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Heroine Netori 229

Heroine Netori 229

Chapter 229 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (32)

Unscrupulous kid. What are you doing well? I wanted to swear at them, but since I was in front of the real heroine, I forcibly managed my expression and greeted the two siblings.

“I learned a number.”

“Well? Haha. Don’t do that, let it go. Isn’t it between the rain dance? And I did learn a lesson. You are a man who deserves to be next to Wizzy Sojour.”

“… What does that mean? The match has not yet been decided.”

Haha. I will apologize In fact, the engagement story is a lie, all of which I forcibly brought up to test you. I had to provoke you.”

This kid… ? No, it was really a story that was brought up because of the rain dance?

It was absurd. Did Siwoo know that he could think? Even though he was the main character, he was different from the usual Siwoo. Is it because Siwoo is not included in the name? Maybe I’ve found a new rule.

“… Exam? Did you say it was a test?”

“Ah, sorry about that too. There was an order from the Murim Maeng to confirm your rumors. This was not intentional, so please forgive me.”

“Does a guy like that use a killing blow during his dance?”

“Watering? Gee, that’s a misunderstanding. If I had used the spray, would the old man with the Moon Night Sword have stayed still? I don’t know why you’re under such an illusion, but I’ve never used water spray.”

Hmm, not coming over. Certainly, there was no attack that could be classified as a watering hole. However, there were several attacks that would have been very dangerous if I had been even a little bit off guard. That guy must have aimed for that… Unfortunately, there is no evidence to investigate right now.

“Well, okay. That’s done… The Murim Maeng gave an order?”

“Okay. The commander-in-chief asked me to find out your full skills.”


“That… It’s long, so to speak, but first of all, it’s because of the ‘Magic Cult’.”

“…… Is it really?”

“Haha. I’ll tell you the details after the next dance. I haven’t been able to confirm your true skills yet. Next time, besides the blue sword, you’ll have to reveal all the other skills you’re hiding .I will deal with you with all my heart.”

“Hmm… Got it. Keep in mind.”

It’s a demon… Indeed it is. Only now did everything make sense.

Why did you pretend to be friendly all of a sudden?

This bastard is more usable than I thought, so I would have thought that he would be useful when fighting against the Demonic Cult, so he would have changed his mind to give up at least the internal air shuttle. After all, this kid’s ultimate goal is incest.

Oh yeah… He’s a jerk in many ways.

Do you really need to give this a proper education? I was going to end it with only netori, but this is what happened, so I have to aim for the S rank. Siwoo, no, Siwoo. I’ll eat your little brother.

I said goodbye to the two of them, hiding my dark thoughts.

“Well then, see you next time. See you next time Namgung Sojeo too.”

“Oh, over there!”


“Please dance with me too!”

However, Namgungbin rushed at me and requested her help her. With both of her eyes shining brightly. Come to think of it, she’s crazy about swords, she said… She seemed to know why she had a short sword ear.

“… Oh well, that’s good I’ll take my time.”

“Wow! I did it! Thanks!”

… Certainly, it is pretty. I’m not a true heroine for nothing. He looked at me with a wide smile, and for a moment his heart almost stopped. It would be nice to have a sister like this. When I glanced at the incestuous creature, his face hardened.

Bastard, if you get serious with this, what are you going to do later?

I was really looking forward to the future.


After parting with her male palace siblings, she returned to her room her … Something was strange. Does it feel like entering a barrier? It was very suspicious, so when I used observation, I was able to confirm that some strange tactic was unfolding.

It’s true… Did an assassin come?

So when I cautiously opened the door, Hye-mae, no, Jegal Yeon-hwa, pretending to be Hye-mae, was waiting for me.

“Baekrang… You worked really hard today.”

“… ?”

“Whoa, are you tired? Can I give you a massage?”

What else is this I was speechless at the unexpected sight. What the hell is this doing? Seeing Jegal Yeon-hwa acting calmly, it seemed that the strangely-named jinbeop had the effect of changing the caster’s appearance, or making them think so.

