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Heroine Netori 216

Heroine Netori 216

Chapter 216 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (19)

I lost consciousness on the spot when I saw the notification that the random chance had been triggered… When I came to my senses, an elder was holding my pulse, and beside him, my father-in-law and Hye-mae were silently watching me with anxious faces.

“Hmm… “

“Elder, how are you?”


What is this situation? Did Hye-mae call the two people thinking that something big happened to me? Umm… Thank you, but that way they wouldn’t have noticed that we were having sex… Feeling unbearably embarrassed, I carefully looked at my father-in-law and an elder.

“Thousands, every point, every thousand and infinite delays!”

“Yes? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Now, Elder, what a heavenly body!”

“Surely! This energy is the energy of heaven and earth!”

By the way… Suddenly, one of the elders was frightened, and began to run amok here and there, uttering the word “Cheonmujiche.” And… My father-in-law followed me, checked my pulse, and soon started clapping and running around with an elder.

“… Father-in-law? Elder?”

“Baekrang! Are you awake?”

“Hye-mae… What the heck is this…”

“Don’t be alarmed, listen! Well… There was nothing wrong with Baekrang’s body! No wonder… Baekrang’s body went through a metamorphosis! And, more surprisingly! Baekrang’s body has become a heavenly body!”

“Cloth…Are you talking about heaven and earth?”

“Okay! Heavenly delay!”

If you are in heaven… The basic knowledge of martial arts Munchkin characters… Isn’t it a body sent from heaven that can learn all martial arts to the extreme? But did I become that heavenly body? Really?

“Clap. Look at that, I knew that. Even if it seemed useful from the start!”

“Chuck. That’s what I said too, and I was looking good from the beginning. He has a good-looking face, a good heart, and he is good to Hye-ah. Isn’t he the best son-in-law!”

“Cluck! Chuck!”

No, does it look real? When I saw the two hugging each other in genuine joy, it was only then that I realized it. If it’s that level of jjinten, it can never be a lie.

This is true… To be honest, they say they had a metamorphosis, but I was disappointed because there didn’t seem to be any major changes other than the slightly longer limbs. However, the disappointment was a bitch, and the jackpot exploded from the beginning. Cheonmujiche, wouldn’t it be possible to match the Heavenly Demon if he trained like this?

“Baekrang, congratulations!”

“Thank you, Hyemae… “

I happily saved this moment in the second slot of Save & Load.


“Ugh, Hyemae… Hug me.”

“Ah… Well, I have an older sister, Hasepst…”

“Hye-mae, don’t leave me.”

“Uh, ha ha… Wait, wait… Ha… This color horse…”

Hugging the virgin body of a woman who hadn’t even married her like this… Also, this man was clearly a man of color. He has a dependable chest to lean on and strong arm muscles that are reassuring, but… Anyway, shouldn’t we make fun of women’s bodies recklessly? Wi Ji-eun thought so and criticized the man.

“I love you, ugh, Hyemae… “

“Huh… If you whisper right next to me like that… Whoops, whoops…”

“Hye-mae, ha-ah, today is also soft… “

“Uh, uh, where are you putting your hand! Haang…”

Whispering love in a sweet voice, gently caressing your butt… It was something that shouldn’t have been done either. Isn’t she the man’s ‘hye-mae’? It was absolutely unforgivable to caress the butt of his soon-to-be sister-in-law.

So Wi Ji-eun had to resist the man.

“…… But do I really look like an older sister?”

“Ugh, Hye-mae… “

“…… Yes.”

Surprisingly, however, Wi Ji-eun did not show any resistance.

Rather, she pretended to be her older sister her, imitating the image of her longed-for lover her. Since the man had completely lost his reason and was making a big mistake, it was a golden opportunity that she couldn’t miss. A chance to imitate the love between a man and a woman in a novel.

“…… That, yes, I am Hyemae.”

“Ha, Hye-mae… Ugh…”

“Flat, straighten out, as usual… Don’t touch… Would you please kyaa…”

“Hmm? Something poor…”

“Hey, not that butt! Please massage my ass today!”

At this moment, she became ‘Wi Ji-hye’ and exchanged affectionate gestures with the man.

Like the heroine in a novel, she was held by a man, she felt his body temperature his, and she made strange noises while being caressed in his hand. She rubbed her own breasts against the man’s chest, licked his collarbone and tasted his bodily fluids.

“Ha…Sss, ha, ha, ha…”

“Hye-mae…. Ugh…”

“Bae, Baekrang… Ha, ah… Chu, Chu-up… Ha… “

She put her own face on the man’s face and kissed him, exchanging her saliva. She started caring the man’s cock with her, and she became his woman his and she loved him.

The man was a slut she really hated, but… At this moment, he was the most precious male protagonist in the world.

“Churup, ha ha, ha… White Rang… Do you love me?”

“Ugh, I love you.”

“Ah, ah, Baekrang… “

“That’s why I can’t stand it any longer!”

“Kyaaah?! Oh no!”

… But when a man who was covered by her sexual desire her tried to attack her, the man became a terrible sex slave again, and she was able to come to her senses her, albeit belatedly.

“It’s crazy… What have you been up to… Uh, sister… What should I do…”

Out of curiosity, she tried to play a prank on her for a while, but ended up giving her lips… Wi Ji-eun, shocked by her, hurriedly left the place after subduing her man, and at the same time, Wi -hye, who had brought the family head and the elder, arrived at her own room.


“Ha… Crazy bitch, crazy bitch! That’s why I’m not crazy…!”

Returning to her room, Wi Ji-eun struggled in pain as she recalled the accident a while ago. To a man I don’t even know… Even for a man with an owner… She clung to her as if she were a lover, and she fawned over her, which she could not forgive herself.

To think that her virgin, who had never even held her man’s hand her, acted like a sex slave driven by her lust her…! Wi Ji-eun, whose mind collapsed due to her sense of shame, blamed herself for lying on her bed.

“I’m sorry about my sister, what should I do… Come to think of it, that man was a patient moaning in pain… But just like that… That… Hugged…”

“Ruler… Touching the cock… Mix your tongue… That we love each other…”

“No, stop talking crazy! I was possessed for a moment! Yes it was Because that man is beyond imagination! If you get close to it, you’ll get naughty! That’s right, then you understand. That’s why he sleeps so big… It’s thick and…”

“Aaaaagh! Really wake up!”

But blaming myself wasn’t easy either. It was because I felt like I was going to keep thinking about lewd acts with a man I had experienced for the first time. … In the end, Wi Ji-eun decided to go for a walk to clear her mind.


“Eun-ah, do you have a minute?”

But then, the second person she didn’t want to meet came to her.

“Uh, sister? Yeah, I have a lot of time.”

“Whoops, so? Then can we talk for a minute?”

“Yes? Uh uh uh… Of course… But what can I say… ?”

“Yes. It’s about Baekrang.”

“Cough, Cough, Cough, Keek… Um, sorry… What?”

“I have something to tell you about Baekrang’s incident that happened a little while ago.”

“……… Yes.”

Wi Ji-eun said that for the first time in her life, she was afraid of her older sister her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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