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Heroine Netori 27

Heroine Netori 27

Chapter 27 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (1)

After netori with the heroine, when the affinity for each other reaches 100, the wall of 100 affinity is broken.
And in that case, you can acquire the heroine’s skill.
This is my conclusion.

Then, is there a bonus like this for every 200, 300, etc. In the future?
There were more reasons to care about Sophia.

When I finished my thoughts and opened the status window to check, the stats I had raised during ‘Heroine Netori’ had been maintained.
And in the list of skills, the skills she had received as a Crusader and the skills she had acquired now were added.

These are completely fraudulent skills… Crazy really
The skills given by the goddess Aria consume divine power instead of magical power. And as I became a crusader, I gained enough holy power, although not to the level of Sophia.
That’s why I was able to use skills to my heart’s content even with only 1 mana, but now I can use heal and cleanse almost infinitely.

Enough of this… Just register as an Awakener as a Healer? Doesn’t sound like a bad idea. No, it’s not that much, it’s a very good idea.
I’ve never heard of an Awakener with Crusader abilities, but there are plenty of healers.
I wonder if it would be better to become a healer and comfortably raise the ranks than to be bothered by being famous for my unique abilities.

For reference, erogenous stimulation was 8 levels, good feeling was 4 levels, and cooking was 4 levels.
It’s a little disappointing that I haven’t reached level 10 even though I’ve used erogenous stimulation almost every day.

Also, thanks to the ‘Aryan Goddess Power’ passive, the stats went up by 10, but the buff was not activated because Sophia was not in reality. This is also a bit disappointing.


After eating and washing up, I headed to the Awakened Registration Center.
I never imagined that I would come here, but the feeling is new.
Do you want to become a real Awakener and a Hunter now?

“Yes, here is the Awoken Registration Card. Take care.”

“… ?”

What’s over so quickly?


There were more people visiting the Awakened Registration Center than expected. And most of them were people who mistook themselves for awakening,
Most of them were F-class awakeners like me.

‘No, it’s only an F grade?’

The criterion for classifying is magic power.
Once you have been assigned a grade, you can be promoted based on improved stats and achievements, but magic is important for the first grade assignment, as the Awakeners consume magic every time they use a skill.
The more you use a high-quality skill, and of course, the more you use it repeatedly, the higher the magic power you need, so it was graded by magic power.
… Also, my magic power is only 11 thanks to the ‘power of the goddess Arya’.
The F-grade standard is magic power 15 or less…

The employee who learned that the test result was F grade proceeded with great speed with the words of yes.
Hearing that he had awakened his healer ability his, he was envious of me, but he skipped the ability test, saying that he would n’t be able to use heal a few times anyway if he was F grade.
I finished the test saying that it’s not a lie because it heals small scratches.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, I was able to get my Awakened registration certificate.
Still, the Awakener support fee of 1 million won was sent right away. Yes that’s where

Now that you have become an Awakener, you can start working as a Hunter.
Not all Awakeners become Hunters, but it was possible to become a Hunter at any time as long as they had Awakened.

It’s the lowest rank F-rank hunter, but from now on I’ll be able to get stronger.
Fortunately, there was no need to be impatient because the time of “Heroine Netori” Also stopped when paused.
So, you just need to be strong enough to protect Sofia.

By the way… Judging from his appearance his, even if he found a party as an F-rank healer, he would be ignored.
The problem seems to be the perception that F-rank healers can’t even use heal a few times, but I need to solve this first.

Also, it’s tempting at times like this.


The Awakener support fee was intended to be used as a gacha fee, but now the equipment side is more urgent.
In front of the Awakener Registration Center, there were several buildings for novice Awakeners. Among them, I entered the equipment store.
It would be fine if it was a swordsman like in ‘Royal Swordsman’. It’s too dangerous to carry one staff.
There is no party member who will protect me unconditionally, and I will protect my body.

I managed to find a good iron sword, but it cost 600,000 won.
Is this right… I want to, but looking around, everything is about that price.
Ay, would you play Gura at the association’s official equipment store?

