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Heroine Netori 28

Heroine Netori 28

Chapter 28 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (2)

Lee Hyun-ah is in a state of anger for three reasons.

First of all, she was fired from the guild last week.

‘Isn’t Gilma oppa too much? One could make some mistakes! I’m not the only one who’s like that. Do you just trust what they say and fire a tough person? I will take revenge!’

Her guild master eventually cut her after her dungeon raids failed one after another due to her repeated mistakes by Lee Hyeon-ah.
It wasn’t that Lee Hyeon-ah lacked skills, but her guild members were full of dissatisfaction for her to keep going like this.

Next, her boyfriend rather welcomed it.

‘What? Hunter now give up and come down? Are you kidding When you said you would support my dream! Wasn’t it all a lie?!’

Her boyfriend, in her long-distance relationship, did not welcome her living her hunter life alone.
She wanted to quickly sort out her hunter life and come down to her hometown to be with her.
If she succeeds as a hunter, she thought of going to Seoul to help her, but after realizing that that would not happen, she wants to give up her job as a hunter quickly.

Finally, she ended up partying with some strange healer.

‘F-grade healer? Even without a dungeon experience? Under… I really hate myself for taking me as a healer. He’s old and looks like a pig, but he’s really annoying!’

She waited for several days, but in the end, she couldn’t find another healer, so she cried and formed a party to eat mustard.
It was absurd that he wanted a D-rank dungeon for an F-rank subject. Aren’t you asking me to completely look at myself and carry it? There were a lot of things I wanted for the subject that was just a potion substitute.
However, even for Lee Hyun-ah, she had no choice but to accept the D-class dungeon because she couldn’t calculate the balance to go around the F-class dungeon.

‘Really… If you’re even teasing me, I’ll report you right away!’

Before she joined her guild, no, even after she joined the guild, there were many male hunters who were seduced by her appearance and figure.
No matter how much she said that she had a boyfriend, her appearance that shined wherever she went and her proud D-cup breasts always did not let her go.
She was Lee Hyun-ah, who hated that alone, but she was even more unfair because of the female hunters who openly rejected her for flirting with her.

‘Because at the slightest hint, I’ll slash them!’

A voice called to her from behind her as her tongue crackled with her rage and she clenched her sword.

“Hello? You are Lee Hyun-ah, right?”

“Hi… Do it? Uh? Is that right, Mr. Gamdeokbae?”

“Yes, it is called Gamdeokbae. He is an F grade healer. Nice to see you.”

“Uh… Ah yes! I am Lee Hyun-ah, a D-class prosecutor. Nice to meet you!”

‘What… Completely different? No, it’s not that the real thing is much better, it’s a completely different person!’

Lee Hyun-ah was surprised to see Gamdeok-bae.
Gam Deok-bae was not a pig seen on the Awakened site, but a warm-looking person.
Her likable appearance and polite tone eased her irritation little by little.

“But how many times can I use heal if it is F grade? I hope at least three times.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Because there are artifacts.”

“Yeah?! An artifact?!”

There was one artifact in her guild where she was. The guild master’s armor was an artifact.
It was a low-level artifact that healed the wearer’s wounds, and it was an excellent piece of equipment that made it possible for a guild master, who had been a C-class hunter for 10 years, to take the B-class promotion test .
However, Lee Hyun-ah couldn’t believe that only F-rank hunters had artifacts.

“You see this shield? This is an artifact, and thanks to this, I was awakened. You can heal at least twenty times while holding this shield.”

Gamdeokbae said while shining the shield he was holding.
At first glance, the shield looked cheap, but the divine light flowing from the shield was real.
Looking at it again, it was a high-end, antique-looking shield rather than cheap.

“Hey… Wow, awesome!”

‘This is not an F grade at all! It’s not even a D-class, it’s almost a C-class healer?!’

Lee Hyun-ah’s irritation was completely relieved.
No, I was rather excited.
She had a party with a healer that was hard to see even in her guild.
Besides, it doesn’t look bad… At this rate, she seemed to be able to capture dungeons happily.


But that was Lee Hyun-ah’s misunderstanding.

“G-R-N-K-Ka~ Please leave me alone!”

“Ah, I don’t know how to stop… “

“How many times do I have to tell you to understand? The bodies of the monsters in the dungeon disappear on their own!”

Surprisingly, Deokbae Gam showed a movement that was not like an F grade. Whether it was because of her artifacts or because of her talent, she hunted monsters without fear even though it was a D-class dungeon.
But somehow she kept cutting off the fingernails and toenails of the dead body.
It might have been a monster that jumped out of a rift, but it was meaningless in a dungeon. All you have to do is bring the magic stone that is created when the body disappears, but Gamdeokbae kept repeating the same thing no matter how many times he told me.


