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Heroine Netori 215

Heroine Netori 215

Chapter 215 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (18)

I even remember losing my mind while doing non-dancing with an elder. But what happened after that, I can’t remember at all…

“Ha, ah… Yes, ha… Baekrang!”

Seeing Wei Jihye shaking her waist above me, it seems that something has happened. Come to think of it, the elder at the end had a very serious expression on his face. Was there something wrong with my body this time?

“Yes! Ha… I love it… Ha, ah!”

“Baekrang Jajii… Ha ha, okay!”

Um, I’m curious… Let’s focus on sex for now. I’m in the middle of mixing my body with Jihye Wi, where can I afford to think about other things? I grabbed her hips with both hands and pushed her back up.

“Ah! Ha, ah… Baekrang, ha… You’ve come to your senses.”

“Hye-mae, what the hell is this from morning?”

“That is… Baekrang’s energy… Oops, ha, ah! For a moment… I’m talking…”

“I can’t leave Hye-mae alone if this happens from morning.”

“Yes! Ha, ah! Baeklaang! So deep… Go, go away!”

It’s also because it’s a Wijimamang. It’s Hye-mae’s pussy that she ate all day last night, but it always feels new every time she has sex. How can it be so delicious? I admired the taste of Hyemae’s cunt again and filled her womb with semen.


“Ugh… Ugh?!”

“Bae, Baekrang? Ha ha… This… !”

But at the same time, a tremendous energy flowed from Hyemae’s womb… Soon after, his whole body started to twist around.

[Congratulations. A random opportunity has arrived.]
[The metamorphosis begins.]


‘What else is it to fall into a trance? Because you fall into a state where you can’t even handle it, your blood is entangled! Ugh… On the topic of color magic… ‘

Wi Ji-eun heard the news of Baek and went to Wi Ji-hye’s room to see him struggling. He was the older sister’s man who didn’t want to look at him, but it was because of the cute thought that if he saw Baek’s face in pain, he would be relieved.

“Ha ha, ah! Baekrang!”

But somehow, what came out of Wi Ji-hye’s room wasn’t Baek’s moaning in pain. What flowed into Wi Ji-eun’s ears was her sister’s moaning her, which became several times more strange and dizzying than a few days ago.

‘Oh my gosh!’

Wi Ji-eun instinctively noticed that the two were mixing.

“Yes! Ha… I love it… Ha, ah!”

“Baekrang Jajii… Ha ha, okay!”

She hurriedly hid her body and listened to the sound of the two having sex. And she started to picture two people making love in her mind her, recalling the lewd book she had read yesterday, no ordinary romance novel.

“That is… Baekrang’s energy… Oops, ha, ah! For a moment… I’m talking…”

“I can’t leave Hye-mae alone if this happens from morning.”

Strangely, however, when Wi Ji-eun imagined the two of her naked her, she felt an unknown itch in her lower abdomen her. It’s weird, but with a very annoying and pitiful feeling.

‘Body… Haha, it got weird… What is this… ‘

Frustrated, Wi Ji-eun rubbed her own thighs as a temporary measure. But as it went on, the itchiness between her crotch continued to grow.

‘Why are you doing this… Aww, ha ha… It tickles… Yes… ‘

In the end, Wi Ji-eun had to touch the embarrassing place with her small hand. But, perhaps because of that, she let out an unexpected lewd moan between her cute lips.


Surprised, Wi Ji-eun jumped up from her seat and checked her presence in the room. But fortunately, the two people who fell in love didn’t notice her existence her.

‘Whew… I almost got caught… Haang…’

She let out a sigh of relief and once again touched her own embarrassing place.

‘But this… Haha, I feel so good… It’s completely different from touching your breasts… Haang… Because it touches the itch… I’m going crazy… ‘

Then, she was overwhelmed with unbearable pleasure from that place that she could not say this time either.

‘Ha… Why is it so good? It’s my first time doing this… It’s so strange, ha ha… It felt so good to touch this place… ? Sister, hey… Are you in a good mood right now too?’

