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Heroine Netori 30

Heroine Netori 30

Chapter 30 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (4)

Time passed and a month passed.
In the meantime, I went around the dungeon with Lee Hyun-ah almost every day.

“Mr. Deokbae! This is the location of the dungeon to attack today. Please come to the marked location. I wish you well today!”

“Mr. Deokbae! Here’s a video to help you navigate. It will be helpful to see it when you have time!”

“Mr. Deokbae! It’s a vitality potion! Drink and cheer up today too!”

“Mr. Deokbae! I heard there’s a restaurant near here, so I’ll live there today! Are you okay?”

“Mr. Deokbae! How about a drink to commemorate the shortest time reduction? I’ll shoot!”

During the attack, I became very close with Lee Hyeon-ah, but after arranging her hard titles, I decided to stop talking.
But what is the uncle really… You’re not even 30 years old, what kind of man are you?
But I’m embarrassed to ask him to call me oppa, so I’m holding back.

Lee Hyun-ah took care of me as if she were a new college student, and she took me from dungeon to dungeon, but these days she buys me food and drinks.
She is a pretty little sister who buys rice well.
She wondered if she could just take it, but she said that healers deserve to be treated, so she had no choice but to nod. She, too, is a healer, aristocratic cancer.

Even today, Lee Hyun-ah is said to buy her a drink.
Celebrating the D-class promotion. As she madly raided the dungeon, she met her promotion conditions in one month.

But didn’t you say he had a boyfriend?
Was it Gura? For a month, he only hung out with me almost every day.



“Sobbing… Then do you know what that child is called? Hit them all and come down! How could you? Yeah? Uncle tell me… Are all men like that?”

Under… You got it completely wrong.
According to today, Lee Hyun-ah’s pace seemed to be fast, but she became a complete jerk.

“He said he was cheering me on! Are you still my boyfriend? Ok? Yay, go cheap!”

And he has a boyfriend. It’s because it’s a long-distance relationship, so I can’t see him often.
The reason she became such a hottie today is because of her boyfriend.
She says her boyfriend contacted her to tell her to just come down and not hold on to anything that doesn’t work.
It’s going to be messy.

“You know my dream, huh… How! How can you be so careless!”

Lee Hyun-ah cried and cried.
She had never seen anything like this before, so it was a fresh shock.
You take care of me kindly every time, but you unexpectedly have a temper?

“Black… Ugh…”

Lee Hyun-ah sniffed for a while, and eventually she collapsed.

Under… I’ll turn, really.

A long-distance relationship, a fight with a boyfriend, and passing out after becoming a bully…

If I stay still here, it would be Siwoo, but completely…

Is this right?


She was out of her mind.
Her head was dizzy, but strangely, she felt a strange good feeling in her lower abdomen.
When she opened her eyes with difficulty, Deokbae Gam was holding on to her panties.

“… Dream?”

It is clearly her own room and her own bed, but I can see Deokbae Gam.
She is Gam Deok-bae, who has always been sweet and kind, but she is forced to strip herself.
She is already making herself half-naked.

“It’s a dream… Yeah that can’t be…”

The sight was so surreal that she naturally assumed she was dreaming.

“… Yes this is a dream So, would you like to lift your ass a little bit?”

Thinking that the real Gamdeokbae couldn’t have said such a thing, she followed his words.
Then, Deokbae Gam slowly took off her panties.
Then he stared at her pussy.

“You have hair. I’m seeing this for the first time.”

“No…Don’t look…”

It was embarrassing to be ashamed of even if it was a dream. He felt his breath her on her cunt her, turning her face red.

“It’s okay, isn’t it a dream? And it’s pretty as it is.”

Gamdeokbae put his head her in her crotch her and sucked her clit her.
Her breathing her became rough at the stimulation of the moist tongue given to the clit her standing fast.

“Ha ha… No, stop… Port.”

“Are you okay? It’s a dream, so don’t worry and just enjoy it.”

“But… Haang! Ha ha… No way… Aww, wow!”

“What? Ha, there! Ugh, ha… Hot! Haang!”

As he was caressing Klee, his tongue entered her cunt her.
Her nerves were on edge at the sensation she felt for the first time
At the same time, the uncontrollable rush of pleasure made her go lightly.


As she gasped, he pulled his face away from her cunt her. Her cunt hair her on the corners of his mouth her was so embarrassing.
He smiled and took out his smartphone her, whether he knew it or not.

“Sir, I hate it! Don’t take it!”

“Are you okay? It’s not even real Rather, is this what you want? Right? You’re trying to relieve stress from your boyfriend like this.”

“That… That.”

It seemed that he was right. Otherwise, there is no reason to dream like this.

When she hesitated to answer, he started filming.
It was a video, not a picture.

“Look here. Take a look here and introduce yourself.”

“Ah… That… “

“Come on.”

“Twenty-one years old… I’m Hyunah Lee…”

“Is that the end?”

“Yes? Then what?”

“I have to say that I am going to have sex with another man even though I have a boyfriend.”

“No that!”

Sex was out of the question for her.
A premarital chastist, she had never had sex with her boyfriend her, Min-woo.

“What is it, a dream? De-stress by getting the best revenge you can have on your boyfriend. That’s why I came out in a dream.”

“Ugh… “

Gamdeokbae in the dream seemed to be saying only the right things.
I couldn’t possibly deny what he said.
If he had sex with Gam Deok-bae as he said, Min-woo would be shocked.
Thinking that way somehow made me feel better.
Because it’s a dream anyway… I want you to be in pain too…

“Now tell me.”

“Even though I have a boyfriend… I am going to have sex with another man.”

I was ashamed, but I said it.
Then, an endless sense of immorality came over me, and my heart pounded.

“Well done. But it doesn’t end here. Now you beg.”

“Yes? Wow what now…”

He took off the panties he was wearing, revealing an enormous cock.
It didn’t compare to the size she imagined when she was masturbating.

“Hoo? Did you want to be stabbed by a cock like this? Are you a naughty woman?”

“No… Lie…”

He said it was a lie, but this dream was a dream created by his unconscious, and that a cock of that size was the size he instinctively wanted.
Too embarrassed, she covered her face with both hands.
He left her alone and placed his cock her on top of her cunt her.


“Now tell me. Fuck and eat the virgin pussy of a premarital chastityist like this.”

“Haha… I can not! That’s not allowed…”

“Now! It’s what you want Be honest with yourself.”

“No…Then no…”

Her body was already candid. He moved his hips her and rubbed her clit against the hard cock her.

“Haaang! No, I can’t do this… Ah…”

“I’m sure you’ll feel good. Feeling a lot better, let’s get revenge on our boyfriend. It’s a dream anyway Let’s get revenge even with our hearts.”


“Yes revenge! You’re getting revenge on your boyfriend who doesn’t even think about you!”

“Under… Black… Please… Come on, eat…”

“Speak loudly! Loud so everyone can hear!”

“The virgin pussy of a premarital chastist… Please eat it like this!!”

“Kukkut, you did a good job.”

Before he could finish his sentence, his cock her thrust into her cunt her.

A stream of blood ran down his large cock of her, indicating that she was a virgin.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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