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Heroine Netori 231

Heroine Netori 231

Chapter 231 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (34)

“Bar, talk outside. Now… It’s a bit difficult.”


“That… I’m changing my clothes…”

“Oh, I see. Sorry.”

Why did you come to me? Could it be that you noticed? Is that why you came to threaten me?

Just hearing the man’s voice made my heart race. If you open this door… Will it be violated again? When I thought of the ugly penis of the man who took my virgin, for some reason, his lower stomach felt hot.

“Then I will tell you here.”


“I heard that Jegal Sojeo decided to teach Hyemae her jinbeop? So, as her husband-to-be her, she came to say thanks.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Haha. If you ever need my help, let me know.”

“Yeah, I will.”

… Thank god. You didn’t notice.

Also, there was no problem with my method. The accident happened because of the perverted sexual desire of the two… It wasn’t that my tactic was wrong. Ugh… If I had known that in advance, I would n’t have lost her virginity her… Swallowing my regret, I let out a sigh and sent the man back.

“Then…Could you please go back now?”

“Ah, haha. Okay. Have a good night then.”

-Jerking away

By the way… What is this feeling?

When I heard the footsteps of the man leaving, I strangely felt a strange sadness in my heart. No way… Am I missing you right now? Because you can’t be violated? … Really?

“Ahhh… How did the world’s Zhuge Lianhua become such a pervert!”

I felt disgusted with my low-quality lustful nature. That’s why you’re such a slut… Angry at myself, I wiped the man’s cum down to his thighs.


“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes? Yes yes… Well, I slept well…”

I was going to treat Jin Gaga with a calm face, pretending nothing happened… As soon as I saw Gaga’s face, I felt unbearable shame. Ah, I have become a prostitute who is not even a virgin, how can I raise my face…

I skipped meals on the excuse that I was sick.

“Hey, Jegalryun. Are you okay? It is absolutely dead.”

“Ha… It’s not okay at all.”

“Uh… You look really sick. That… Shall I give you some medicine?”

“No. I will only accept your heart. Thank you for caring though.”

“Yes… Well, let me know if you need anything. Because I can help you with that.”

But as if he was worried about me, an unexpected person approached me. Dang so-yeon… Are there more leftovers than expected? Seeing her for the first time, her caring attitude once again made me feel embarrassed. Isn’t she a woman who can be compared to anyone whose nature is perverted? At this rate, it was clear that the seat next to Jin Gaga would belong to Dang So-yeon.

“Right, indeed. I heard that a non-duty date has been set.”


“Okay. Next week At that time, Namgung-jin will also appear with sincerity, so it will be worth watching.”

Bimura… Yeah, why did you forget that?

She wasn’t going to stay down like this. It was meant to help Gaga by uncovering the secrets of her man named Baek. Although yesterday… Even though she had suffered such a terrible situation, there was no reason for her to stop, as long as she confirmed that the truth worked.

It’s not like you can hit it.

I lost my innocence… However, I had no intention of giving up the seat next to Gaga. Thank you for your concern, but the world of competition is a cold law! Having regained my motivation, I gladly went to meet Wi Ji-hye in order to carry out the operation once again.


I hummed while thinking of last night’s Jegal Yeonhwa. It was a pretty fun experience. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t see his face, but I was satisfied that I could see his trembling voice.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I skipped meals today on the excuse of being sick, but you won’t be able to keep avoiding me like that. We will eventually meet, and I was curious about the reaction at that time. I resisted with my mouth, but in contrast, pussy was honest.

Nice… Already waiting for that moment.

“Ah, brother! Here, here!”

But what about Eun-ah? She said she had something to say, so she came to visit me, but no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t anticipate what it was. Could it be something related to Dang So-yeon?


“Eight! Hehe… “

… While I was thinking, Eun-ah came running and she naturally fell into my arms.

What is this cute creature? Eun-a rubbing her face against my chest was lovely. You look like a dog. To respond, she hugged Eun-ah around her slender waist her, and she lifted her tiptoe and lifted her head to kiss her.

“Haa, chug, chuuu… Haha… Brother, I love you…”

“Miss Eun-ah, did you call me because you wanted to do this?”

“Ha… Well, I’m sorry.”

But this cat wasn’t just cute. Eun-ah, who began to lick her tongue her, carefully put her hand down, and she took off my pants as if it were natural. What is this bewildering creature? After thinking about what to do with this, I decided to just entrust my body to Eun-ah.