“Aren’t you?”

“Yes. Come here.”

However, it didn’t seem to work for me, perhaps because of observation. This… Did something funny happen? First of all, I pretended to be deceived and approached her as her Zhuge Yeon-hwa told me.

“Huh, it moves just as I said. Because I am a genius.”


“Oh, no. Umm… So how are you? Do you feel good?”

Are you saying this is a massage? Even if it looked fragile, it would have been a warrior, but I couldn’t feel any strength in my fingers kneading my shoulder. Well, when did a woman from a prestigious family try a massage? Still, I made a sound as if I was happy, thinking that my fingers are really long.

“Ah, that’s good, Hyemae… “

“Whoop whoop… By the way, Baekrang.”

“Yes. Please speak.”

“About today’s rain dance… Wasn’t that Baekrang’s strength?”

“… It is.”

“Also! Then what are you hiding… Could you tell me?”

“Are you talking about Hye-mae?”


This year? Ha, that’s ridiculous, really. When I tried to do something stupid, it seemed that I was trying to do something that I didn’t even ask to be of help to my relatives. Apparently, it seems to have the effect of moving as directed, but it is a very insidious tactic down from Jegal Se.

“Before that… I will do what Hye-mae wants.”


Then, it would be fair for me to treat you insidiously. I attacked Jegal Yeon-hwa as naturally as if I were dealing with Hye-mae.

“What, what are you doing! Let go of this! Let go! Ugh?! Town! Ugh!”

“Yes? Didn’t Hye-mae send the signal first?”

“No, that… What?! Tongue, tongue… Chuuu, haaang… No, it’s my first time.”

Is it your first kiss? Rejoicing at the expected fact, I untied the clothes of Jegal Yeon-hwa. And caressed her skin with a gentle hand. Then a cute moan erupted from her mouth.

“Stop! Stop it! Hey, why are you moving on your own! Ha… Stop!”

“No, why the hell are you doing that?”

“I-I want to ask that… Wow, obviously the method was working properly…”

“True? Work? What are you talking about?”

“No. Ugh, ugh… Step away for now.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Uh, why… ! Why are you not listening to me!”

Haha. I don’t know if Hye-mae’s denial is positive.”

That’s a very good excuse, I think. If this is the case, Jegal Yeon-hwa will not be confused. They probably thought that Jinbeop worked, but this happened because they disguised themselves as Wei Jihye. Then you don’t even have to worry about it.

I lowered my head and bit her seductive breasts.

“Haaang! That stop… Whew, ha… Mi, are you crazy?”

“You seem to be bothering me too much today.”

“No, hehe! Haa, that, that, that, that!”

And then she gently peeled off her insides. Then her pink cunt her, which had just begun to bloom, appeared. After all, her virgin pussy her is pretty. Without a moment’s hesitation, I changed her posture and tasted her petals of her.

“Aaaaang! Whoops, haaaaa! Ugh!”

“What, ha! Stop! Haaaaang! I hate it!”

“Why, huh, haang… Haaang!”

Are you sensitive differently than you look? It was only a little licking, but her cunt was wet. I can hit it right away with this. After she got ready, I slowly took off her pants right in front of her as she watched.

“Ha… Shera… Why are you there, ha… Licking… Wow! Me, crazy! Stop it right now! What are you trying to show me! This pervert! Slut! Lothario!”

Haha, Hyemae is also true. Would you like to do a role play like that? Good. I will pretend to be a slut as Hye-mae wants.”

“Yes? Oh no! It’s not… Wow! Ahhh… Aaaaa… No, that’s nonsense… Growing up like that… Eh, eh. Wait, wait. Stop. Please. Stop. No.”

After that, I put the glans on Jegal Yeon-hwa’s clenched, straight pussy.

“Baekrang, please… Please stop. In fact, I’m not Wei Wisdom, heaaaaa!”

Then, with force, he ate her virgin cunt her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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