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Heroine Netori 1

Heroine Netori 1

Chapter 1 – Tutorial(1)

[The ‘Heroine Netori’ ability has been awakened.]
[Proceed with the tutorial.]
[Tutorial mission: Rape the heroine.]

“What’s this…”

Woke up suddenly that was good I also wanted to escape the unemployed and turn my life around as a hunter. But the heroine Netori? It’s not even Hitomi, why is Netori suddenly appearing?

I’m puzzled, but the tutorial has started. Rape the heroine. While wondering what the hell this was all about, a couple appeared.

“Siwoo, would you like to eat ramen at my house?”

“Sorry, I’m on a diet.”

“…… “

A sick bastard who can’t eat anything like that. It was an answer that would frighten even me, Mossuladain. But when I looked closely, I saw some letters written above the heads of the couples. Above the man’s head was ‘Heroine’ and above the woman’s head was ‘Main Heroine’.

Indeed, he was handsome like a protagonist and beautiful like a heroine. It’s a typical lead character look. But then you’re asking me to rape her? This is not a joke. It’s ugly, but…

“Goodbye Siwoo, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The couple parted with salting. In other words, the heroine is alone now. Gulp. No, but really rape?

[Caution: In case of failure, ‘Heroine Netori’ ability is lost.]

I can’t help it then. I don’t know exactly what kind of ability it is, but it’s better than someone with no ability.

After… I took a deep breath and approached the heroine.

“Who, who are you?!”

Shit, I thought I was sneaking up slowly, but I was caught. The heroine looked at me and sat down in her place her, trembling as if she was frightened.

No, but I didn’t do anything, so isn’t that an overreaction?

“Sir, I hate it! Aaaaa! Siwoo! Help me!”

“Are you crazy? Hey, I was just trying to ask for directions.”

“Yes? Ah… You can just…”


What. The heroine said while looking at my groin with a blushing face. Is he a heroine? Is that the main heroine?

“Uh… Excuse me then.”

“Kyaaaaa! Save me Siwoo!”

“…… “

The heroine was still staring at my groin and saying something that was not in her heart. Is it because it’s a tutorial? It’s a complete euphemism.

The main character appeared as he grabbed the heroine who resisted only with her mouth her and dragged her to a place where there were no streetlights.

“Such a piece of trash! Get out of there right now!”

“Ah… Come this.”

“…… “

It was a big deal apart from the heroine who regretted it. If you fail like this, you lose your ability. I have to use the awakening support fee as a gacha fee, but the plan is ruined.

“What the fuck.”

I would do something if the main character was alone, but other people began to show, as if they had heard the commotion. Under…

[The mission has failed.]
[Return to the beginning.]
[Remaining chances: 2 times]

Five? What is not the end?


I changed my mind. As for doing it outside, the main character could break in or be found out by others, so we decided to go to the heroine’s house.

After waiting for a while, a couple appeared and then broke up. Left alone, the heroine walked home, and I followed her.

I was worried about what to do if I lived with my family, but luckily it was a one-room village.


“It’s a courier!”

In fact, there is no way the courier will come at this late hour. But looking at what the former heroine did earlier, this bitch is the bitch who will open up even though she knows that.

“Yes, let’s go~”

Yes, yes, yes. The heroine opened the door with a voice full of anticipation and started staring at my groin while feigning surprise.

As if the heroine had changed her clothes, she was only wearing a white boxy tee, but her thighs were completely visible because she was completely missing her bottoms. Looking at the Dolphin pants on the floor behind me, I think I took them off when I came out. Crazy year too…

Also, the quality of the box tee was not good enough to see through, and you could tell that the nipples were stiff.

Oops, when I saw that, I stiffened too.

“Who, who are you? Is the courier right? There’s no one in that house. The house next door is also empty. So, oh, don’t come!”

I meant to come.

I rushed over and attacked the heroine.

I forcibly knocked over the heroine and climbed on top of it. I pretended to resist the heroine, but it was literally just a pretend. Rather, I moved my body and exposed my skin. Excited, I threw back my clothes.

