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Heroine Netori 214

Heroine Netori 214

Chapter 214 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (17)

Wi Ji-eun thought that the lewd book she accidentally obtained was a low-level novel created by a mixture of false imagination and dirty desire. It was because she was so naive that she could n’t understand the lustful acts of men and women in her novels of her.

Secretly making love on the street in broad daylight?
Suck each other’s genitals?
Isn’t it really an impossible act if you don’t go crazy?

That’s why she dismissed her as just a bunch of delusions.

‘Can I do it with my mouth instead of my hands?’

‘You look so delicious today… ‘

Surprisingly, however, the contents written in the book were by no means fictitious. It was her sister who bit the genitals of the man who was peeing with her mouth her. That too, along with the delicious sound.

I thought it was impossible…

Maybe the actions in the novel that I thought were lascivious were natural behaviors between lovers. Otherwise, there was no way that pure sister would have said such an embarrassing thing.

“Was it like that… “

So Wi Ji-eun, who changed her mind, started perusing her obscene books from the beginning again.

If this novel, which she thought was really an obscene book, or simply an obscene book, was a novel that showed her her ordinary lover her, it was a necessary novel for her longing for her love her.

“Ha ha… This is kinda…”

“No. But her sister even does this…?”

So Wi Ji-eun did not stop any longer even when the embarrassing content that was difficult to endure came out. She said that if she had a lover someday, she would eventually do the acts she herself had to do too… With the thought of studying ahead of time, she endured her embarrassment and continued reading her novels.

“But this… It’s impossible!”

However, in one scene, she stopped and closed the book.

Hohoho, are you feeling good?’

Oh, how wonderful! Sojeo’s chest, too. How soft and big it is!’

Ahh, don’t touch me and stay calm.’

She was very angry when she saw her heroine her, who started an act that she could not imitate with her own meager chest her, and the male protagonist, who greatly admired it and became more and more excited.

‘Covering a man’s genitals with his breasts… Heh, are you bragging about being big? Totally childish! And the man… What else do you love so much! Do you like women’s breasts that much?! This color bone! Lothario! It’s completely lewd!’

Nervous, Wi Ji-eun threw her book away and lay down on her bed, letting out a deep sigh. She then began to take a serious look at her breast size as she slowly caressed her own breasts.

‘Although men like women’s breasts… You wouldn’t care much if your breasts were this small, right? Even if you touch it, it doesn’t feel like you’re touching it at all. Besides, at this size, something like that came out of a book… Because I can’t do that… Rather, there are more men who hate it.’

‘And… If you’re this small, you wouldn’t even think of me as a woman in the first place, would you? That guy who looks upset just looking at it today, forcibly ignored my signal! Small breasts like me don’t look like a woman, this is not it! Huh!’

Annoyed at the thought of Peng Siyun, Wei Jieun kicked in the air and criticized him. Let’s finally do something called love… I was looking forward to it, but it was only today that I realized that his crush was a misunderstanding that was only my own.

‘Annoying… ‘

‘…… Is it possible to be in a relationship with such a small person? Unless you’re a pervert, no one will like these breasts… ‘

‘Should I end up marrying for convenience or see the line? Oooh, I really hate that… I also want to meet a wonderful person and have a beautiful relationship… Hee hee… ‘

‘Is there really no one…?’

In the end, Wi Ji-eun, who came to think that this was all because of her own meager breasts of her, sighed deeply once again and began to worry about her future of her.


After spending a hot night with Wi Ji-hye, I hurriedly ran to the gymnasium after hearing the words of my father-in-law to visit me immediately. I don’t know what this was going on in the morning, but from the maid’s story, it seemed like a pretty serious situation.

Are you trying to teach martial arts? Or, first of all, training?

I felt good from the first day whether I had successfully passed the meeting.



…… Is my misunderstanding
As soon as I entered the gymnasium, I was beaten by an old man.

“What, what!”

“It’s because your expression looks like it’s asking for a hit.”

“What is that… No, who the hell are you?”

“Yeah, you bastard! In this case, isn’t it polite to introduce yourself first? What did you learn from your parents!”

