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Heroine Netori 208

Heroine Netori 208

Chapter 208 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (11)

Actually, it wasn’t when I was relaxing like this. In a situation where you don’t know when the warriors of the Heukpungdae or Namgung family might appear, for safety and to avoid unnecessary suspicion, it was right to leave the abandoned house as soon as possible.

“Ha… Yes, ha, ah… In addition… Full inside…!”

However… Isn’t it dangerous to leave when the sun goes down? It’s not even a world with streetlights, so you can’t walk around at night.

So we decided to spend another day at the abandoned house until morning, sharing our body temperatures to endure the cold dawn.

No, I was just trying to sleep… It was so cold that if I did that, I would freeze to death.

“Ha ha, ha, ah! Yes… Go, go away!”

And you don’t know what will happen in the future.

So Wi Ji-hye and I, too, it was right to increase my skills as much as possible. Although the only martial art that can be used with both is Taegeuk Yin-Yang Shin Gong… Anyway, the more you have, the better.

“Ha… Haaa… Nice, baek…”

Anyway… So we shook our bodies once again and greeted the second morning.




Hmm… Is it different from what you were worried about?

To be honest, when I went to the village, I thought there would be a group of people looking for us, whether it was the black wind band or the Sega people. Wi Ji-hye is such an important person. As long as the two forces didn’t come up with a plan for both sides, I thought there would definitely be a search party.

That’s why I moved cautiously and cautiously…

Whether the two forces really fought and were annihilated, the thing they feared did not happen. In the worst case, we would get caught up in a commotion, and we thought we would use the first load, but that didn’t happen, and we calmly got on the carriage to Shanxi.

If this is the case, I can easily go to Hebei Province, right?

For safety’s sake, we agreed to return to Wiji Sega first, but we expected that the process would never be smooth. However, since I was able to move quietly like this from the start, there was a high possibility that I would arrive at Wiji Sega without incident.

First of all, there is no force chasing us right now. If you hide your identity and move with the utmost care as you do now, you will be able to get over the first hurdle relatively easily.

“Heh heh… “

Yes, it should be relatively easy to pass…

“It looks delicious, too.”

… There’s no way things could work out that well.

After the carriage started, the three people on the opposite side finally revealed their true colors. With the face of a very typical villain.

“Brother! Good thing, let’s share this!”

“Don’t you know you get a stomach ache if you’re greedy by yourself?”

“There are several holes, too!Haha!”

What’s up? He seems like a third-rate warrior at best, but he says stuff like that, right? I was really dumbfounded when I saw those guys who were presumptuously aiming for Wisdom without even knowing their own level.

– Rumbling…


“Have you started? I’ll come after urinating, so leave something to eat for me.”

And what the coachman said was really shocking. Were you a gangster like you? Hey. Somehow it was cheap. I was trying to save some money, but only troublesome things happened. There is a long way to go, but it was a failure from the start.

“Hundred… Uh, what…”

“Hye-mae. Do not worry. I have.”

However… In other words, it wasn’t such a bad thing. This is your chance to raise your feelings. Seeing Wi Ji-hye relying on me with an uneasy expression, an interesting idea came to my mind.

“Kuhhhhh… Did you hear Jin? Are you telling me not to worry because I have you?”

“Chuck. It’s cute.”

“A bastard without a knife… What, what what, what is this…!”

Oh, good response.

“No way… Void Substance?!”

“No you idiot! This is a winning sword!”

“Hey hey… ! Yes, save me! Wrong!”

Oh, nice voice

He felt relieved when he saw the bullies pointed at his sword, shedding tears and trembling. So why are you kidding me? I laughed out loud at the clichéd lines.

Is this what Munchkin feels like? It was just a trick using ‘psychic power’ to the end, but thanks to that, I was able to pretend to be an absolute adherent.

“Hey hey… Blood, blood!”

“Sorry! I have no eyes to see!”

“Please… My eighty-something old mother is looking at me… Please save my life…!”

