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Heroine Netori 210

Heroine Netori 210

Chapter 210 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (13)

– Tak Tak Tak

“Ha… Baek, are you feeling it?”

“Do you think it will go away by my hand?”

… Ummm, how did this happen?

– Tak Tak Tak

“Hehe, cute face… “

“I’ll make you feel a little better.”

It’s obviously a lover who started to capture Wi Ji-hye… Shit, it looks like I’ll be captured first.

“Will Baek suck my breasts instead?”

“Come on, ah… Whew…”

“Unfortunately, breast milk hasn’t come out yet… Do you know If you suck hard like a baby, it might come out someday.”

No, how the hell do you know about a nursing goddaughter you didn’t even teach me?

Is this what Wijima wants…

My mind was confused by the rich breasts touching my lips and the soft fingers wrapped around my cock. This time, I was thinking of taking the initiative and attacking Wei Ji-Hye… I guess I was wrong today too.

“Oh, when it swells up like this… “

“Wait… Whew, ha…”

“That’s Okay. Now, it’s okay to buy as much as you want.”

“Whoops, I’ll suck it up without missing a single drop.”

“Come on, ah… “

When I couldn’t stand it and ejaculated into Wi Ji-hye’s mouth, she sucked the remaining semen from my urethra. Is this an illusion… I was going to become a teaching assistant, but it feels like I’m getting a teaching assistant instead.

Whoa, aren’t you becoming a body that can’t live without Wisdom?

If you create a moderately plausible atmosphere, I thought Wi Ji-hye, who was excited like other heroines, would beg to be fucked first … Contrary to my expectations of her, she never asked for sex during the 15 days.

So, she continues to receive only service like this… Because of that, he is gradually becoming an idiot who knows nothing but Wisdom.

“Gulp, whoo… I ate well today.”

“By the way… Isn’t this enough?”

“This time, with my breasts, which Baek likes… I’ll make White’s cock feel good.”

Look at this You move on to paisley very naturally. Totally playing with my body… Wow, don’t be upset…

It’s hard to believe that she was a virgin until recently. Even though I pierced the hymen myself. This woman… What will happen after 1 year? At that time, she may have become a tremendous slut who makes me ejaculate just by looking at her.

“Whoa, do you think you’re leaving already?”

“Ha… Hundred… Are my breasts that good?”

“It’s okay… Please wrap it all over my chest this time!”

No, but it wasn’t the time to joke around…

Why is Paisley so good?

It certainly wasn’t like this until yesterday… At Wi Ji-hye’s volunteering skills, which were increasing day by day, he let out an unsightly groan. I mean, I’m used to her moderate stimulation of her.

This… If she makes a mistake, doesn’t she just continue to serve until she gets to the Wheezy family? According to the original plan, she should have moved on to sex by now… This situation was really weird.

Does she feel like she went to a fancy restaurant and only hors d’oeuvres were served for an hour?

It tastes good, but I was anxious that my stomach would be full before the steak was even served. Appetizers are always meant to whet the appetite. However, as it is, the main guest seems to be evangelized.

“Yes? Hundred… In case you don’t like something…”


“Ha… Hundred? This…”

So I had no choice but to give up on my own hard mode.

Capturing it completely without sex? Of course, if possible, that’s for the best. But I couldn’t stand it any longer. Proof or something, confirmation or something, because everything is done… I wanted to mix with Wi Ji-hye right now.

It’s already half way over, but if you drive hard, won’t it somehow work out? There is a limit to being patient, I can’t wait here any longer.

“Hye-mae… !”

“Hundred… Ahhh…”

With that in mind, I attacked Wi Ji-hye.


By the way… Something weird? The reaction… It’s different from what I thought.

The guy who suggested that we do something else instead of sex eventually couldn’t stand it and attacked her, but Wi Ji-hye didn’t resist at all. Rather, as if he had waited, he embraced me and began kissing me.

“Haa… Baek, chuss… Under… Finally, finally, you hug me? Happy… “

“Hye-mae… ?”

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment? Ha… It was really hard because I had a child… But in the end, being hugged by Baek like this, hehe, the operation is a success.”

No… You waited? You said you had a child? What happened… What is the operation again? When I was taken aback by Wi Ji-hye’s words that I could n’t understand, she smiled and whispered to me.

“Actually… I wanted to find out how much I love you. But to hit me like this… Does that mean she loves me enough to repeat herself?”

“Uh…That, yes.”

“Ah, I’m happy… Actually, I was a little anxious. But now I feel relieved. Even if it’s not ‘Taegeuk Yin-Yang Ji’… Like an ordinary lover… We must have loved each other!”

… Is that how it works? Well… To be honest, it was difficult to follow Wi Ji-hye’s words.

So… On the contrary, did you say that Wi Ji-hye was testing me? So she passed now? Then… How did you find out Wi Ji-hye’s heart Her? Uh… So… That…

Oh, I don’t know.

