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Heroine Netori 227

Heroine Netori 227

Chapter 227 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (30)

“Yes? Did you decide to do a dance with him? Really?”

“Baekrang… Are you okay?”

When I told the two sisters about tomorrow’s military performance, Hye-mae and Eun-a worried about me with serious expressions on their faces. No, why do you think I’m going to lose? Don’t you believe me I am a heavenly body. When I told her that I was confident enough to win, Eun-a avoided my gaze and murmured softly.

“Namgoongjin, that guy is also a genius. Brother.”

“Are you sure?”

“And that bastard, Namgungse, is a human being. You must have taken all the elixir called elixir? There will be a lot of internal energy as well.”

Well, since he’s also the main character, he must have overspecs like that. Eun-ah’s worries her were understandable. But even so, it still didn’t seem like it would lose. If it’s one-on-one, it’s really worth it.

“It’s Baekrang and that Namgungse. They are the best Murimsei with swords, but it will never be easy. I heard that the level of swordsmanship is different.”

“That’s right. I said everything because the family head is the famous Sword King.”

“So that’s what I mean… Can’t we just do something that didn’t exist? Beamoo, of course, Baekrang will win, but if you don’t care, you could get hurt…”

“Ha… That’s what I mean. What if I get hurt for no reason… Heeing.”

However, the two sisters also thought the same as I did.

What, was that the reason you were worried? Afraid of getting hurt? Like these lovely sisters. I hugged the two of them, saying that I would be as careful as possible. Then they took me in my arms and began to caress my body carefully.

“You have such a pretty body… Even if there is a sword scar, I cry, brother.”

“Right. Baekrang’s body is not unique to Baekrang.”

“And! So is the face. No, you have to be especially careful with your face!”

“And here too… It’s a man’s weakness, so you know you have to be really careful, right? Haha, the big cock is also a problem. Whoops.”

“Ah, shame! Is your sister going first?”

It’s raining tomorrow… I guess I won’t be able to sleep tonight either.


“But why did they follow them? It didn’t look that strong.”

After finishing the 3rd round of enhancement, taking a short break, I asked a question while stroking the two of them. It wasn’t because I was particularly interested, it was because I was genuinely curious.

“Chew, ha ha… Gulp. Whoa… I heard that the lady of the Zhuge family has a very unusual head. He is said to be good at jinbeop like Zhuge Sega, and he has a good understanding of strategy and tactics. Maybe that’s why.”

Hmm, is the Jegal family the Jegal family?

Certainly, in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms game, only one Zhuge Liang could stop an army of 10,000. When I imagined Jegal Yeon-hwa, who was holding a school wooseon and spreading out the truth with an elegant voice, I thought it suited him quite well. Then it’s okay to follow. It will be much more helpful than bringing in a bunch of mediocre first-class samurai.

“Ha-am, chun… Chew, ha… And So-yeon is my friend her, and although she is short, her skills her are top-notch. Even within the Dang family, she is famous for handling poison well. In addition, he is good at hiding his presence in her, so it will be helpful for attempting or defending an assassination.”

Ho-oh, it was n’t that he did n’t trust his face her and did n’t fight back.

Listening to her story of her, it seems that Dang So-yeon is also a prodigy who heard her genius of her, and she seems to be able to get a lot of help from her too. Sapa guys don’t know what crazy things they’re going to do. At this time, if there is a Dang So-yeon who specializes in poison and assassination, it will be very reassuring.

“Then, how about Sojeo Namgung?”

“Umm, Namgoongbin… Could it be the moon covered by the sun called Namgungjin? Hehe, Namgoong Jin is famous outside of the world, but Namgoong Bin is also famous among people who know him. She also has the nickname Small Sword Ghost (小劍鬼).”

“He! What is a sword demon for a girl?”

“Eh… But, even her sister she knows. He’s crazy about swords.”

Huh, the nickname is a small swordsman? Also, don’t judge people by their appearance. She looked very fragile, but in reality she was a sword-mad woman. I think I need to change my way of thinking about this.

If she wasn’t going to play Netori, it would have been right for her to just use fraudulent skills and win, but for her sake her, it would have been right for her to show the extremely well-learned moonlight swordsmanship, even if the chance of winning would be low.

Only then will she get the attention of the true heroine.

“Anyway, it is… What’s wrong?!”

“Ha-ang, older brother… Hehe, it’s raining tomorrow, will it be okay?”

“Really… You say you’re desperate, whooping.”

I massaged the buttocks of the two sisters while revising the plan. The more you have, the better. In order to increase the chances of winning the match even a little bit, I should at least go up to the 10th level of inner strength enhancement.


This world returns only for Namgung-jin.

… He was a blessed man, to the extent that the word “God” Was floating around in the world.

Namgungjin was born as a member of the Heavenly Armed Forces, which is said to come out once in a thousand years, and was taught by the Sword King that she is the incarnation of the sword. Broke the wall

Everyone envied him.

However, Namgung-jin was pessimistic about his own life. He was born with everything, what more could he have. Suddenly feeling the futility of life, Namgung-jin lost all his will and stopped trying.

“Brother, have a sword fight with me.”

However, there was an opportunity for Namgung-jin to change his mind, and that was the awakening of his younger brother, Namgung-bin.

“Other people don’t want to play with me.”

Namgungbin, who held her sword in her hand to fight, had her sword wrapped around her sword. It was a skill that could only be shown at the pinnacle. She was never something a 9 year old kid would show.

“Rain, Binah… How did you do that?”

“Yes? Just… Did you follow my older brother?”

“… What?!”

Surprisingly, Namgoongbin had more talent than Namgoongjin. Namgoongjin’s face turned red when he confirmed it. The first person in the world was not a designated position. For the first time in my life, I had a reason to try.

However… It wasn’t all good. Isn’t there a guarantee that his brother will be different from himself? Namgung-jin was worried about her younger brother, who would become depressed like himself. And he was determined to stop it.

“You don’t want to play with me, do you?”

“Oh, no… Okay! I’ll play with you!”

“Wow! After all, my older brother is the best!”

Let’s show a stronger image than our younger siblings anytime, anywhere.

“Aaaaagh! I hate you! Scared!’

That was the reason why Namgung-jin took it seriously even in a mere sword fight. She thought that if there was someone stronger than herself right next to her, Namgoong Bin would not lose her motivation.

“Still, am I the only one?”

“Sniff… Hee hee, that’s right But the only one who played with me was my older brother!”

But there, Namgoong-jin… Missed her one step.

‘Bin needs me. I need my help to make sure she doesn’t go through the same pain as me.’

‘You have to always stay by my side so Bin doesn’t have a hard time. I always have to protect Bini so that he doesn’t get out of line. I’m Beanie’s older brother.’

‘No one can replace me. So are her parents her. In this world, only I can understand Bin. Bin only needs me.’

Her first thought was her was that she simply had to take care of her as her family her. However, as her husband her, Namgoong Bin, grew up, her thoughts her changed little by little. She felt that her brother her, who was only cute, was lovable. More than her family, Namgungbin became precious. She felt that meeting her was her her destiny.

‘No one but me can be by Binnie’s side.’

‘I belong to Bean, and Bean is mine.’

Eventually, when Namgoong Bin grew up and became her beautiful girl her, Namgoong Jin looked at her sister her as a woman.

“Brother? Are you listening?”

“… Uh? Yes. Sorry. Just focus for a moment.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Haha! Please. Then I will come.”

After briefly recalling her past her, Namgoong-jin patted her younger brother on the head, and then she went to the gymnasium. And Namgoong Bin looked at her with an expressionless face.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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