinc. He wasn’t his girlfriend to be beaten like that. So it didn’t work.


[Ah! Shi, Siwoo… Sorry, oops! Haang! Sorry… Oh my gosh…]
[Is Siwoo the name of your boyfriend? Siwoo! Your girlfriend is awesome!]

The sound that came out of the video was a clear reality.


“Sobbing… Siwoo… Black, Churup…”


He took a picture of the heroine sucking his dick while crying and sent it to the heroine. Seeing the number 1 disappear as soon as he sent it, he seemed to be looking at the talk window.

It was time for the signal to come, but when I thought about it, a notification window appeared in front of me.

[Breaking point reached!]
[Currently grade B.]
[Are you sure you want to continue? Or do you want to settle now?]

“No, even if you do this, it’s a B grade?!”

“Under… Again.”

My eyes went dark.


Rape alone doesn’t make you grade A. This is my conclusion.

I’ve tried several times. After the training was over, I made him laugh when he saw my cock, and even if I sent him a video, it was grade B. Even after inviting the main character to the heroine’s house and fucking her right in front of her, it was still grade B.

The main character’s love for the heroine was so great, but the rape alone did not break her heart.

Well, even though the heroine was stuck like that, she called the main character’s name until the end. If you think about it, it may have been wrong from the start.

Shouldn’t it be taken from the mind rather than the body?

I want to know how to attack women’s hearts on the subject of Mosul, but right now, tutorials and heroines are herbs. I wonder if it won’t come off if I touch it moderately…

Give it a try



“It’s a courier.”

This time, the heroine, wearing only a boxy tee, opened the door. Feigning surprise again, he blushes and stars at my groin.

I calmly entered the house, locked the door, and approached the heroine.

“Oh, don’t come! It’s difficult if you do this… I’m going to call the police!”

“Is it a courier?”


“Is it true? You made me sleep.”


I stole the startled heroine’s lips. Again, there was no resistance. Enjoying the touch of his soft lips, I put my tongue in, and the heroine’s tongue came out to meet me.

As we rubbed our tongues and exchanged saliva, the heroine’s breathing became rough as if the heat switch had been turned on.

“Ha… Churup, chung… Ha… Churup.”

She pulled her waist close to me and she grabbed my shoulder and put her weight on me. Then he started sucking my tongue like he was doing fellatio.

From bottom to top, from top to bottom, the heroine’s tongue licked my tongue and sucked it mercilessly, and each other’s saliva overflowed.

“Churrup… Cheop, Cheop, Cheop… Ha… “

I enjoyed her service and put my hand on her voluptuous breasts. The heroine’s heart never disappoints. She rubbed her soft, smooth knuckles to her heart’s content, touching her little protruding part.


The heroine has several erogenous zones, but her nipples are especially sensitive. She loved to run her fingers up and down her nipples and then when I pinched her like this

“Haaaaa… !”

It goes away easily.

The heroine buried her face in my chest and gasped.

I took this gap and took off her boxy tee. Then I saw a half-naked body covered in sweat.

“Don’t look… “

“Do you want me to touch your pussy?”

You have to do what you ask for. He lowered her hand and slipped it into her already damp panties.

“Aang! Ah… He!”

A moan erupted as I touched the cleat that had risen quickly. She moderately enjoyed the reaction and inserted her fingers into her vagina.

Because she was a virgin, even one of her fingers was cramped. However, this bitch is a bitch who is satisfied with two. I forced another finger into her and brought it to the G-spot.

“No! Ha… Not there! Please… Stop it… Ha…”

Instinctively, he seemed to know where she had placed her hand. But what she said is what she wants even if it is like that. The heroine looked at me with her expectant eyes and let her drool flow.

As I stared at him in amazement, she squeezed her cunt as if begging him to touch it sooner.

The pressure touched her G-spot without my knowledge, and the heroine climaxed.

“Hauu♡… Aaaaang♡♡!”

It was the second peak.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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