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Heroine Netori 31

Heroine Netori 31

Chapter 31 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (5)

“Ahhh! Ha… Why…Hehe, haaang!”

I heard that the first experience was painful, but Lee Hyun-ah felt good rather than in pain even when such a large cock entered her virgin pussy.
No matter where he poked his cock, he felt a rush of pleasure to the point of going out of his mind.

“I feel good! Ha ha, joaaa!”

“You are a naughty woman after all! Did you always want to get stuck like this? It’s a pussy that’s ready to be fucked by a cock at any time, isn’t this!”

“Ha ha no! This… Haha, haaaaang!”

“Right! No matter how much it’s a dream, you feel like this from the first experience? How much did your dick hurt?”


She was in denial, but not her body.
Lee Hyun-ah even drooled from the maddening pleasure and shook her waist every time she got stuck in the cock.
The sound of the creaking bed and her panting moans filled the room.
The bed was already soaked with their sweat and juice.

“Do not lie. Are your cocks so good? Are you going crazy?”

“Ha! Hot, no! Huang! No, hehe!”

“Isn’t it like this?”

Suddenly the man stopped moving.
However, in her pleasure, she continued to shake her hips without hearing the words.
Even though she said no, she lifted her pussy and swallowed her cock.

“… What?”

Then, when the pleasure did not come as much as she wanted, she came to her senses and realized her ugliness.
Lee Hyun-ah was very shy, but she did not stop her waist.
It was a thrill that I did not want to miss.

If it was a dream anyway, she decided to be honest with her desires.
Just like he said, it made me feel a lot better.
I’m sorry to my boyfriend, but this isn’t the reality right now
No, rather, I had this dream because of my boyfriend.
Instead of feeling sorry, she decided to enjoy the moment.

“Ha ha… Whew, hot… Please continue… I’m sorry.”

“Are you admitting that you are a bitch?”

Gam Deok-bae held the recording smartphone to her face and asked.
She wept and nodded.

“Right… That’s right, a lewd bitch! So keep going…!”

“Then look here and tell me.”

“… Yes?”

“Think of showing this video to your boyfriend and tell him! Your girlfriend is so lewd that she doesn’t even keep the conviction of chastity before marriage and is a lewd bitch who treats other men.”

“Hahm… That… “

Hyuna Lee shed tears.
Even if it’s just a dream, as he said, he spread his legs to another man and
At the same time, to myself who had a thrilling imagination of what it would be like if my boyfriend really saw it.
I felt immoral and disillusioned.

But this time, she followed his words with the excuse of a dream.
She couldn’t stop any longer.

“Minwoo, black… Sorry… It’s a year like this… Sobbing… “

“Don’t cry, speak straight up.”

Gam Deok-bae touched and encouraged Klee.
She couldn’t possibly resist the pleasure he offered her.

“Sorry! As far as chastity before marriage… Aww! Ha… Giving a virgin to another man… Missing child… Aaaaagh!”

She whimpered and apologized, and he thrust his cock right into it.
The cock, which had reached her cervix in one breath, forced it inside as if it were not satisfied.

“Haaaaagh! Ah… Evil! Ha ha… Haaaaa!”

Still, she let out a sound that was not hurt, but rather succumbed to her pleasure.

“My wife! Minuya hehe! The cock is too young! Ha ha! Uh…”

“Like this, crane, stinging,hehe, ha! Joaah!”

“It’s an obscene year… Mia, my dear!”

“Yeah, man! Whoops, oh! I feel so good!”

She confessed, making a lustful noise every time her cock was fucked.
The more she said sorry to her boyfriend, the better she felt.

“Minuyaaaaa, I’m leaving!! Ha… With the cock of another man besides you, I, go away!”

Eventually she climaxed, crying out her boyfriend’s name for her pleasure.

But Gamdeokbae did not let her go.
His cock was still hard.

“Ahhh! I already… Whoa! Gone! Dee!”

“No dear! Whoa, whoops, haha! Sorry!”

He continued to tease her cunt, which had already become sensitive enough to go away.

“Ha! Black! Get weird! Alas!”