Anyway, Wijihyeficial means that we love each other.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I think I got the results I wanted in the end. Her initial purpose was the complete capture of Wisdom above.

Then you don’t have to wait any longer.

I put my cock into Wei Wisdom’s cunt and opened her mouth her, looking into her eyes her. Then, after observing the reaction of her stomach, he pushed only the tip of her cock into her cunt her with light force.

“You’re right. Hyemae… So, from now on, I will show you the proof.”

“Proof? Even without that, we already… Ah, whoops… That’s what you meant. Whoops, I get it. Then don’t stop showing me Baek’s love…”

Then he kissed Wi Ji-hye again, this time thrusting her cock deep inside her. Then, the longing wrinkles of her vagina her wriggled to welcome my cock her, and when I finally arrived at the cervix her, the benevolent inner energy flowed out of her womb her and wrapped around my cock her.

“Ha… Ha, Baek… Whew, ha… I can feel Baek’s love…”

“I feel Hye-mae’s love too.”

“But this is not enough… I want to feel more, more. Hundred… No, can I call you Baekrang? Whooping… I want to feel more of the cock of my beloved Baekrang. I want to make my beloved Baekrang’s cock feel even better.”

“Ugh… Hyemae…”

“My pussy… Please feel more and more with Taegeuk Yin-Yang Boji exclusively for Baekrang. More than the day I took my virgin, more than the day I took the medicine… Please use my pussy. Yes! Ha…. Please love me!”

Ah… Yes, yes, yes.

No matter how delicious the appetizer is, it’s under the steak. Wi Ji-hye’s service filled with love was also really fascinating and dizzying … Her sex with her is so much that no words can describe it … It was fantastic.

Whoa… Don’t be upset…

In the end, I was quickly captured by her pussy her, which I tasted after 15 days.

“Ha… Wow, haang… White Rang… It’s hardened again… Also great…”


It wasn’t even a surrender. How many points did I put into my stamina?

My cock hardened again in her cool cunt her, which pleased her, and then, all night long, she revived again and again, showing her my love for her.


Apart from the process of capturing Wei Wisdom, her journey to the Wei family went very smoothly. No forces attacked us.

Occasionally, rumors circulated that the Heukpungdae was wiped out or that the Namgung family suffered a major blow, but there was no story that Wi Ji-hye, the Taegeuk Yin-Yang body, was missing.

Are you lucky? Or is there someone hiding Wi Ji-hye’s information?

Anyway, thanks to that, we were able to arrive in Hebei Province, where Wei Zhi family is located, very peacefully without any incident.

“Finally… I’m back! Finally…!”

“Congratulations, Hyemae.”

“Huh, when I first saw Baekrang, I thought he was going to die… You really don’t know what people do.”

“I was really sorry then… “

“I’m sorry. Thanks to you, my life was saved, and thanks to you, I was able to meet such a wonderful man. I didn’t say it, but I’m always grateful…”

“Hye-mae… “

Oh, it’s not like nothing happened. In the process, Wi Ji-hye and I confirmed our love for each other, and she broke off the engagement made by her family and vowed to marry me.

“I intend to tell my parents that too.”

“Ah, that, that’s right… “

So now we really have passed the first hurdle… The upcoming second hurdle was the problem. Umm… It’s so hard that it can’t even be compared to the first one…

Haha… “

“Oh, are you nervous?”

“That is… That, uh…”

“Baekrang is also nervous, right? Whoops, it’s cute.”

No, meeting… What is this…

How are you doing this!

As soon as I began to see the Wiji family’s building in the distance, my stomach started to churn.

This… How to explain and how to persuade? No, more than that, what kind of face should I look at my lover’s parents… It was the first time I had such an experience, so I was going crazy.

There were many times that I made a bond with ‘Heroine Netori’, but… All of them were unhelpful experiences.

So let’s just say I don’t know what to do … Wisdom Wei took my hand her, and she smiled broadly and spoke to me.

“Do you want to touch my chest?”

“… Yes?”

“I heard on the street that men relax when they touch a woman’s breasts. How about it? Do you want to touch Baekrang’s breasts?”

“… Yes.”

Also, don’t be upset… I have no reason to refuse this invitation. Reaching out her hand and caressing her breasts, she instantly calmed her heart.

Ha… Talk to me… Soft… I want to touch you for the rest of my life…

This is my exclusive chest, right?

Whoa… For the sake of this heart, a meeting ceremony might be nothing…

When I realize the happy fact again, laughter comes out naturally, and all the worries of worry disappear. Then let’s try harder…


“Hey, hey, you dirty bone! Lothario! What are you doing in broad daylight!”

… I was about to make up my mind, but someone swung a sword and charged at me.

“Oh, that’s Eun-ah.”

“Do you know someone?”

“Ha ha… He is my younger brother.”

Oh, it’s messed up

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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