If you do this well…Could it be useful in the future? If the opponent is a master, it will be exposed immediately, but if the target is a low level guy like this, it will be easy to fool them like now.

“Quiet. I will give you to live, to live.”

“””Go, thank you!”””

“It’s done. Hey Jinhyeong. You go and get the coachman.”

“All right!”

“By the way, if you think you can escape, you might as well try it. If you want to die, that is.”

“Hey! Bar, I’ll be right back!”

… But it really is a world of weak meat. When he was in a shabby outfit, he was very disrespectful, look at what he is doing now. From now on, even if you cover your face, you will have to wear a sword.

“Hundred… What the hell is this…”

“Whoa… I will explain everything later.”

Still, did you get some good feelings from this? Seeing Wi Ji-hye with a slightly flushed face, perhaps because of her surprise her, made me feel proud.




“Look, Jeomsoi! Bring the best one here!”

Late at night, just before the city gates closed, we arrived at Shanxi Province, finished our simple tasks, and went into an inn that seemed a little off. No, it turns out that those third-rate warriors are wanted criminals. Thanks to this, I was able to clean up the cleanup and earn money, so I was able to afford this much.

“Baek, try this too! It’s so delicious!”

Haha. All right.”

However… Isn’t that how you can’t waste it? Satisfying our hunger with delicious food and alcohol, we decided to spend the night together by renting only one room.


“Therefore… What was that? Empty space? Win sword? Was Baek actually a master who hid his identity his?”

“Do you want to know?”

“… Would you like to tell me?”

“Haha. No way I’ll let you know. But I would appreciate it if you could keep it a secret from others.”

“Of course!”

“Then… Let me show you first.”

“…… Wow!”

Umm… I was trying to get out… Would it be right to explain this first? I used my telekinesis to slowly float Wi Ji-hye’s body into the air. Then, after making it rotate around the room in that state, it was gently dropped onto the bed.

“Wow… Great… “

“Actually, this is neither a void nor a sword. It’s not martial in the first place. Actually, it’s one of the techniques I learned from a Taoist I met by chance when I was young. The reason I was able to survive in the black wind tower, even though I had no skills, was all thanks to this technique.”

“There was a chance… “

“That’s right.”

Does this explain anything? After all, the martial arts worldview… As befits a world where everything is possible with just one word, Wi Ji-hye believed in my words without any doubt. This is why Giyeon is a fraud. I was already looking forward to the ‘random chance’ that would happen someday.

“Then proof is… Are you using the technique you learned from that guru?”

“Ah… That’s not it. When proving, I will use other methods than magic. But… In order to use that method, it should be a place with just the two of us… Well, now is the right time.”

“Okay? Then…”

“It means you can do it right now. How… Shall we prove it now?”

“… Yes… I want to know my heart as soon as possible.”

Okay, I was going to make progress from today, but it just went well. After hearing her Wisdom’s answer to her, I slowly began to take off her pants in front of her eyes. And before she could react, she exposed her stiffly erect cock her in front of her eyes her.

“How… Uh, why… Do you really want to mix with me instead of proof?”

“It’s not like that. Calm down, Hyemae. This is just for proof.”

“Oops… No… Is that a lie?”

Even if she said that, I wonder if she was expecting her, as soon as she saw my cock, her blushing Wei Jiji unknowingly untied her clothes, and she exhaled an obscene scent and slowly and elegantly put her turned her back and began to wait .

… What is this, like a conditioned reflex?

Thanks to that, my cock, which had been hardened before, became painfully erect, and Wi-hye, who saw it, let out a weak moan this time and let me know that she was in heat.

“Ha… And with that cock… Inside me… Haang…”

However… I’m really sorry… I have no intention of having sex right now.

You don’t have to completely capture it first.

Instead of responding to her expectant heart her, I dragged Wisdom’s tender hand her in front of my cock. Then, I forced my hardened cock into her small, dainty hands her.

“I am not lying. From now on, I will follow what her lover does and recognize Hye-mae’s heart her.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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