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Heroine Netori 213

Heroine Netori 213

Chapter 213 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (16)

“Clap. Yeah, what do you think?”

“How is it? He’s a bad guy to chew on.”

“Hoo? Even if the family head of the Weiji family revealed his sincere intention to live, is n’t he the one who did n’t even move an eye? Unlike what he looks like, he seems to have guts.”

“I’m not serious. It’s where Hye-ah is, so I’m sure I did that sincerely.”

“Heung, you have to lie to deceive, Yonsuk-ah. Do you know that I do not know?”

“Kuh hmm… Well, I guess it took a little more force.”

Wi Ji-hyeok, the family head of the Wiji family, had a conversation with an elder who had returned to the family a while ago about the ruthless bastard. Wi Ji-hyeok didn’t seem to like him very much, but the elder Han didn’t seem to hate him too much.

“Clap. I look good. That kid looks pretty useful.”

“Elder! What are you talking about!”

“It’s noisy, Yonsuk-ah! Why are you screaming so loudly?”

“But when you look at it coldly, you really have nothing! Even if you put aside your lowly status or past, your muscles and bones must have already been established. What on earth does the elder look at and say that it is useful?”

“What are you looking at? Once you have the guts. Even the proud sons of Paengga couldn’t even make a sound in front of the head of household, but didn’t that kid proudly shout? That alone is a passing point for me.”

“But guts aren’t everything!”

“Of course, that’s not all. But at the moment of despair, the only ones who can take a step forward are people with guts like that kid. Doesn’t the head of the family know that very well?”

“Kuh hmm… You are not wrong.”

No, it wasn’t that I didn’t hate it, it was that I really liked it. One elder continued to speak of the gnome’s merits, and he insisted on accepting the bastard.

Of course, Wi Ji-hyeok didn’t want to hear that, but he was blocked by an undeniable elder’s theory, and he had to listen to his story to his to the end.

“Besides, the child is innocent.”

“… I can’t admit that much. That son of a bitch is innocent!”

“It may be too late to learn martial arts. However, the energy flowing inside that child’s body will be purer than any other warrior. It must be a clean inner energy purified from Hyea’s Taegeuk Yin-Yang body.”

“That… Annoying, but also true…”

“And that pure internal energy is effective enough to outweigh all other disadvantages. Isn’t that why the whole Moorim is aiming for Hye-ah?”

“Therefore… Let’s raise them as warriors of the Weiji family, are you saying this?”

“I don’t see anything bad.”

“Hmm… “

However, after listening to it, one elder’s point was indeed a valid argument. Wi Ji-hyeok was also very aware of the power of pure internal energy without any takgi.

He hadn’t thought of it when he lost his temper in anger, but the bastard definitely had the potential to thrive. So the elder’s assertion that there is nothing wrong with it was by no means wrong.

“And there are bigger advantages than that.”

“What is it?”

“It means putting Hye-ah in front of us. It’s not that I’m sending it to the incredible Namgung family. It is said that they can live safely because of their high prestige, but isn’t it difficult to trust Namgungse himself?”

“… That’s right. Rumors that Hye-ah is Taegeuk-yin-yang also spread there.”

“In addition, they have already failed to protect Hye-ah. If it wasn’t for that child, we would have lost Hye-ah. So, if you use that as an excuse to bring up the topic of breaking up your marriage, you won’t have to worry about future repercussions.”

“Hmm… Indeed… “

Wi Ji-hyeok, who came to sympathize with the elder Han’s opinion little by little, nodded his head at the sound of the marriage breakup. No matter how much it was for safety, he did not want to send his daughter to his male palace family, whose intentions were difficult to understand.

But fortunately, the opportunity to break off the engagement has arrived… Wi Ji-hyeok came to think that having the bastard as his son-in-law wasn’t too bad. 어쨌거나 그 개새끼는 딸 아이의 생명의 은인이고, 그녀의 딸 아이가 사모하는 사람 이니 말이다.

