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Heroine Netori 29

Heroine Netori 29

Chapter 29 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (3)

“How many times do I have to tell you to understand? How long do I have to adjust to you?”

“Under… I really hate partying with guys like you.”

“Give it to me once. Honestly, you gave me a lot here and there, right? It’s not worn out, so I’m going to have a good time.”

“Hey! Don’t run around You foolish bitch!”

“Under… Let’s go here It seems that our guild and you are not compatible.”

Lee Hyun-ah suffered every day of her life.
She came up to Seoul, drawing a hopeful future at the thought that she could become an Awakener and take revenge on the monsters she hated.
It was a harsh reality that came to her.

Talent that doesn’t follow as much as you want, dirty desire to want something other than your skills, and envy and jealousy about it…
As the days went by, she was exhausted and her self-esteem hit rock bottom.
Her motivation, which seemed like she could do anything, had long since disappeared, and she was just holding on with her inertia.
And even that inertia was cut off after being fired from the guild.

‘Should I just give up and go down as Minwoo said… ?’

But she couldn’t give up.
I was afraid that if she gave up on her like this, her words that criticized and ridiculed her would become reality.
However, she was exhausted from continuing her hunter life.

… And that’s when she met Deokbae Gam.

“Aha! Are you doing it like this?”

“Wow! You know well too. Thank you.”

A newbie who started the hunter job recklessly without knowing the basics.
She is a dumber, more foolish, and more abusive person than she is.
Even so, a man who is nice and doesn’t say a word he doesn’t like.

She smiles for the first time since her dismissal.

‘Poop! Are you stupid? How could you not know this? I can’t help it, I have to let you know.’

‘No! Do you do that? Do I really have to tell you this?’

‘Right. It’s better now No, but what is that expression? Oops! What did you do to make a confident face?’

She was really happy after a long time.
It was fresh and fun that she, who had been scolded every time, gave her lessons.
Even though she was a student with a bad learning attitude, she felt proud to see her mistakes reduced one by one.

From the fact that there are people worse than her
And she knows that the person depends on her
So, in that the person acts according to his word,
Her low self-esteem began to rise little by little.

“Ah, that’s right. When I register my card here, the magic stone sales proceeds automatically, right?”

“Can I borrow equipment over there?”

“Yes? No? What… Ah! That’s it! Right?”

“Right. You know Hyuna very well. Thanks to that, I won’t hear the sound of a coo anywhere.”

Every word of Gamdeokbae made Lee Hyunah thrilled.
The thanks she received from him was strangely addictive.
So she didn’t let him go.
She took care of every little detail for him so that he could continue to hear her compliments and be appreciated.

Time passed quickly and it was time for most shops to close their doors.

“Hyunah, thank you so much for today. It must have been difficult for you to care so much for someone you just met, but thank you so much for listening to my request.”

“Ah… No! I didn’t do it for free.”

“But, in fact, it’s my insistence. He also brought me some magic stones.”

“That is… Because it’s an F grade… Originally, seniors take care of juniors, right? Same goes for Hunter. Yes. That’s it.”

“But it’s not like that, is it? I’m glad I was able to have a party with Hyuna. I want to meet a party member like Hyuna next time.”

“Uh… What?”

She was genuinely perplexed.
I still have a lot to teach you, and a lot more to take care of
That’s why I should get more ‘thank you’…
He seems to want another party member.

“Didn’t you say that you can only party with D-class, the same class as you originally did? I hope I can get promoted quickly and have another party.”


It was.
Not knowing him well, she had hit an iron wall.
I didn’t like partying with an F-rank healer who was old and didn’t have a good face, so I brought it up because this was the first and last time.
But that was her mistake. The man she actually met was not the low-level person she thought.

“It is not!”


“That is… Deokbae has skills and artifacts, so it’s hard to see him as F grade… In addition… Okay! Was it not safe? I think you’ll forget again tomorrow… “

“What do you mean?”

“So… I’ll help Deokbae until he’s promoted to D-class! It’s hard to find the right party members. It could be that you meet a bad party member and have your artifact taken away!”

She didn’t know what she was talking about.
She just somehow brought up the story as it came to her mind in order to hold on to Gamdeokbae.

“It’s not a loss for me either, it’s not easy to find a healer in the first place! Deokbae still has a lot to learn, but if you party with another hunter for no reason, you could be a nuisance… No! It’s not that I’m a nuisance…”

“Ah, if you keep partying with Hyuna, I’ll be happy. It’s reassuring to party with veterans.”

“Veteran… Yes it is! A good choice!”

‘I did it…!’

Fortunately, he readily accepted the party request.
Her hardened expression softened.
Her heart skipped a beat at the thought that he was also relying on her when he said he was a dependable veteran.

“Please contact me! I will prepare all the dungeons and schedules that I will attack in advance and contact you!”

“Ah, then thank you so much.”

‘Ah… They say thank you for looking at me again!”

She didn’t realize her joy at having her party back.
For the first time in her life today, she asked for the contact information of the opposite sex.


Wow… For the first time in my life, I got a number from a woman.
Is this the effect of investing points in appearance?
No, actually, it’s probably because it’s harder to find a healer than that, but it feels good to get a number.

But don’t be mistaken, Lee Hyun-ah has a boyfriend.
Before we met, I secretly brought up the story of my boyfriend, and when I met him today, he was openly wearing a couple ring.
Don’t be misunderstood and don’t mess around recklessly. This must mean something like this.
So today, I tried to be as thorough as I could, and it must have worked.
When the attack was over, her vigilance was very thin.

And there was really nothing to worry about.
Just go into the dungeon, kill monsters, pick up magic stones, and you’re done! Wasn’t this
Why do you care so much… I had to learn the entry timing and retreat timing one by one, and I had to memorize all the different weaknesses of each monster.
In addition, there were more things that a hunter should know than I thought, such as magic stone collector fees and equipment rentals.
I wonder if I was too complacent, believing only the words floating around on the internet.

Still, while receiving tutoring from Lee Hyun-ah, I learned everything I needed to know at a minimum.
I was worried that I would be misunderstood as working, but fortunately, Lee Hyun-a readily agreed and taught me everything I needed in detail.
Before I met him, he was rude, but when I met him, he was a nice person.
Originally there are people like that. People who change their way of speaking online. Perhaps Lee Hyun-ah is such a person.

Anyway, thanks to Lee Hyeon-ah, I was able to safely finish the first dungeon raid, receive hunter property tutoring, and make appointments for future parties.
It was a positive day in many ways.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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