Looking around the shield side, the price here is not cheap. Rather, useful shields were more expensive than one-handed swords.
Still, this isn’t what I’m looking for…
Yes, this is it
I found a wooden shield with a cheap feel. The price is 190,000 won. That’s perfect.

A steel sword and a wooden shield combined cost 790,000 won, and I paid 10,000 won more to buy a pair of gloves at a cheaper price.
I did a flex of 800,000 won at once. However, it is an initial investment cost.
I decided to keep the remaining 200,000 won and left the equipment store.

It would have been nice if I could have bought armor or helmets, but to be honest, I don’t think I would get seriously hurt while clearing up to D-level dungeons.
It’s because he lacks magic power, but his stats are out of F grade.


Back home, I joined the Awoken community.
Here, the Awakened can share information or form a party, and the Association may issue public requests or post notices.

[The reality of Yuri Choi, an S-rank hunter.Jpg]
(Picture 1 taken highlighting Yuri Choi’s buttocks)
(Picture 2 taken highlighting Yuri Choi’s buttocks)
God Yuri huh?

[I agree]
[Crazy guys, stop sexual harassment]
[B inferiority on]
[Ha, I really want to fuck you.]
[N blah blah]

I also talk anonymously like this.
Oh Yuri Choi is so damn pretty.

I thought it would be a little different because it was a community that could only be used by awakened people, but it was no different from any other community.
Rather, more stimulating materials like now have been uploaded to see if anonymity is guaranteed.
But you might be able to see this yourself, should I just leave it like this?
When I looked it up, this was not the end of Yuri Choi’s silver photos posted on an anonymous bulletin board.

[Choi Yuri, who wants to eat today too.Jpg]
[Choi Yuri Silver Collection 1.Jpg]
[Isn’t Yuri Choi actually a fucking lewd bitch?]
[S-class hunter who pretends to be innocent and shows everything he has to show.Jpg]

I clicked on each one and checked them all, and the ones that came up today were rather weak.
Looking at the comments, other hunters say that guilds or agencies thoroughly block them, so that posts like this will be deleted as soon as they are posted, but Choi Yu-ri says that he is not interested in the community, so he leaves it alone.
He’s really an S-class healer. Your heart is as wide as your chest.

After looking for a little more and saving the photos that I particularly like,
I took a picture of the green dagger I got from the goblin and posted it on the anonymous board.

[Is this the dagger I picked up in the dungeon today?]
(Photo of the green dagger)
It’s a poison sword, but if you stab it, it’s 100% poisoned.
And the poison in the sword is maintained no matter how many times you stab it.
It’s not an instant death poison, but it was fucking painful.

Hahawhat the fuck is this again]
[No, there are crazy people who spray daggers and call them poisonous swords]
[Infinite poison]
[ㄴ ㄹㅇ Artifact, whathaha]
[Should I paint only the blade part to preserve the details? Hehe]

Looking at the reaction, it looks good. Do you really think it’s artifact class?
I was thinking of selling it, but I’ll put it on hold.


I stopped playing on the anonymous message board and decided to look for a party.
F-rankers cannot enter the dungeon alone by regulation. So, finding a party is not an option, it is a must.

… However, I couldn’t find a good dealer even after looking around the party matching bulletin board.
Well, come to think of it, the people looking for a party here either don’t have any connections, or they don’t have enough skills to make such connections…


However, when I refreshed, the dealer I wanted posted a post.

[Class D melee dealer] Looking for a healer to support.]

The reason why I wanted D-class was because if I formed a party with D-class, F-class could also go to D-class dungeon.
Still, it was a grade F level, but it was a waste of time to rot in an F grade dungeon. You have to get stronger quickly to return to the ‘royal warrior’.
I thought I would have to wait a few days to find the D grade, but I was lucky.

Checking the information, the stats weren’t too bad. His ability his is a swordsman, and his skill his is not disclosed, but it is said to be for swordsmanship.
And her name is Hyuna Lee. Oh, are you a girl? I am 21 years old…
Do you have any photos?
When I clicked “More Information”, Lee Hyun-ah’s ID photo appeared.

I immediately clicked on the party request.

This is an illustration of Lee Hyun-ah that I drew yesterday.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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