“What if Hye-mae finds out… “

“Sure! You did it without me yesterday too!”

“That’s because you’re late with a friend… Oops…”

“Eh, let’s eat well!”

What is this?

Unsatisfied with touching my cock, Eun-ah sucked my cock with a perfectly skilled movement. In terms of martial arts, it was almost an 8-star fella skill. Is it fun to teach this? Eun-ah was admirable, so I stroked her hair.

“Chu-eup, chun… Ha, brother… Chuuuuu… Do you feel good? I am mature now.”

“Ah, it’s not until maturity. Hye-mae is enough to be fully matured.”

“What? Chump, chuup… I am volunteering, but why are you talking about my sister! Chew, gulp…”

“Haha, I’ll suck it up for you instead.”

You can’t just receive. I thought it would be fun to do it alone for the first time in a while, so I prepared a six-nine pose. But when Eun-a refused, she forced me to lie down and put her own cunt on top of my cock.

“Don’t do that. I’ll do it with my older brother’s cock.”

“Miss Eun-ah… Are you frustrated?”

“It’s not like that!”

I guess you’re right…

Eun-ah slowly turned her back and began to let out her strange moans. It was a fairly natural movement, no matter how much she got used to riding. … Shall we leave it to the end today? I enjoyed her service while looking at Eun-ah’s swaying breasts at her.

“Ah, ah… Oh my, ha ha…”

“Too… Whew, ha ha… Alright, Aang!”

“Brother, sleep… Ha, ah… I love it!”

By the way… Everything is good…

Why is he hiding there?

– Sizzling…
– Swish…

‘Ha, ah… Haaa…’

This is Eun-ah’s room… Dang So-yeon was secretly masturbating while spying on our affair. That is, dripping the liquid. Does Eun-ah know? It was a situation I couldn’t understand.

– Sizzling, squealing…

‘Ha… Great, great… Haaa… ‘

A voyeuristic sub-heroine… Are there any cases like this? It was ridiculous. It’s been a long time since I tried to enjoy it alone, but one pervert interfered. If I do this, I’ll worry about it and I won’t be able to enjoy it properly.

Apparently, he didn’t even know he was caught, and he seems to be muttering.

‘Crazy, crazy… Ha… ‘

… Shall I feed you a room?

Having a funny imagination, I grabbed Eun-ah’s hips and bounced her waist.

“Hasssss, haaaaang! Ooh, brother… Suddenly… “

After that, I got up from the spot holding Eun-ah who had fallen in my arms.

“Aang, sssss, haha… Oh brother? What… This is, ha, ah!”

Then, he approached Dang So-yeon while poking Eun-ah’s pussy in a field position. As if she knew very well what she was hiding there.

‘Uh, uh… Haha, lie… Why come here… Seriously?’

“Ah! Brother! This is weird, Aang! Deep inside… Haang!”

‘Oh, isn’t it? It won’t be. It shouldn’t be please… ‘

“Aang! It’s so good, brother! Ha, Aang!”

‘Ah, our eyes met… ‘

“Go away!”

-Shoot it!
– Pop… Took…

Is this really worth seeing? Eventually, as Eun-ah reached her climax, she spurted out her love juice on her, and Dang So-yeon, who was hiding and masturbating to her, was covered with Eun-ah’s love juice on her. It was a very fitting ending for a voyeur.

“Hey, hehe… Ah, ah…”

“Ha, ah… It was good, brother… Ha… Huh? So, So Yeon-ah!”

“Uh, Eunah… Aaaaang! What should I do!”

“Oh, why! Why did you come here Soyeon-ah! I told you to hide well!”

By the way… Something was wrong with the reaction.

“I’m sorry! Black, ugh… Aaaaang!”


“Soyeon! At there! So Yeon Ah!”


…… What the hell is this… ? In an instant, I became alone. So… You mean that Eun-ah knew that Dang So-yeon was hiding? Why not? Eun-ah, so she was trying to show her friend that we were having sex?

“Ha… I will turn.”

My brain got complicated.

Did you bite your friend? Eun-a wasn’t the kind of person who would do such a thing… Could she have been threatened? No matter how much she shook her head, she couldn’t come up with an answer. Confused, I went back to Hye-mae’s room to heal.

“Brother! Welcome!”

But this time, Jegal Yeon-hwa, pretending to be Eun-ah, was waiting for me.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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