“That’s why you have to use heel after the battle!”

“Ah, I don’t know how to stop… “

“How many times do I have to tell you to understand? When a heal comes in during battle, aggro jumps out!”

Surprisingly, Deokbae Gam’s heel was of a high level. He thought that only small scratches would be healed, but deep cuts and bruises caused by blunt instruments were easily healed.
For some reason, I felt strangely good when I received a heel, but apart from that, the quality of the heel was excellent.
The problem is that I keep using heals during battles and the aggro is focused on Gamdeokbae.
No matter how many times he hit and hit, he was fine right away, so the orcs ignored Lee Hyun-ah and attacked Gamdeok-bae. Thanks to this, Lee Hyun-ah had to work harder than usual to protect Gamdeokbae.


“So~re~ni~ka~ If you’re a healer, like a healer, stay behind you?”

“Ah, I don’t know how to stop… “

“How many times do I have to tell you to understand? What will Healer do if he gets hurt while leading the way? You can’t even sleep!”

Perhaps because of his overconfidence, when a relatively weak monster appeared, Deokbae Gam took the lead in fighting.
Gam Deok-bae fought better than expected, so he wasn’t hurt yet, but Lee Hyun-ah couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“I can… ?”


“I can sleep. Like this.”

“… ?”

Gamdeokbae’s words were not lies. It left a small cut on the back of his hand, which he quickly healed with the help of a heal.
Usually healers can’t heal themselves. It was usually possible from grade B, but healers below that level could not use heals against themselves.
So, it was a national rule to include at least two healers in a party, but Deokbae Gam was able to self-heal while being an F-grade healer.

“Uh… You better be careful though! Come behind me!”

“I guess so. Sorry.”

Although she was a little embarrassed, Lee Hyun-ah’s judgment was not wrong.
She thought so and secretly cooled her blushing face.


“G-R-N-Ni-Ka~… “

“Oops… Is there something else?”

“You did well… Oops! It was a bit annoying, but thanks to that, I cleared it faster than usual. Thanks for your efforts.”

“Ah… Lee Hyun-ah also suffered a lot.”

It took less than 3 hours to clear the D-grade dungeon.
This was a new record for Lee Hyun-ah.
Of course, it was a small dungeon among D-class dungeons, and it was a dungeon that I had already attacked many times, so it was a familiar dungeon.
Still, thanks to Deokbae Gam, I was able to clear earlier than usual.

As per the information, Deokbae Gam was annoyed because he repeated mistakes that beginners would make, perhaps because it was his first time clearing a dungeon, but later on, it was fun in its own way.
She found it funny that she was telling Deokbae what she used to hear when she got scolded in the guild, and she was embarrassed to think that she would have made such a stupid expression.
And at the same time, she strangely felt that she wanted to tell Deokbae this and that.

‘Is this the heart of a senior? ?’

She said that it was the opposite, and when she put herself in the position of the seniors, the seniors in the guild at that time understood.

“You have a magic stone collector, right? I put it all in mine, and now I’ll share it.”

“Uh… What is that?”

“… “

‘Because of this, curses came out of the seniors’ mouths. No, a person called Hunter doesn’t even know how to gather gemstones?’

A sigh came out of my mouth.
The swearing rose up to her throat and then finally went down. When she saw Gam Deok-bae with a puzzled expression on her face, her anger disappeared.

‘Why is an old man so naive?’

Rather than being angry, I laughed because I was dumbfounded.
While Lee Hyeon-ah was trying to hold back her laughter, Gam Deok-bae spoke with a slightly serious expression.

“I… Hyuna Lee. I’ll give you all the magic stones I got today, so can you do me a favor?”

Lee Hyun-ah’s smiling expression hardened.

‘Ah… Then it is. After all, they were the same person. Woo-wook… ‘

It was a common pattern. The type who pretends to be gentle but ends up working. Still, I thought she would be different this time, but Kam Deok-bae was the same person.

‘After all, this is a man… Eh, I want to see Minwoo…’

“Can you give me some tutoring? There are so many things I don’t know about magic stone gathering.”

‘… What?’

Gamdeokbae grumbled and scratched his head, saying he had too many new things to study.
It didn’t look like there was a black heart that was going to work at all.

‘Come to think of it, nothing happened during the attack, right? She never looked at me slyly, and she didn’t even try to sneak me in… Oops! It’s because I’m not listening…’

‘Others… Might be right?’

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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