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Heroine Netori 25

Heroine Netori 25

Chapter 25 – Royal Road Dragon Item (16)

When I opened the door, I smelled alcohol. Is this a bar or a guild?
The guild was full of tables like a bar, and people who looked like adventurers were gathering in groups of threes and fives and having a drink.
The walls of the guild are full of request forms, and next to them are a lot of faces of wanted criminals.
Inside the guild, there is an employee space, where a woman who appears to be a guild member is reading some documents while scratching her head. I can go to that woman.

As I approached the woman with Siu, who must have been nervous, and Sophia, who was clinging to my back, a fierce adventurer nearby opened his mouth.

“Hey! What kids are here? Go and suck some more Daddy’s cock!”

Then, a woman who looked like she was still angry approached the adventurer, and she blew her cheek and shouted.

“It must be mother’s milk, you ignorant bastard! Stop interfering with business and get out of here!”

Ooh, that’s tough…
The adventurer who was slapped fell to the floor, then staggered back up and joined the drinking party pretending nothing was wrong.

“Oh bitch! My teeth are all shaking. Hey! I’ll sell you a tooth, so is there anyone who can buy me a drink?”

Contrary to what he looked like, he must have been a common drunkard.
To be honest, I was a little scared…

“So what? Is it a request?”

As the adventurer stopped as the woman said, the woman smiled brightly and asked about the matter.
For some reason, I felt scared even though I was laughing. I heard Sophia gulping from behind to see if it was just me.

“I came to register as an adventurer.”

“Ah, what is it? Do you have a guarantee? No what Pay 1 gold per person and wait. Because I have to take a skill test. Ugh, there’s a lot of fuss about even these kids becoming adventurers.”

Suddenly, the woman erased her smile and spoke with an expression of annoyance.
You’re not really a client, so your attitude is so different.
And 1 gold? The money I earned while cooking for half a year was 37 silver, but the deposit is too expensive.

“And do you have any ID? Isn’t it? Then add 1 gold. If you pay 1 more gold, you can make it to level 7 right away without a skill test. How about it?”

A level 7 is an adventurer of the lowest level.
In fact, it’s hard to even call him an adventurer. Intern, intern.
7th graders can’t even go hunting for monsters, and they can only do chores like gathering herbs or lifting luggage.
Seeing that he asked for 1 more gold to do it with that, it seems that he was properly caught up.

“I have a letter of recommendation. Here you go.”

But I prepared in advance just in case.
In fact, the original plan was to get it from the branch manager of the Jie Chamber of Commerce through the connections of the apprentice village chief, but it’s rather nice to have it from someone above him.

“Oh yeah? Let’s see… Louisa Louise… What?! Klein Ruiz?!”

The woman was started and looked at us with a bewildered expression.

“Isn’t that manipulation? You know that tampering with this can cause serious trouble, right?”

“You may check.”

“Of course you should check it out! It’s not like this… Please follow me first.”

It’s definitely like this, so you have to have a back. The woman’s condescending tone disappeared.

Going up to the second floor, there was a luxurious reception room with a completely different atmosphere from the first floor.
After sitting on the fluffy sofa, I was served warm tea, and even I, who was not familiar with tea, felt like it was quite a high-end tea.
After waiting for a while, the head of the adventurer’s guild came to the reception room instead of the woman from before.

“Hey! I never thought that there would be an adventurer that Cline Ruiz would endorse!”

I hadn’t even thought about it. She asked Louise to look at me because she couldn’t eat it, but Louise said she would know right away, and she immediately wrote her a letter of recommendation.
I think it’s probably because of Siwoo’s main character’s buff.

“We were a little bit sick to our stomachs because of those goblins. Jie Firm put in a request, but there were no adventurers who said they would do it.
They are so dangerous, but you guys are solving them by yourself! After all, you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance! Dragging.”

“Yes? We…”

“It is correct that we have solved it. Actually, I was lucky. Why don’t you be careless about the goblins?”

It seems that Louise has mixed in a bit of Gura. Silly Siwoo tried to tell the truth, but he doesn’t have to reveal the truth.
All of these things will be helpful because they have reputation, but there is no need to spit out anything for free.

