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Heroine Netori 211

Heroine Netori 211

Chapter 211 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (14)

Wi Ji-eun, who heard that her sister was safe through her letter to her, went out to the square today and waited for Wi Ji-hye. It had been a week since the letter arrived, so he thought that it would soon appear in Hebei Province.

– Male voice
– Male voice

But even today, the person who seemed to be her sister did not appear, and her disappointed Wi Ji-eun grumbled a little and tried to go home helplessly.

“Ha ha… Baekrang is also really… You are so sincere.”

“Whoa, do you like my heart that much?”

However, on the way back, I witnessed a handsome man massaging the large breasts of a woman who looked exactly like Wi Ji-hye in a very manly way. He said It’s a really absurd figure that does n’t care about other people’s eyes, and it’s like it’s mine.

“Ha… Oops, ha…”

“Are you a little more relaxed now?”

Wi Ji-eun, full of spirit, tried to say something to the two for the sake of morals in Hebei Province.

“Um, what should I do? You seem to be still nervous.”

“Then… Do you want to touch it inside your clothes?”

However, in the shocking situation that suddenly unfolded, she couldn’t even shut her mouth and hastily hid herself. An act that came out of an obscene book I happened to read a while ago … It really happened right in front of her eyes.

Ah, others can see it~’

Hehe, isn’t that more exciting?’

Haha… That’s but… ’

I can’t believe there are people who are so promiscuous in real life… Wi Ji-eun looked at the two people who were in their own world, recalling the scene in the novel.

In the novel, after rubbing her breasts like this, she goes to an alleyway and even does ‘that act’… What will become of these people? Her heart her started pounding with excitement, excitement, and curiosity.

“Whoa… Thanks to that, the tension has been relieved.”

“Really? Whoops, I’m glad. But… This time I got nervous. What should I do? The hole dedicated to White Rang is shaking…”

“Hye-mae… “

By the way… Her heart her, which had been excited by the word ‘Hye-mae’ that flowed out of the man’s mouth, cooled down. And… The terrible news that she had been forced to erase from her memory her flashed through her mind her.

[… ] It’s embarrassing, but I have someone I truly adore. So, can we not talk about the engagement? My body and mind are already… It’s his I’ll tell you more details when I get home. I am going back with him, so please wait for my father without worrying.]

That your sister, who was even engaged, gave her body and soul to another man? Where is such nonsense? That good sister did something to insult others? It was something Wi Ji-eun could not admit at all.

The only possibility is that innocent Wi Ji-hye was tricked by some trash man, and she did such a terrible thing… That, too, was an unimaginable disaster.

So Wi Ji-eun decided to deny what was written in her letter.

‘My sister, too, even when she jokes, she always jokes like this all the time. I’m glad you’re all right, but this prank crossed the line! I’ll have to scold you when you come back.’

She forced herself to turn a blind eye to reality and decided to believe only what she wanted to believe.

That’s why she thought she looked like her sister her even after seeing her Wisdom her. Because she wouldn’t be making love on the street with a man other than Wi Ji-hye’s fiancé.

“Then…Do you want to touch Hyemae too?”

“Ughhh, I don’t think touching her will do… ” White Rang… Let’s go to the deserted alley over there… “

However, since she heard the word ‘Hye-mae’, she too had to accept this unbelievable reality. She is a woman with that face, that chest, that nickname… There can’t be more than one in the world, right?

The woman over there with her blushing face right in front of her was her own sister her beaten, and the man who was still massaging her breasts to her heart’s content her was her trash her who cheated on her sister her.

“Hey, hey, you dirty bone! Lothario!”

Wi Ji-eun, who belatedly grasped her situation her, drew her sword and ran out screaming at her.

“What are you doing in broad daylight!”


Rather than being pretty, the word cute is more suitable for appearance. Even if you make an impression like that, it’s because it’s rather lovely. Do you feel that way more after hearing that you are a younger brother? He looks scolded, but I want to stroke him a lot.

However, looking at her long stretched limbs her, she does n’t look young, and the age difference between Wi Ji-hye and Wi-hye does n’t seem too great. At least one or two years old? After a few years, when the girlishness disappears, I think I will become a great beauty.

However, unlike her her Wisdom, her chest her is quite weak … That part was really sad.

Shouldn’t she, as a brother-in-law, give her a breast massage? She must be under a lot of stress… Should I seriously think about it? Her face was too precious to leave it like this.


“Get your hands off you trash!”

Eck, I almost got cut.

Massage is another thing, so let’s start with this situation.

He pretended to be calm somehow, but this was quite a crisis. She was misunderstood from the beginning by her future sister-in-law that she was a color horse. I just massaged Wi Ji-hye’s breasts on the street.

It was difficult this way.

In order to raise Ji-hye Wi’s affection for her to over 300, should n’t she be on good terms with her family her? So, she couldn’t act like this with Ji-eun Wi, her younger sister her. And that’s for an absurd reason.

– Booung Booung

“Get your hands off me! Profit! Profit! You crazy pervert!”

Therefore, this misunderstanding must be resolved as soon as possible.

It looks like you’re about to get stabbed by a knife. I can’t blow the chance of the road I’ve been saving so much here. I continued to knead Wi Ji-hye’s breasts and evaded Wi Ji-eun’s attack her, who lost her reason her. And while pinching her Wi Ji-hye’s nipple, she shouted at Wi Ji-eun.

“Calm down! What are you doing dangerously! Didn’t you almost get hurt! You wielded a knife at me unarmed!”

“What are you doing! Can’t you get away from your sister quickly?! … Ugh, stop touching her sister’s breasts and get out of here! Why does she keep touching her!”

“Uh huh… This is just an act of affection for lovers to relax. Why are you so excited? And from what I hear, it sounds like Hye-mae’s younger brother… No matter how much she is my younger sister, she cannot separate the love between us.”

“Oh, Baekrang… Such a nice word…”

“No, what kind of crazy nonsense is that… ! That’s what only the protagonist of a pornographic book would say! I’m talking about sex! … Sister! Unnie, please wake up, why is she standing still! Aren’t you ashamed to be touched in broad daylight, in the middle of the street?”

“I’m embarrassed. But if it’s for Baekrang… I can tolerate this much. Huhu, Eun-ah hasn’t fallen in love with her yet, so you don’t know much about it? This is what she calls a lover’s affection.”

“Hye-mae… I am impressed.”

“Baekrang… Then go to the alley…”

-Booung booung booung

“… Profit! What are you both doing! What are you doing! … It’s all because of you! My sister became strange because of you! Take responsibility and get her sister back, my dear! Give back her longed-for older sister aaaaa!”

Eck, this time I almost got cut.

Wi Ji-eun, who was enraged, began to scream and run amok. Even though she explained everything to clear up the misunderstanding. As Wi Ji-hye said, is it because he is a fool? … I was so angry that I caressed her breasts.

Maybe, for the sake of the peace of Wiji’s family, she might have to tell Wijieun that she is a lover’s affection.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

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