“No, that’s because I’m an orphan… “

“Kuh hmm… I made a mistake.”

What kind of situation is this? I can’t see the father-in-law who told me to come, and the old man who seems to have something is just throwing punches … Her head Her has been hurting since early morning.

“I am Baek, who promised to marry Hye-mae. Nice to meet you, old man.”

“… I am Wi Jihan, the elder of the Wei Zhi family. Please call me Elder from now on.”

“Yes, Elder.”

“Keuheumheum, the reason I called Ahae by borrowing the name of the head of household is to test Ahae. Aren’t you and Hyea still in a situation where Sega hasn’t gotten permission from adults?”

“… That’s right.”

“But if you pass this test, I will represent the adults of the Sega and allow the two of you to get married.”

“Is that true?”

“Really, don’t. This was done with the permission of the family head, so don’t doubt Ahae.”

Oh, are you okay? It was a little regretful that I couldn’t pass the 2nd hurdle due to yesterday’s meeting, but if I could pass it neatly with this test, there was nothing wrong with it. If you pass, you can confidently raise Wi Ji-hye’s favorability to him in the future.

So, without hesitation, I answered that I would take the test.


“All right. Go right away.”

“Truck. You didn’t even listen to what kind of test it was?”

“I am confident that I will pass whatever it is.”

“Hoo… Good night. Then let’s begin. If Ahae endures until the word stop comes out of my mouth, that’s it…”


“… Passed.”


No, was this a test?!

Because of Rod’s chance, he was confident no matter what test came out… I didn’t know that there would be a test that would hit me like a dog. What kind of aptitude test is this? The elder’s fist flew nonstop, making his mind dizzy.

“Clap. Guy, you have a taste for hitting.”

But you can’t just stay right.

I tried to avoid the elder’s fists somehow by using observation.


But then something… I found something strange.


This… It’s just fast… The trajectory is very simple.

I haven’t gotten used to it yet
If you only know the direction of the fist

-Soo Woo-wook

Like now, and like now
It was not a fist that could not be avoided.

“… It’s quite good.”

Wasn’t it a test of tact?

It’s a fist that pours like a storm, but let’s get enlightenment
I couldn’t even allow a single attack.

What the heck, it’s so simple

I felt like I was writing an answer sheet after looking at the answer sheet.

“Then let’s start in earnest now!”

After the elder’s words, the trajectory of his fists did change slightly.
But still, it wasn’t to the extent that it couldn’t be avoided.

Look, you can move like this.
If you look at the direction of your fist and the movement of your toes, you can feel the flow of the upcoming fist.

“Hoo… !”

So, if you slightly twist your body accordingly, you can release the attack naturally.

But this… How are you familiar with it?
What was it, what was it… Obviously moving like this…

Oh yeah. Rhythm game.

It felt like I was playing a rhythm game with my body.

“Can you avoid this too!”

The fists started approaching a little more complicated, but it was the same this time.

After checking the trajectory of the fist, while taking a step forward, put strength on the stepping foot and rotate half a turn backward. Then the Elder’s fists pierced the air, giving him time to adjust his posture.

What the hack this is funny

The perfect combo continued.

“This guy… !”

But I can’t do this fun thing.

During a brief break, I counterattacked by mimicking the elder’s fist. Then, the elder lightly dodged my attack and swung his fist at me again. Then, an inexplicable catharsis burst out of my body.

“Ha… Ha ha, I’ll keep going!”

“Hey, this guy!”

Doesn’t it feel like badminton’s rally continues non-stop? As they exchanged enough attacks to avoid and evasions that did not match, an unbearable pleasure dominated their whole body. It was to the point that I wanted to repeat the present workshop for the rest of my life.

Ah… It’s so much fun. It’s fun to the point of being creepy.

I threw up my fist again.


“Stop! Stop it! This… House owner! Hurry up and call Hye-ah!”

But why… Are you avoiding it?

What… ?

I want to continue, but for some reason the elder has stopped moving
I couldn’t feel any sensation in my outstretched arm.

When I turned my head, the red sun was rising in the east.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
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