“Truck. Yes, no matter how strong it is, a monster is a monster.
Hmm… There’s also Cline Ruiz’s guarantee for defeating level 5 monsters, so you can start right away with level 6.
Ah, I’d like to give it a 5th grade too, but that’s the rule. But don’t worry, I’ll give you a promotion right away after a few requests.”

There is definitely a worthy guarantor, so things work out without hesitation. After that, after talking a few things, we were able to receive an adventurer card.
With this, all three of us became adventurers.


With the courtesy of the branch manager, we stayed at the inn in front of the guild.
This inn is run by the guild, so unlike other inns, it’s relatively safe, so it’s not a place anyone can stay.
It was said that only adventurers with a certain level of trust could stay, so he thanked Louise once again from his heart.

After renting two rooms, I simply unpacked and came down to the first floor to finish my meal.
And when it was time to go to bed, I went ahead with the plan I had planned.

“… So, I can’t let Sophie sleep alone.”

“Yes? Anyway, that’s…”

“No, that’s right. Leaving a woman alone in a room is dangerous, even if this is a trustworthy inn. If you get caught sleeping alone for no reason, there will definitely be people who are bothering you with this and that.”

“Then who… ?”

Siwoo glanced at Sophia’s expression.
Pretending not to be, but secretly looking forward to it.

“You two write. Am I still an elder? Let’s make the room more comfortable.”

I said while sending a signal to Siwoo.
Of course, I have no intention of doing so. This is an operation prepared with Sofia.
A strategy to share a room with Sophia while appealing to Siwoo that I am not interested in Sophia!
As expected, Siwoo was hesitant when the opportunity came.

“Then me… That… Sophia and… Sophia the… Are you okay? I don’t mind…”

Even her ears turned red, and her eyes moved back and forth as if she were anxious while breaking out in a cold sweat.
Wow, that hog. Can I get along with the sub-heroine like that? If I get a chance, I’ll take Ada to the whorehouse and get rid of her.

“… Sorry. I’m ashamed… Oppa, can’t we just share the same room as you?”

When Sofia spoke as planned, Siwoo felt very sorry. However, he couldn’t add the word to the end and share the same room with him.

“Eh… “

When I looked at Siwoo with an open sigh, Siwoo put on an apologetic expression.

“I can’t help it. I’ll share a room with Sophie. Then, since it’s late, let’s rest in each room for today and meet on the first floor tomorrow morning.”

“Yes! Hehe.”

“… Yes”

Sophia got tangled in my arm and Siwoo trudged to her room.


As soon as Siwoo left the room and the door closed, Sofia ran to lock the door and held it in my arms.
I casually laid Sophia on the bed and stroked her hair.

As I was chatting with Sophia, I finally realized that the day had passed. It was a day in which a lot of things happened.

Fighting monsters for the first time
Addicted to poison
I’m about to die
Meet the guards
Be an adventurer

… I tried to pretend to be happy in front of the kids, but I was also scared.
No matter how much ‘Heroine Netori’ was faked, the pain and suffering was real.
And the fear of death, the thought of never seeing Sophia again, really scared me.

As I was thinking about the day like this, Sophia suddenly burst into tears.

“Black… Brother… Brother… !”

Sophia also shed tears as if she recalled the day, and she trembled with anxiety.
I silently hugged Sophia as she burrowed into my arms while her whole body trembled.
But even so, Sophia’s anxiety did not disappear.

“Huh… Black… Sobbing… Brother, don’t die…”

“Never… Never! Suck… Do not die… You can’t leave me… Yes?”

“Black… Do you think my brother almost died… My heart hurts so much… No matter how much I heal, it doesn’t get better…”

Sophia hugged me while crying so hard that her eyes turned red.
She felt her chest wet with Sophia’s tears.
Sophia, who loved me so much, was so lovely.
At the same time, she hated herself for hurting Sofia.

“Sophie… “

I bowed her head and kissed Sophia.

She was salty like her first kiss with her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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