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Heroine Netori 177

Heroine Netori 177

Chapter 177 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (18)

I tried denying that it wasn’t going to happen, and I was angry that it couldn’t be done, but nothing changed. Whether Agon suffered or not, Rosina gradually became the woman of the lord. If she could have replied at least, she wouldn’t have been so frustrated… There was no way Agon could resist. All he could do was receive Rosina’s letter from her, praying that he would change her mind from her.

‘Please… Goddess, please… Rosina, my Rosina… Give it back to me I will pray like this. Please… ‘

However… To the disgrace of such prayers, what he hoped for did not happen. She only had to hold out for a few days, Dunn Rosie said. She continued to act as if a week or two passed. The worst is about to happen to Agon.

‘Lie… It won’t be… Isn’t it? Please Rosina… Oh My God! It shouldn’t be like this… Ahhh! Shit! Rosina, you can’t do that!’

But even her bottom she has a bottom … The real worst was out there. Rosina is pregnant with the lord’s child. Agon lost his temper at the unexpected news of their 2nd generation, and after that, he became a disabled man and was released from prison as if he were kicked out.

‘Agon, you… ! Wake! Could it be that he was tortured?!’

Fortunately, thanks to his friend Henrik, he was able to avoid dying on the street … Agon, who lost his wife, his family, and everything, was ruined to the point where it seemed impossible to revive.

So he gave up everything and became unconscious and rotted day by day at Henrik’s house.

‘How can a person be so stupid? It could have all been invented by the lord. You have to trust her wife until you see it with your own eyes!’

However, Agon was able to come to his senses thanks to the scolding of Henrik’s sister, Hena, who was frustrated at seeing him like that. There was still hope for him who seemed to have no answer.

‘That’s right… That vicious bastard can do that…! There’s no way my Rosina will betray me! Maybe that bastard forced me to write that letter!’

He should have trusted Rosina until the last moment… Also, Agon, who almost ruined the work by judging the leverage his, reflected on himself. And he got on the carriage leaving for Freha to rescue Rosina, who would be locked in the lord’s castle.

Pretend you don’t know that your thoughts are wrong.


As Rosina, who had entered her stable phase, returned to her room after her brief walk her, Sarah, who had been waiting for her, grumbled at her Rosina with her arms crossed. Seeing Sarah’s disapproving face of her, it seemed that something in her was dissatisfied with Rosina.

“Rosina-sama, do it in moderation. If you have a conscience, shouldn’t you follow your turn? Or are you some horny bitch?”

“Oh, if you want to argue, ask him. Because it was Mr. Seo who chose me last night.”

But Rosina passed her, lightly ignoring Sera’s complaints of her. For Rosie Na, who was no longer afraid of her, Sera’s threat her was just annoying.

Was it such a big mistake that she fawned over her and got his cock her last night out of her own way?

“Didn’t Rosina-sama be forced to? She says she feels empty inside that she hasn’t done it recently.”

“So what? Whether I did it or not, in the end, it was Mr. Seo who chose me, right?”

“… Chit. Too much sex drive… Well, so she fouled her cunt with another cock.”

“…… Are you done talking now?”

“Oh? It looks like you overheard everything you said to yourself.”

However, no matter how much Rosina was like that, she couldn’t ignore what Sera had just said. Insulting her own cunt her as dirty was clearly crossing the line.

Even so, I was annoyed that Sera took away her marriage seat her, but to even touch her own trauma like this … Rosina, whom she hated, trembled at her.

“Huh! I’ll think of it as the ugly jealousy of a woman who has no breasts.”

“…… What, what?”

She said, “I can be generous with the meager jealousy of someone whose character is also poor because of their poor body her. Whoop whoop.”

“Are you going to try it today? She’s not even his concubine his yet.”

But even though she was gone, she didn’t sit still. She glared at the sarcastic Rosina, reminding her of the reality that Rosina was trying to ignore. Unlike herself, who took the position of the lord’s wife, Rosina is still Agon’s wife.

“Oooh… That… !”

The fight between the two, which started from the day Rosina found out about Sera’s identity her, continued today.


Sarah, on her part of her, couldn’t help but hate Rosina. From her point of view, her Rosina was her rolling stone her, suddenly appearing and threatening her own place.

Fortunately for her, she was in a position of nobility herself, and because Rosina had not divorced her because Agon had not returned, Sera was able to take her place her as her vassal her. The mere fact that her marriage position was dangerous made her dislike Rosina.

Meanwhile, Rosina was also dissatisfied with Sarah. After hearing her story that the two of them were dating belatedly, she felt sorry for her, but she was dissatisfied with Sarah’s actions her, which she found out only then.

When she was in a good mood with the lord, she always appeared and took the lord away under the pretext of urgent matters. That’s why Rosina had no choice but to dislike Sera.

Therefore, whenever the two of them were alone, they always fought like this.

“Huh! Yes. She’s not even a concubine yet. But did she forget that the woman who was not the concubine even got her pregnant, unlike someone who was her true wife? Whoops, how compatible was she that she got pregnant so quickly? I heard that Mr. Seo’s wife still hasn’t conceived!”

However, this was the first time they had fought so fiercely as they did today. When Sera’s monopoly time ended as Rosina’s stable period began, Sera felt her insecurities were the cause of her. She thought, of course, that she too would be pregnant… She had failed to conceive. In this situation, if Agon returns and forces Rosina to get her divorced, her position her as royal wife could be in jeopardy. That’s why Sera overreacted today.

“Chit… It does not matter who she gave birth first. It matters who she gives birth to a boy first. When Rosina gives birth to a girl, it means that she will be just like me. Do you understand?”

“This… Hey! That’s not going to happen. This child must be a boy.”

But she was nervous, and so was Rosie. Sarah’s words her were not wrong. She said that even though she was getting ahead of herself now, she couldn’t be as assertive as she is now if she gave birth to a girl herself.

-Smart smart

“The lord is calling.”

While they were anxious and holding each other in check, their owner called them both. A sad thing happened to Sarah, but a happy thing happened to Rosina.

“Rosina, your husband has finally returned to Freha. It seems that he ran to this castle as soon as he arrived.”

“Oh. Is it really? That’s great! Finally, I can formally connect with Mr. Seo!”

“Chit. Even so, she is a concubine.”

Haha! Then let’s go and show us our close relationship.”

Hearing the lord’s laughter, the two each held the lord’s hand and left the room with opposite expressions. However, it soon changed to the same expression, and the lord who sprayed the girls’ hands began to knead their breasts.

“Ugh! Do you want to show off your good looks? Both of you are my precious girls, so stop fighting. This breast, and this breast, I like them all.”

“”I know… “”

Rosie, who weakly responded to her lord’s nagging her not to fight, but was glad that she would still prefer her bigger size her. She then looked at herself with her shocked face and said to Agon what she always wanted to say.

“Agon, we are getting a divorce.”


[Mission cleared!]
[Result: Grade S, Acquired Points: 41230]
[Achievement achievements: ‘Early Night Event’, ‘The Evil Lord’, ‘Phase Reversal’]
[Clear privilege: ‘Poker Face’ skill]

[Challenge Clear!]
[‘Complete the mission without knowing who the heroine is’ – 1 million points]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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