His prick moved deeper and faster, as if it had been a joke up until now.
Now she didn’t have the energy to say anything.
All she could do was gasp like a bitch in heat.

“Come on, wake up. Wrap it inside like this.”

“Ha, hot, ah! Hem! Hehe! Inside… Hello dear!”

“If you don’t tell me, you’ll really get inside, so tell me!”

“Under… Ugh, ugh! Ha… Ah… Please pack me…”

“Like this… Wrap it inside, please!”

Gamdeokbae ejaculated into her vagina as she said.
The cock, which was deeply embedded in her cunt, poured semen into her womb.

“Ha ha! Lies! No dear! Ha… Sobbing… Minuya I…”

Shocked, Lee Hyun-ah closed her eyes tightly and shed her tears.
It was her shock to herself that she climaxed at the same time that she really did cum on her.

“Minu… Until I cum… Get hit, uh, sssss, that’s it! I’m sorry!”

Lee Hyun-ah had no time to be depressed.
Deokbae Gam, as if once was not enough, had his cock erected once more in her pussy and then repeated her pistoning.

That night she apologized to her boyfriend all night long.


“Huh! Under… Ha… “

After waking up, Lee Hyun-ah took a deep breath and looked around.
Then she removed the covers and checked her cunt.

“Ha… It’s really a dream… It’s crazy! I’m crazy!”

It must have been a dream, but at some point, I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or reality.
I just entrusted myself to the pleasure of Gamdeokbae.
It wasn’t until she opened her eyes that she realized the seriousness of her situation.
Fortunately, however, his actions with Gam Deok-bae were truly a dream.

“I’m sorry, mister… To dream of such a dream as an uncle… Haha…”

She didn’t notice that she apologized to Deokbae Gam first before her boyfriend.
Last night she was just thinking about whether she hadn’t made a mistake with him.

When I turned on my smartphone to check, there was a call to him.
With her heart pounding, she opened her chat and there was a picture of her slumped over on a table in her bar, drunk on her lips.

“You must be crazy, really!”

[Hyunah, did you think you liked your boyfriend too much? I kept looking for a boyfriend in my sleep.]
[(Smiling emoticon as the puppy covers her mouth with one hand)]

[It’s a joke, and I’m telling you in advance in case you’re worried, but yesterday really didn’t matter.]
[You fell asleep, so I forcibly woke you up and took you home. Do you remember?]
[I’ve prepared a simple dish to relieve the hangover, so warm it up and eat it when you wake up.]
[I bought a hangover cure drink just in case you didn’t know, so make sure to eat it.]
[(Emoji Kang Ji-ji waving her hand)]

“Under… I’m really glad…”

Fortunately, as he said, nothing seemed to have happened.
The clothes he was wearing were the same, and there were no marks on the bed.
When I turned my head, there was a really hangover drink on the table and a pot that hadn’t been used a few times was taken out.

“Because he’s really nice, Mr….”

She was supposed to take care of it, but instead accepted it.
But this, she thought, wasn’t too bad either.

“But I didn’t really touch you… Are you old man? Thank you, but…”

Even normally, she was Gam Deok-bae, who never gave herself a lewd look.
She feels comfortable with Deokbae Gam, who treats her like her real brother, but at the same time, she feels regret that she doesn’t have that much charm as a member of the opposite sex.
Even now, when she found out that nothing had happened, she doubted her own attractiveness.

“The man in my dream was completely different… “

Gam Deok-bae in her dreams did not let her go. He made her from his head to toe.
She used to serve him by being his bitch and giving her body and soul.

“… Mister… “

As she recalled the dream, she naturally reached for her cunt.
Her pussy was already wet.

Gamdeokbae’s cock was very large. But she had that big cock all in her.
She apologized to Minwoo and tightened his cock.

“Hahm… Ha… “

He had sprayed all the men into his vagina.
When she was told to conceive his child, she was very excited.

“Sleep… Haang…”

In the dream, she was lecherous.
She enjoyed the things she used to see in porn with him.


At first she suffered, but she felt her increasingly divided heart filling up.
It was a different happiness than when she heard thanks from him.

“I’m sorry, Minwoo… “

She masturbated, saying the same words as in the dream.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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