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Heroine Netori 228

Heroine Netori 228

Chapter 228 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (31)

“This… That’s amazing. My expectations were wrong.”

“Hey, do you think the world goes the way you think?”


“Exactly… The world is wide and there are many things to learn. My knowledge has increased.”

“No, what am I going to be if I accept it right away… “

-Chaeeng, Chaeng!

“Stop. Concentrate. It is a martial art that has a lot to learn as a martial artist.”

“That, yes… “

Jegal Yeon-hwa and Dang So-yeon were surprised by the much fiercer dance than expected. They naturally expected that Namgoong-jin would win with overwhelming force.

However, the reality was different, and Baek’s skills exceeded his expectations. At first, I wanted to be pushed back in vain, but soon began to block all attacks, and now I was counterattacking, albeit weakly.

It still didn’t look like Namgoong-jin would lose… However, it didn’t look like the rain would end too soon. The strength of his character, Baek, was considerable.

“It is strong. That person.”

“I know… Go, no hey. Take your hand off the sword. What are you doing.”

“Oh, sorry. I don’t know.”

Is that why? Namgungbin’s expression of her, which he had been looking at her dance with an expressionless expression, changed. She had looked lifeless even when she first started dancing, but now, like a child given her her new toy, she had a dazzlingly bright smile.

As she fiddled with her sword with one hand.

“Whoops, don’t worry. The opponent is strong, but that doesn’t mean she won’t lose to him. Look at the look on her face. You are smiling.”

“… Worry? Me?”

“Hey. Didn’t I tell you not to use the word ‘him’? Does he want to be poisoned? And you, you really don’t know anything about him? Are you worried, really me Does this look like a worried face?”

“Oh, isn’t it? Excuse me. Hmm…”

It was as Dang So-yeon said. To worry, since Namgoongbin was born, she had never worried about Namgoongjin. Why should he worry about his brother, who is perfect everywhere? Worry was a word that could not be addressed to Namgung-jin.

Namgoongbin was doing her expectations her instead. She is a warrior who grows while fighting, can she really be that strong even when dealing with herself? She wanted to cross swords with that man right now.


‘This guy… He wasn’t just a mouthful. I’m getting used to my sword. Ha, are you even fighting back now? Indeed, he is a man recognized by the Moon Night Sword.”

For the same reason, Namgung-jin was embarrassed. She tried to simply deal with it and end her fight, but the guy’s resistance was unexpectedly persistent. Baek was never an easy opponent. Namgung-jin felt like he was drowning in a swamp. It was the first time she felt like meeting her own nemesis her.

In the end, she had to admit Namgoong-jin.

He’s still weaker than he is, but he’s worth it. Namgoong-jin, who judged that, struck her with a strong sword, and then she took a step back. And she, for the first time in this sword dance, she unfolded the herbivore of the king sword type.

Aside from admitting it, shouldn’t she win in the match?

I’m also watching her brother her.


From Namgungjin’s sword, golden, splendid sword energy poured into Baek.


However, the sword never touched Baek.

The guy fired a blue sword he had never seen before against the king sword brother, and the two sword swords collided with each other and made a loud bang. And at the same time, shockwaves spread out in all directions, shattering the gymnasium as if a thunderclap had exploded.

It was a trace of a battle created by just two people.


“Huh… Are you both okay?”

“All right… Heo-eok, I do, father-in-law… Huh.”

Haha. It’s okay, old man.”

Namgoongjin pretended to be her Taeyeon, but Namgoongbin could tell. He was perplexed Seeing that, she turned her head and looked at her bag her. A blue light sword, I didn’t expect that man to have a swordsmanship comparable to that of a king’s sword type. Namgoongbin became more interested in him.

‘Me too… I want to do it with that guy too!’

Simply attaching it once was not enough. The man seemed to be hiding many things besides the blue sword. She wanted to find out all that. It was an interest she hadn’t felt in a long time. Namgoongbin laughed lightly, and sighed as she held her hand her holding her own sword.

“Does that mean you can do more of both here?”

“Of course, whoa… I am still in good spirits.”

“Neither do I.”

On the other hand, the expressions of Jegal Yeon-hwa and Dang So-yeon were serious. It seemed that she had not even dreamed that such a result would come out. The two of them looked at Namgung-jin while talking to each other, then stole the look of her bag to her. Then he muttered again, and this time he glanced at Sister Weezy, who was smiling broadly.

“Hmm, I understand what you two think… Look here You want to fight more here? Are you thinking of destroying the Wiji family?”

“That, could it be… “

“What do you mean?”

“Why don’t we just draw today and catch the day next time. I will prepare a place where you can run amok to your heart’s content.”

“Whoa, I can’t help it. I will follow you, father-in-law.”

Haha. Okay. Thank you for your consideration.”

Baek and Namgungjin’s fight ended in a draw. However, the people of the Weiji family seemed to think Baek had won, and everyone had bright faces.


To be honest, I thought it would be quite challenging. So I was worried about whether or not I should save. But this, the synergy between observation and heavenly control is crazy. I was able to learn the opponent’s swordsmanship just by facing each other. It’s like a martial arts protagonist.

Thanks to that, it was a bit difficult at first, but later on, I was able to fight on an equal footing with him.

However, there was a point that I regretted, and in the end, I ended up using another skill. The last one seemed like I couldn’t stop it. So I ended up using ‘Blue Flash’ without even realizing it.

But what… Anyway, since it’s swordsmanship, you wouldn’t look bad on the true heroine, right?

… While I was going back to my two sisters, sub-heroes suddenly appeared and attacked my girls before me.

“Eunah, long time no see! You haven’t forgotten my face, have you?”

“Soyeon! I miss you!”

“But hey, why are you so pretty! What’s the secret!”

Come to think of it, did you two say you were friends? Seeing Eun-ah’s happy expression warmed my heart. You make that kind of face in front of your friends. Seeing Eun-ah for the first time came very fresh.

“How are you? It is called the lotus flower of the Jegal family. It’s nothing else, I have something to tell you, so I’m here to meet you.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Can I talk to you two for a minute?”

But wouldn’t those two be friends? Hye-mae was very awkward and dealt with Jegal Yeon-hwa. I mean, what is it? Curious about that, I stared at the two of them, and Zhuge Lianghua became conscious of me and took Hyemae away.

“…… “

No… I was excited at the thought of being praised, but what is this? When I came to my senses, I was alone. I was sighing because I was dumbfounded, but this time, a close relative came to visit me with his younger brother.

Haha. Let’s talk.”

This kid… Are you pretending to be friends now? I silently glared at the brazenly laughing incest, as if I had put an iron plate on my face. And the real heroine looked at my face with a bright expression.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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