“Then, assuming that the head of household gave permission, the old woman will test the child tomorrow. If you pass, please welcome him as her son-in-law her.”

“First… I will also observe the place. And if he’s really a good guy… I will obey the elder’s words.”

“Clap. I see.”


Wi Ji-eun, who returned home, was still full of dissatisfaction.

I tried to relieve my anger by meeting Peng Si-wun, but instead, it only accumulated frustration. I just wanted you to curse that dirty bastard together … Peng Siyun listened to her story in her own voice, which made her feel sad.

‘Annoying… ‘

Not only that, but Peng Siun also hurt her heart. She has so callously ignored the signs of her affection that she had the courage to send.

‘You just misunderstood like an idiot…’

Thanks to that, Wi Ji-eun, who had the mindset of just in case, realized today that it was her own misunderstanding of her.

Peng Siyun’s strangely caring demeanor of her was never out of her affection for her.

‘Ahhh, what is it really… ‘

Depressed Wi Ji-eun went to visit Wi Ji-he, who returned to her house to soothe her own heart her. She wanted to spend the night with her older sister her, whom she admired for the first time in a while, and share her sister’s own story her.

“Ha… Baekrang, uh…!”

But unfortunately, she already had guests and

“I love you, haha… “

The customer was like the slut she had seen in the morning.

“So, touch me harder… Haha… Harder!”

It was the voice of a strange woman she heard for the first time in her sister’s room.

“I love it… Ha, Baekrang… Uh huh… It’s so nice to be touched by Baekrang… “

Ji-eun Wei took a quick look around her and confirmed that she was empty, then gently put her own ear in front of her sister’s door. She then focused her whole attention on the sound of her couple making love.

“Ha, my heart… I feel like I’m going to explode with Baekrang’s touch… Whoa, do you like my breasts that much? I really can’t dry it… Ha, uh…”

“Don’t do that, come on, ha… Is it easier to touch this way? Haang… Harder in this position… So that I can feel Baekrang more… Please massage my breasts.”

“Ah! But I hate being pinched… I think it’s going to be weird, Baekrang… Ha, ah… I love it so much I think I’m going crazy…”

I guess… Her sister’s excuse her that she asked to be touched first seemed not to be false. It was clear that she genuinely liked that her sister was being caressed by her her, as she gasped and let out lewd moans at the caress of a man.

However, Wi Ji-eun, who had no experience with men, could not understand it at all.

Does it feel so good to have your heart touched?

When she touched her own breasts out of curiosity, she felt no pleasure whatsoever. But since her own sister is having fun like that… Wi Ji-eun couldn’t help but be curious.

‘Perhaps… If a man touches it, does it feel different?’

I wanted to check it out with Peng Siwoon, but… Wi Ji-eun, who couldn’t do that, focused on the actions of the two again without solving any questions. She tried to ignore the suspicion that she might not be able to feel her breasts because they were too small.

“By the way, ha… Baekrang has already grown up. Is it very painful? Whooping… So, lie down here. I will touch you instead.”

“While Baekrang was sucking my breasts, ha… So that White Rang’s cock feels good, uhm… I’ll shake you a lot. Haha… Got it?”

“Ummm, but Baekrang… Can I do it with my mouth instead of my hands? You look so delicious today…”

But from her Wi Ji-hye’s mouth her, an obscene story that was still too early for Wi Ji-eun flowed out. She bites the cock, which is a man’s genital organ, with her mouth her… In a way, it is a story that looks more lewd than ‘the act’.

“Haaaaa… Chu-up, Chu-out, ha… It’s delicious… Hamm…”

At the sound of her sister’s cock sucking, Wi Ji-eun, whose face turned red just by hearing her, eventually couldn’t stand it and left her seat her.

Then, running to her own room and locking her door in her haste, she took out her obscene books she had hidden.

“Really… There are people who do this! Nonsense…”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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