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Heroine Netori 209

Heroine Netori 209

Chapter 209 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (12)

“Is your love for me your true heart, or is it a false heart born of ‘Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body’… Isn’t that what you want to know?”

“…… Right.”

“Then, instead of mixing bodies, you can imitate ordinary lovers. I mean, pretending to be lovers.”

“Be a lover… ?”

“That’s right. If Hye-mae still does n’t change her heart her, and if she comes to love me more than she does now, would n’t that be Hye-mae’s true feelings that have nothing to do with’Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body’?”

“True… Emotion… “

Exactly… It didn’t seem wrong. Without the pleasure of Taegeuk Yin-Yang Shin Gong, I would be able to judge my heart more calmly. Again, Baek gave me a wise answer.

“Hundred… So, is this what ordinary lovers look like?”

However, thanks to that, a new question has arisen.

A lover’s penis, a man’s cock… Holding your hand like this… Is this what normal lovers do? Having never had a lover, I couldn’t understand the current situation at all.

Baek is… I’ve been through this often, so do you know? Thinking so made me a little sad.

“Um… Well, as far as I know, yes. I have no experience, but I have heard many stories. So it must be true.”

“Oh, is that so?”

By the way… It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a lover.

Looking at Baek’s face, blushing and smiling awkwardly, it seemed that Baek’s words of inexperience were not a lie.

Whoops, that’s right. Baek is just like me…

“Then, what can I do here now?”

Feeling better, I smiled broadly and asked Baek.

“It is said that women usually serve with their hands like this for the man they love. It is done very carefully, with the intention of making the lover happy.”

“To my lover… Volunteer… “

“So, would you like to try Hyemae? If rewarding feelings arise instead of unpleasantness, we will be able to see what Hye-mae’s true heart is.”

“…… I know. Then could you tell me how?”

I knew at once what Baek’s words meant.

If the person I love feels pleasure with my hands, that must be rewarding. So this is what normal lovers do.

So, following Baek’s instructions, I slowly… In my hand, I caressed the white cock that was pulsating hotly. With a lot of force, as if she was tightening his cock with her pussy.

“Ha… Hundred…”

But once again I feel…

That’s amazing.


The brutal size that is difficult to hold with one hand… The hot heat that would burn you if you touched it incorrectly, the hardness like steel that would never break, and the obscene smell that would excite you just by smelling it.. .

It seems that such a wonderful cock has penetrated the hymen and entered me.

When I touched the white cock, I remembered my first happy experience.

‘Ha ha! Ah… ! Why, why, like this! Ha… It’s good!’

At that time, I was struggling with the overflowing pleasure without knowing why.

But now I know. Fufu, getting stuck in such a dignified cock, I can’t help but feel good. Even if it wasn’t for ‘Taegeuk-Yin-Yang-Ji-che’, I would have been immersed in the sexual act of Baek-Gwa.

“… Like this?”

“Yes, that is it.”

“Ha… Okay.”

By the way… Did Baek do that too? Even if it wasn’t ‘Taegeuk Yin-Yang Ji’… Would you love my pussy? Mixing with me… Would you have enjoyed it?

When I suddenly thought of that, I became very anxious.

Baek’s heart that loves me… It could be a false feeling. In fact, you might be fooled by the pleasure of Taegeuk Yin-Yang New Art and misunderstand that you are in love with me…

What I had to prove was Baek’s heart His, not mine.

“Hundred… Are you feeling well?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you feeling it with my hands?”

“That’s right. It’s so soft… It’s great.”

“Huh, I’m glad.”

However… I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it. The truth that you don’t want to believe may be revealed while trying to check Baek’s mind his. I was so scared of it.

“Still… Are you still lacking?”

“Hye-mae… “

“Tell me more. Ha… I want to please you more.”

So I changed my mind and decided to seduce Baek while checking my mind.

If it’s not Taegeuk Yin-Yang Shin Gong, but ordinary lovers’ acts of love, if you can get white love… There’s no need to worry about anything like this. It was a really cool plan when I think about it.

“That word… Perhaps?”

“No, I don’t know yet. Now is… I just want to see Baek’s satisfied face. And… There is no law that says you have to finish the proof all at once.”

“… That is also true.”

“Until I make up my mind, we… Try different methods.”

“That’s true… That’s a good idea.”

Ah, but what happened to my heart? Whoa, do I need to seek Baek’s love for no reason? From the moment I held his cock in my hands, I realized that my love was real.


“Are you going to stay still like this?! My sister is missing! How could that be!”

“… I plan to leave as soon as Elder Han returns.”

“When are you coming back! You haven’t contacted me for a month already! Her daughter is missing, and is she going to keep waiting like that?!”


The woman who had been screaming at the man’s cry was startled and shut her mouth. She was taken aback by the furious look of the man she was seeing for the first time. Realizing belatedly that the man was angry, the woman put her mouth out her with her head down and a silent pout.

“Do you think it will be okay for me! I am also worried about Hye-ah. But things happen! Isn’t the situation of this damn family a problem!”

“Ugh… “

“Eun-ah, if you hadn’t made trouble, there wouldn’t have been an elder Han leaving the house. And I wouldn’t have been sitting around like this.”

“That… I already said I’m sorry several times… See…”


“…… Heeing.”

“I’m not trying to scold you, you’re telling me that the situation is like that. Now that the non-regiment has departed, I can’t leave my seat either. This frustrated father’s feelings… Please understand. “

“I understand! I understand… It’s okay if I’m away! I will go out and find it!”


The woman who shouted again at the man’s repeated cry was started. But instead of keeping her mouth shut this time, she didn’t lose and raised her voice against the man.

“Oh, why! No problem!”

“Would you feel better if you disappeared from your father’s eyes?”

“No, why is the story like that! Are you just doing research?”

“Hye-ah alone would kill me because I was worried, but would you disappear as well? Are you thinking of making Abby her bald head like this?”

“Huh… I’ve been falling for it for years, so I’m waiting for an excuse…”

“Ugh! Eunah, are you talking too harshly?”

“Oh, I don’t know! You learned swordsmanship to use it at times like this. I always nag her that I have to protect her sister her…”



“”… Yes?””

However, a letter fell between the two of them who were bickering like that.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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