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Heroine Netori 26

Heroine Netori 26

Chapter 26 – Royal Road Dragon Item (17)

I was thinking of taking a break today.
I was tired because there were so many things to do, and I didn’t want to do much when I saw Sofia crying.

So I turned off the erogenous stimulation and tried to sleep while holding Sophia in my arms while comforting her.

By the way

“Aang! Good! School, school!”

“Good bitch! Hehe!”

“Ha… Haang!”

Is the soundproofing weak or if those people are crazy about sex and making loud noises?
Thanks to that, our switch was turned on.

“Brother… Do it… I won’t think of anything else… Fill me up with your brother… Yes?”

“Sophie… “

I slowly undressed Sophia. Sophia’s pure white flesh was revealed every time she peeled off a piece of grass.

After watching Sofia’s naked body, which is always beautiful, he kissed her again.
After turning on the erogenous stimulation, he gently exchanged her saliva with Sophia, then lowered her head little by little.

I put a kiss mark on the nape of her neck
She caressed her collarbone
Burying her face in her big breasts and taking a break
I put the pink nipple in her mouth and rolled it with her tongue
Suck it like a baby
Stopped at her navel, poked her nose and sniffed
Past the clean, hairless underbelly
Lick the cutely erect clit
I arrived at my exclusive pussy that only I knew.

“Hahm… Oppa ♡… Yeah ha…”

I stuck out my tongue and kissed her pussy.
As he continued to lick Sophia’s G-spot, her cunt tightened and her back twitched slightly.

“Hem… Haa♡… Whew… Joaa♡… Hem…”

As Sophia began to make her sounds, her tongue moved faster.
He ran her finger across her clit as she licked her weak spots in sequence.
Then her gurgling sound grew louder and louder, and so did Sofia’s moaning.

“Ha ha… Whoa, whoa, whoa! Haaa♡… Wow, haang!”

“No dear… Go away♡… Oppa, I want to go away♡♡!!”

In the end, Sophia, who could not stand it, exhaled her love juice and lightly climaxed.

After a moment giving Sofia time to catch her breath, I grabbed her erect cock and pressed it into Sophia’s pretty cunt.

Because her cunt was already soaked with her love juice, her glans softly entered Sophia’s mouth.
I didn’t insert it all at once, and only caressed the entrance area with my cock.

“Too bad… Don’t be anxious haha♡… Hurry… Put it in oppa♡…”

Sophia gasped and grabbed her by the waist with her legs. Then he pulled her by the waist and tried to insert his cock deeply.
As I forced myself to hold on, Sophia cried and begged.

“Put me in, oppa♡… ♡… I think I’m going crazy… Hurry up♡… Put your brother’s cock in Sofia’s pussy! Hurry up!”

I agreed to Sophia’s request.
As I shoved my cock into Sophia’s cunt, the wrinkles in her vagina welcomed my cock.

Sophia’s vagina was already shaped like my cock but she was still squeezing my cock like she was a virgin.
When the cock was pulled out, it came out, but when the cock was driven into it, it squeaked and tightened.
With a thump, he kissed her cervix, and Sophia let out a squeal of satisfaction.

“Haaaaang♡! Came in… Ha ha! Oppa sleeps♡… I’m sorry…!”

I slowly moved my waist and lowered my head to approach Sophia.
Sophia then reached out to hug me and put her tongue in my mouth.
I felt a deep affection for Sophia, who clung to me with all her body her and demanded me with her upper and lower mouth her.

As I picked up my speed little by little, Sophia’s grip on me grew stronger.
My nails dug into my skin, but it didn’t hurt. Rather, I was more excited.
Ignoring the blood flowing down my back her, I pushed my cock harder.

“Huh ♡… Ha ha! Whoa… Whoops, whoops… Haaaaa♡!”

“Joaaaaa♡! It’s crazy like this… Ha, make me feel oppa, please do it♡… “

“Anymore… Hot black! To not be afraid… Haaang♡! Don’t be anxious!”

