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Heroine Netori 230

Heroine Netori 230

Chapter 230 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (33)

“… Really? No no… Did you really say that wow, awesome… So, are you dating Hye-ah at the same time?”

“Yes… Hehe, I couldn’t help it because I love my older brother so much.”

Dang So-yeon was surprised to hear Wi Ji-eun’s story. To seduce her sister’s man, isn’t it completely immoral? She thought that Tang So-yeon was her friend her, and that she should give her admonition to Wei Ji-eun.

“Uh, how? How did you seduce He’s Hye-ah’s man!”

But what came out of her mouth was a completely different story.

What kind of admonition is admonition among friends? Rather than that, she had to find out Wi Ji-eun’s secret method of seducing a powerful man. In the current situation where the relationship with Namgung-jin is sluggish, how to seduce a man was essential information for Dang So-yeon.

“That is… That what I just happened to… Well?”

“Ah, eunaaaaa. Tell me straight, huh? I really want to know.”

“Ahaha… “

However, in fact, Wi Ji-eun had no such secret. If it wasn’t for the master of magic, she wouldn’t have been able to date Baek. What on earth would she know? Most of what Wi Ji-eun told Dang So-yeon was made up.

“So, that… Originally, men like active women.”

But now I can’t reveal the truth… Wi Ji-eun somehow shook her head and evaded her with a plausible answer. That was the best she could do.

“Ohhh, is it?”

“Yes… It’s a lie to say you like modest women. Is there anyone who says that all men are wolves? It’s a lump of sexual desire that everyone wants to do that way!”

“Stand up, a mass of sexual desire… “

“So, by using that, I can satisfy your libido… Well, if you seduce me like this, all simple men will fall for you.”

“I see…!”

But, perhaps thinking that Wi Ji-eun’s story was really plausible, Dang So-yeon nodded and listened to her friend’s argument her. She planned to use this opportunity to learn and outsmart Jegal Yeonhwa.

“Baekrang, please… Please stop. In fact, I’m not Wei Wisdom, heaaaaa!”

Meanwhile, at that time, Jegal Yeon-hwa was being raped by Wi Ji-eun’s man.


“I hate it, I hate it! Please stop!”

Haha. You’re asking me to fuck you more!”

Ah, the first experience was rape… Is there any other woman in the world more unhappy than me? I tried resisting with tears in my eyes, but the man didn’t listen to my request… He took my virgin… Took it

“Eww, haaaaang!”

“Yes? How come it’s cramped today… Is it because of your mood?”

“It’s not because of my mood… Hot, haaang! Mum… Stop… Aang!”

But what is it, it doesn’t hurt at all… The man’s big thing that makes me startled just by looking at it pierced my hymen and burrowed into my body… Contrary to what I heard, there was no pain there .

“Why, huh, ha ha… Aang! Why… Hem!”

“Hye-mae… It reminds me of the first time I did it.”

“You must feel bad… Ahh ha… To do… “

“I will give you the ultimate pleasure like back then.”


By the way… Why are you in such a good mood?

Every time the man’s thing stabbed me inside, a strange moan escaped my lips. Now, even though this is rape… I became scared of myself at the dizzying pleasure that even I could not understand.

No way me… Am I a lewd woman? Even though I’m being forced, my body… I was enjoying what I was doing. The contradiction made me doubt myself.

“Huh, are you feeling well?”

“Annit, ha… No, it’s not…!”

However, I was soon able to come to my senses.

Sexual intercourse itself is a pleasant act. The probability of feeling this kind of pleasure because it was ‘me’ was low. Again, it’s rape… There was no point in enjoying this. So I had to focus on intercourse.

“Haha, your expression is good, so you’re going to die?”

“That… Ha, don’t look…. This pervert…”

“Stop it and tell me. Do you feel good?”

“… Hot, ooh… Okay… “

Because I’m lewd, because I’m a pervert… It’s not like I’m panting like this. This is an unavoidable physiological phenomenon. Having come to that conclusion, I decided to accept the present pleasure. And then, I decided to wait for this act to end.

“Then I will make you feel better.”

“What? Wow… What are you doing…”

“Now, lie down like this. Yes, it is.”

“What… Hot stop… What are you trying to do?”

“What is it, Hye-mae’s favorite junior.”

“After… Junior position? Whoa, haaaaang!”

But this… That’s the posture beasts use when mating! Now, please… Are you treating the world’s Zhuge Lianhua as an animal? Dare… Hot, ha… How dare you treat me like an animal?

It was normal to feel uncomfortable with the man’s ridiculous behavior of his. Unlike my body, which has succumbed to men, my mind is intact. So I had to be angry. I had to scream to stop.

However… I couldn’t say anything.


“Haaang! Do not! Sorry!”

“Keuuu, as expected, the tightness changes every time you hit it!”

… What is this strange feeling?

I am being humiliated, strangely… I felt an unknown thrill in my chest. This… Happiness? I didn’t hate being treated like an animal, and when I got hit on the butt, I burst out laughing without even realizing it. As if you are genuinely enjoying your current situation.


“Aang! Stop, hag… Ahh! Don’t hit me!”

“Is that what a woman who twitches her hips for a spanking would say?”

Only then… You really think I’m a pervert…

“Haaaaang! Hitting and hitting… Whew, ha ha… No… “

Haha. You mean good?”

No, it’s not like a pervert…

“Ugh… Joe, ok… Haaaaang! I like getting hit and getting hit!”

Perversion was right.

“Ah! White Rang! Please keep hitting me…!”

I’m funny… Thanks to rape, I was able to realize my true nature.


“Ha… Are you out of your mind? Ah… Aaaaagh!”

Back in the room, I screamed with my head covered. It was only now that he came to his senses her. It was nice when I surrendered to the pleasure of intercourse I felt for the first time, but… Now that I think about it, this was not something I could just pass by.

“Crazy, crazy, crazy!”

First of all, I lost my virginity.

It was the first time I was going to give it to Jean Gaga, but I lost it like an idiot. Now maybe good? Thanks to Jinbeop, no one will find out, but the first night with Jin Gagawa was a problem. I don’t have a hymen… Can I get around It is said that there are things that tear during training, but I was worried that I would raise unnecessary suspicion.

And… The man was the problem.

Seeing that he fell asleep right after half an hour passed, it means that the truth worked… Even so, you’re the one who raped me. I had to check myself to see if the man had lost his memory his, just in case.

Ah… But what if you really remember?

If that’s the case, they will definitely suspect me. I’m the one who took Wei Ji-hui apart on the pretext of telling him the truth. It will probably come to me with a high probability. And… I would do that again…

After forcibly taking off my clothes that I resist saying no to, after making me face down like a beast, he will violate my genitals with his own vicious genitals. Slap slap, while slapping my butt.


No… I think I’ll be excited again…

Recalling the thrill of that time, I realized that the man’s semen was still inside me. He ran away right away, so he didn’t have time to deal with it.

Hey, I have to go wash up.

So I was about to go out the door, but I heard a knock on the door and the voice of the man who took my first coin.

“Do you have Zhuge Sojour? I came because I have something to tell you.”

“Hahm… “

“Jegal Sojeo?”

Uh, what to do…

His semen his trickled down my perplexed crotch.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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