Wi Ji-eun, who did masturbation for the first time in her life, was immersed in her first sexual pleasure. At first she carefully touched her crotch over her clothes her, but later she stroked her genitals vigorously over her genitalia, and at the end she even put her hand her directly into her genitalia and violently stroked her her. She caressed her her own pussy her.

‘Haaang! Aang, ugh, ha… Because I touch it with my finger… Better, too… I think I’m addicted to it… Ha ha, ah! Aang!’

Her cunt her was wet with excitement, but Wei Jieun didn’t stop. She involuntarily twisted her waist, inserting her fingers into her rather damp cunt her. And she thought of her sister who would be feeling more pleasure than herself, and she imagined intercourse with a man she would someday do.

‘The novel was right… Ha ha, panting like an idiot… Making weird noises… Now I get it Even her fingers feel so good… If you have intercourse directly like your sister, it’s much better than this, haha… Wouldn’t it be better… ‘

‘Haa, sister… My sister is making such a dirty noise… Now I get it Are you feeling unbearably good? To be stabbed by the thing of the sex demon… Is it that exciting? Haha, sister… Sorry for the misunderstanding!’

‘Me too… When you fall in love and get married… Can you feel that pleasure? Her breasts are small … If you meet a man who likes breasts like this, like your sister’s man … Haa, like the heroine in the novel, and like the older sister now … Can you feel the feeling of getting stuck in a cock? Huh? Ah… Sister!’

Then, a tingling sensation that started in her fingers her began to travel down her cunt her and spread throughout her body her. So Wi Ji-eun experienced the first climax of her life…

– Jump!

“Is anyone here?! Father! One elder! Someone call the two of you, please!”

She tried to, but she had to stop going because of her stomach wits that suddenly ran out of her room.


It might have been helpful to hide in her corner, but Wei Ji-eun did not find out about her own ugliness. However, seeing Ji-hye’s serious expression on her face, it seemed that something big had happened to her sister’s man.

‘To that bastard… What happened?’

Aroused by her curiosity her, Wi Ji-eun adjusted her clothes her, then she sneaked her head into her sister’s room her. She and like her maiden who saw what she couldn’t see, she let out a cute scream.


If she was having an affair, she would have been naked, of course, but she overlooked that.

‘How how… That’s a bar, right? Sister, what should I do!’

A man’s naked body and a man’s genitals… Wi Ji-eun, her face her flushed, quickly turned her head and tried to calm her trembling heart. But no matter how hard I tried, my heart wouldn’t stop shaking.

The extremely violent figure of the cock was already deeply embedded in his brain.

Much bigger and much bolder than the description in the novel, which I thought was ridiculous… And even more obscene… That cock was inside his sister’s cunt his…

Wi Ji-eun stroked her belly and blushed his face.

“Ugh, ha, ah! Hyemae…Ugh…”

However, she had to turn her gaze back to the naked man at the sound of a man who looked really serious.

“Hey, hey! Come to your senses! Why are you doing this!”

“Ugh, ah, ah… “

“Say something!”

Perhaps he felt even more pain than he could have imagined, while the man was half unconscious, his whole body trembled and let out a scream. It seemed that he had no idea that Wi Ji-eun had come.

“Ugh, Hyemae… “

“My sister has gone to call someone!”

“Hye, Hyemae… “

“Hey! Are you listening to me?!”

Eventually, Wi Ji-eun stepped into her sister’s room to check on her man’s condition her. His ferocious erection her still bothered him, but now was not the time to think about it. She was the man her sister her loved anyway, so he could n’t let him die like this.

“Don’t go, ugh… Hyemae…”

“Your sister is a person now, kyaaaaagh!”

“Hye-mae, I love you… “

“Uh, uh… Ugh, ugh…”

However, the man must have been mistaken and hugged Wi Ji-eun, who approached him, and for the first time since she was born that way, she was hugged by a man, by a naked man, no, by her sister’s man her.

“Hey, hey… Let this… Ugh…”

But for some reason, Wi Ji-eun, who was embarrassed, did not know what to do as she was held in the arms of a man like a shy virgin instead of getting angry.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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