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Heroine Netori 212

Heroine Netori 212

Chapter 212 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (15)

There were some incidents with Wi Ji-eun, but incidents are just happenings… Thanks to Wei Zhihui’s intervention, we were able to safely arrive at Wei Zhi family, where we were welcomed by many family members.


I was able to have the meeting time that I had been waiting for.

“…… That’s how it happened, Father.”

“Kuhm… “

The time with the father-in-law, who was very nervous and uncomfortable.


A dark face that looks blunt, straight movements that feel theft, and glorious scars that can be seen here and there… The family head of the Weiji family, who was said to have crossed the peak wall, was not a joke as expected .

At that level, it must have just exceeded the level of an A-rank hunter, right? Observation didn’t work, but I could feel that I shouldn’t touch this person just by looking at it.


By the way… Why are you staring at me like that After Wi Ji-hye’s long story ended, I felt a tremendous pressure from the family head.

“Keugh… “

I pretended to be Taeyeon with my poker face skills, but to be honest, I was going crazy. Does it feel like the tip of a knife is touching her whole body? If she moved even a little here, it seemed as if she would be hacked to death by countless blades on the spot.

No way… Are you doing a test?

If so, I have no choice but to prove it.

Haha… That’s how it happened, father-in-law.”

In order to leave a good impression as much as possible, he responded to the headmaster’s test with a forced bright smile. To be seen as a cheerful and pleasant young man.


By the way… It looks like I’ve done something distasteful,

“This bitch, how dare you call me an artisan?!”

From the very beginning, the head of household cursed at me and drove me into Moorim.


“So, the conclusion is that you are a sex slave who raped my daughter. But the slut, instead of begging her to do something wrong, she calls me a craftsman? It looks like you’re desperate to die!”

No… Why is the conclusion like that? It’s true that I ate your daughter’s virgin, but wasn’t it an ‘accident’? Yeah? It was a noble act to save each other’s lives. So, please cancel the word color horse.

… I wanted to reply, but I couldn’t say a word because the head of the household was shouting in anger. Look at that You’re completely blind Silence was the only answer here.


“Profit! I’m still mad, but what? Master? Huh! How dare you, you bastard!”

No, wasn’t silence the answer? If this continues, the sword that the householder pulled out will cut his throat. Is Now the Time to Use Rod? I think I will have to choose my words a little more carefully next time.

“Father, your words are too harsh. Calm down.”

… I was thinking, but Wi Ji-hye stood in front of Ga-joo and started to fight in a very cold voice.

“What, what?”

“And strictly speaking, Baekrang didn’t rape me, I did Baekrang. Because I chose that moment. But then… Am I going to be a slut?”

“… What… Go?”

“I asked if I was going to become a sex slave.”

“No, not that… “

Don’t be upset…! Are you defending me now? It can be so touching…!

At the moment of desperation, I was able to survive with the help of Wi Ji-hye. Capturing her before she arrived was truly a godsend. Thanks to that, I got one more coin, and I was finally able to open my mouth in the gap where the householder was flustered.

Haha… There must have been a misunderstanding, father-in-law.”

“This, this color, this bastard… You are still a craftsman!”

Alas, again…

Hearing that he was a father-in-law, who repeated it without even realizing it, the householder became angry once again. However, this time, unlike before, the language was refined, and it seemed that the daughter was weak.

“You have to know the subject! Thank you for saving Hye-ah’s life her, but is n’t it crossing the line to wish Hye-ah and her marriage her! If you truly think of Hye-ah, you should leave Hye-ah on your own. Isn’t that what a man is? How can you try to ruin Hye-ah’s life with your petty greed!”

Mmm, this is a bit sharp.

Certainly, I wasn’t wrong.

If a woman who has a fiancée to a third-generation conglomerate breaks off her engagement her and marries a poor man she has never seen before, can she really live happily? She may feel a little happiness at first, but she will regret it a hundred times later.

But that’s a common story.

I’m different.

If you show that you are a person who can grow as much as Namgung family did, would n’t the family head change his mind? With that thought in mind, I was about to start self-PR, but Jihye Wi stood up for me again this time.

“Variously! I was greedy. Because I love Baekrang with all my heart… That I was greedy for marriage! But is that so wrong?

… Was it all a lie when his father told him to always put his own happiness first? Father! Please tell me the correct answer!”

“Kuhm… “

Wow this… Interesting?

At Wi Ji-hye’s defense full of sincerity, the family head avoided her gaze and cleared her throat. Apparently, she never imagined that she would rebel this far. And I didn’t even expect to get this much help.

This, isn’t face zero?

It was a meeting place, but I was the only one who couldn’t say anything, so it was pretty awkward. So, in order to get points somehow, I also shouted at the family head with sincerity.

“The head of the household, no, the father-in-law! Even though I have a humble status and a dirty past, my love for Hye-mae will not be defeated by anyone. I assure you, there is no one in the world who loves Hye-mae more than me.

Father-in-law! Please allow our fellowship, our marriage. When 10 years have passed, no, no, when 5 years have passed, I will show you how I am recognized by my father-in-law so that he can nod his head his saying that he did a really good job thinking about the permission he has received now!”

“Baekrang… “

“… Heh, who can’t speak… I’ll give you a room so you can get away with it.”

Um, is it a pass? At least it’s not like I’m telling you to get out of Sega. The father-in-law is still making a stern expression as if he is angry, but he seems to have acknowledged it right now. All that’s left now is to show my abilities here.

Phew… If this continues, I think I will be able to get over the second hurdle.


“… Did something like that happen?”

“So, isn’t it really ridiculous? She wasn’t the older sister I knew.”

“I see…”

Peng Siyun, the youngest son of the Paeng family in Hebei, listened to Wei Jieun’s story with one ear and let it go with the other. Because her unrequited love was right next to her, her thoughts stopped.

“Hey, are you listening?”

“Yes? Uh yes! I’m listening. So that man is the problem.”

“Okay! That guy is a total nerd!”

Obviously, just a few months ago, Wei Jieun was just a cute childhood friend, but now she is a very charming woman who shakes his heart.

“Whoa… I need to quickly get her sister back to her sanity her, maybe …”

“I know… Maybe good…”

“Ha, is there any good way?”

“I know…Is there any way…”

“Hey, Mr. Are you teasing me now?”

Peng Siyun, who was awakened by her love her, found everything about her her lovely. Her masculine personality of her, her small dimples that are visible only when she smiles broadly, her appearance of her that grows more mature day by day, and even her uncharacteristically small breasts of her.

However… Uncharacteristically timid, Peng Si-wun could not bear to reveal his feelings. It was because he was afraid of failing to confess and thus falling apart.

So today, he hid his heart her and enjoyed the present moment with her beloved her. Her manly wit her is what she says, assuring her that she will never have a lover.

“But you know… Do all men like women’s breasts that much?”

“… Uh huh?”

“No, I was just a little curious… “

“No, absolutely not! That man is a naughty man! I, men like me, are not like that. He doesn’t do anything perverted like that!”

However, since she was so nervous, he looked at Wi Ji-eun’s slightly regretful expression of her and said, ‘Even though her sister likes it, does it feel so good to be touched …’I couldn’t hear her muttering to herself.

Instead, she praised herself for saying something that would raise her likes her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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