Sophia started crying again.
I feel relieved and at the same time I feel so anxious.
He still drives her with the erogenous stimulation turned on, but it seems that the shock Sophia received today was so strong that even this could not be solved.

If that’s the case, I’ll have to give it more than that…

As soon as she thought she would protect Sophia from fear, the ‘Aryan Goddess’ Power’ buff was activated.
The accumulated fatigue was gone and the energy was restored.
He gave love to Sophia with a stronger body.

“Hot, ah, evil! Haaaaa♡! Ah! Oh, baaaaa♡! Well…”

“Ugh… Ha, sssss, Joaat! Fluffy, black, haha! Gye So-ok, come on like this!”

“Haaagh! Oppa sleeps♡!!Haha…. A fool!”

“Make it ♡! Haaa, hot, ah, ah, aang♡! Cock, cock, hee hee♡!”

Sophia went away from the stimulation several times stronger than usual and lost consciousness.
At the same time, my cock tightened up and I ejaculated a lot of semen into Sophia’s uterus.
I had to wake Sophia up and purify her, but strangely I didn’t want to.

I looked at Sofia without removing my cock.
Sophia’s golden hair her, wet with sweat, covered her face her. As I reached out and passed it to one side, I saw Sophia’s cute face of her.

It was endearing to think of him nudging his cock so raunchy with such a cute face.
Then the cock inside Sophia’s vagina got erect again.

Sophia must have felt that too, and she opened her eyes faintly and looked at me.
We faced each other and smiled.

After that, we craved each other non-stop until Sophia’s vagina filled my semen.


After putting Sophia to sleep, I took out the beer I had prepared earlier from my inventory.
A pleasant refreshing feeling flowed down my throat as I drank cold beer.
The people in the next room were all asleep, so it was quiet, and only Sofia’s chatter could be heard in the room.

Stroke her hair and take a sip
Touching the cheeks and taking a sip
Then I saw the tear marks in Sophia’s eyes on her.
Poured the rest of the beer as is.
The topic of beer made my stomach ache.

How much longer will it make Sofia cry if the adventure continues like this?
I was just going to ride the warrior bus, but the difficulty is quite hard to do that.

If this is enough before you become an adventurer, there will be more difficult situations in the future…
I honestly have no confidence.

In the future, I will be hurt, stabbed, cut, bitten, cut, burned…
No, you will go through worse things than that.

And Sophia who sees me
Can you hold out?
A sigh comes out.

At the same time, a bitter laugh comes out.
Sophia is also one of the heroines of ‘Heroine Netori’.
As it is, when this ‘Heroine Netori’ is over, I will never see you again.
Why did you care so much?

For the first time in my life, someone who is so sincere doesn’t exist in real life! Ha ha…

But what about then?
Already, this ‘Royal Road Dragon’ has become another life.
They have become too precious to me to ignore as virtual spaces and virtual characters.

Then I have no choice but to save it like this…

I have to go back because I love it.
I’m going to use the suspension ticket.

I will return to reality and come back stronger.
Even if something like today happens, I will be strong enough to solve it with ease.
So whenever I can protect Sofia, I will come back then.

Having made up my mind, I took a deep breath and used the right to pause.

My eyes went dark.


[Use of the right to suspend]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Exceeded 100 affinity with the main heroine’]
[The main heroine ‘Sophia”s affinity has exceeded 100, so you can use her skills her. (Proficiency is reset.)]
[Goddess Aria’s Love Lv.1 – Heals and strengthens the target in front of you.]
[Goddess Arya’s Kindness Lv.1 – Removes the dirt in front of your eyes.]

… What else is this
As soon as I returned to reality, a new notification window popped up.
Sophia’s likability is over 100? Wasn’t 100 the max?

I can’t check the affinity separately, but I instinctively knew that I always filled up the affinity level of 100 whenever I cleared ‘Heroine Netori’ until this point.

But this time it went over 100.
The difference between the heroines up to this point and Sophia is…

Does it mean that my sincerity entered?

[Intelligence has risen by 1.]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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