Then, the true nature of the breasts that had been barely visible was revealed. Pink nipples were protruding from the elastic mound, which was large enough to be difficult to grasp with one hand. Instinctively, I reached out and started kneading.

“Aang! Aww… Oh, no!”

The heroine’s moan broke out. Even though he said he couldn’t say anything, he could see that he was excited every time he slept.

Recalling the porn I saw yesterday, I caressed her hard. I kneaded her nipples, touched her lower breasts, and then pinched her nipples.


The stimulus was strong, so the heroine gasped while shedding tears. I couldn’t stand it when I saw it. It felt like my cock was going to explode.

I grabbed both sides of my panties and tried to take them off, but the heroine pretended not to notice and lifted her waist.

Thanks to that, I easily took off my panties, and a translucent line was visible between the panties and pussy. I’ve only seen this in rice cakes… In reality, it looked much worse.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I pulled down my pants and panties and took out my cock. The fully erect cock was covered in pre-cum.


Seeing the cock, the heroine made a sound of disappointment, but she ignored it. Right now, hitting is more important than that. Whatever the process, it was the first sex.

He grabbed his trembling cock and went to his pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet, so it didn’t seem like she needed much caress. I was delighted to finally be able to release Adda and gave it my strength, but I couldn’t get it.

Seeing me embarrassed, the heroine grabbed my cock and found a hole for me.

“Ha… Forcing you to do this… Transformation!”

Pervert is that way! This time I succeeded in hitting it. As soon as I passed through the thrilling entrance and entered in earnest, something interfered with my cock.

… No way?

“To give a rapist a first… Haang… I’m sorry Siu…”

Is this bitch a virgin? No matter how much it is a tutorial, it is probable… No it doesn’t matter What does it matter if you can hit it?

I took it out for a moment and then put it back in. The cock, which overcame a moment’s resistance, succeeded in penetrating the hymen and entering the vagina.


The inside of her pussy was dizzying. It wasn’t just one or two places that stimulated me. The tight pressure and the warm, sloppy stimulation made his cock quiver.

Then, a sense of ejaculation rushed into the wrinkles that were being swept along with the movement of his cock. I somehow endured it and started pistoning it, but it seemed like it would burst at the slightest stimulation.

“Haaang, hot… Aang!”

Usually virgins say that their first experience hurts, but the heroine didn’t seem to feel the pain of breaking through. Rather, her estrus mode was turned on.

It was a bundle of stimuli, including tactile, visual, and auditory senses. If I continue like this, I’m going to get cold soon, so I’m trying to get my cock out, but the heroine tightens my vagina and grabs my cock.

“No! Ha ha… Can’t take it off…!”

Oh fuck


I couldn’t stand the sudden tightness and wrapped it. A terrible sense of defeat came over me. Looking at the heroine, she was glaring at me with a contemptuous expression different from before.

“Fuck premature ejaculate.”

The back bone was craving, but there was nothing to say. When I pulled out the cock, the cock weakly lowered its head, and I also lowered my head to avoid the heroine’s gaze.

Then her eyes darkened.


[Mission cleared!]
[Result: Class D, Acquired Points: 600]
[TIP: The tutorial chooses rape for better understanding, but you don’t have to do it to netori.]
[Are you sure you want to continue? Or do you want to settle now?]
[Tip: Grade C or lower has 1 chance to restart.]
[Tip: You can repeat the tutorial at any time. (However, it can only be settled once.)]

Are you really doing it this way? I roughly understood. If you use your ability, you will go to the world where the main character and heroine are. If you netori a heroine there, points are awarded according to the performance. And with that point, I do something that helps me. It must feel like this

Then you can’t be satisfied with 600 points. The tutorial can be repeated at any time, so you should put an A on it. And… If I end it like this, I think it will remain as a trauma for the rest of my life.

It’s a point, it’s nabal, and it’s an infinite loop until that bitch goes before me. And that bitch laughed at my dick, right? It’s fucking average… If I settle the bill, I’ll have to start with the size of my cock.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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