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Heroine Netori 176

Heroine Netori 176

Chapter 176 – The Lord Exercising the Power of the First Night (17)

To agon.

First… I guess I should say I’m sorry. You’re saying it’s normal for a wife to suck her husband’s cock between her husband and wife? I got angry at your request, asking if you think I’m a whore… It was my misunderstanding. I’m so sorry. If the lord hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known about it for the rest of my life. I apologize for this now.

So, as an apology… When you return to Freja, then I will do it without refusal. Huhu, I’ve already completed enough practice with the young lord’s cock. I’m confident, me. My jaw hurts a little, but… With your cock, none of that would happen. I’m sure you can do well. So you can look forward to it.



To agon.

Today, the lord is busy, so I’m having a little quiet time. But isn’t Youngju’s stamina really amazing? He had sex with me until morning, but he only closed his eyes for a while and then went straight to work. It’s really comparable to you, who collapses as soon as you hit him a few times. Oh, of course, that doesn’t mean I hate you. You know my heart

Ahaha… But they say sex can also be a workout, and that might be the reason for your excellent stamina. Because the lord has sex every day. You could say it kills two birds with one stone, eh

Oh, I’m sorry. A surprising thing happened….

Sorry. The lord came to me unexpectedly and secretly massaged my breasts, so I was startedled and lost the pen. Ahaha… The lord plays cute pranks like this. I’m writing a letter, but you’re playing pranks behind your back like this.

Whoa, what do you do? The lord keeps rubbing my breasts whether I write a letter or not. As always, she’s caressing my breasts with her big hands like a toy. Oh my, I gritted my teeth and ignored it, and this time I unbuttoned my button. Uh… And take off my clothes, go… Um, ahaha… Are there many typos? I’m worried about this. Will I be able to send it like this… Write a new one and send it, hey, ah…

Wait. Still, this is a bit harsh. I need to be able to write a letter. No matter how hard my nipples are, it’s too much to disturb them by touching them like this. I feel very good… I need to say something sharp.

Replying to @DragonBall

Hmmmm, are you Agon? This body is the lord of Freha. It’s no different, my fiancé fainted for a moment. So I’m going to finish the letter instead. Oh, don’t worry too much about Rosina. I was exhausted after working out for a while with me. Don’t worry, it’ll happen soon. Enough then.


To agon.

Ugh… It looked really embarrassing. I’m sorry. It must have been a messed up letter… Did you send it on your own? I didn’t know, but the lord also had a mischievous side. There’s something like that that makes it even more lovely.

By the way… I think I should say sorry in advance one more time. I think I’m going to send a messed up letter again. That… The lord found this act interesting… Whoops, cute guy.

Oh, what action are you talking about? Uh, crab… Ahaha… I’m writing you a letter while having sex. Is it fun? The lord’s cock is now in my pussy. Now, when I give a signal, the lord will shake his waist. And I will write a letter accordingly.

So from now on… Let me start.

Ugh, inside, kaya gee… Came in ah… Grow up The lord’s cock always fills my cramped vagina like this. I mean, unlike anyone else. So, you scratched all the places that made you feel good… I can’t help but be satisfied. This is also different from anyone else.

Whoops, that’s why I’m still in a bad mood, ha… It’s in a good mood. I’m writing a letter on my stomach… It’s a bit inconvenient, though.

Even so, depending on this, ha, wait a minute.

Uhm, I suddenly started driving in earnest and dropped my pen. You hit it so hard that the desk shakes… Do you want me to pass out again? It’s really like a beast.

Ah, I mean compliments, ha, again, ugh…

I’m sorry. When my hips collide with the lord’s thighs and the sex starts so intense that it makes a popping sound, I don’t have time to write a letter. I want to keep this feeling as it is… It’s not easy.

Still, if you look at the blurry letters wet with sweat, you can tell how passionately the young lord and I are having sex, right? Well… But there is no need to tell you this. It seems that I was immersed in the lord’s prank without even realizing it.

Oh wait…

How… Eventually, when I couldn’t stand it and left, the lord, who had been waiting for me, gave me intra-vaginal ejaculation. Thanks to this, the inside of the pussy is the lord’s semen… It was full. Ah, it feels good… I was able to receive the Lord’s seed today.

Oh… ! Whoops, you’re doing it without hesitation. When I rubbed my ass against the lord, who was lacking a bit, the lord’s cock hardened again in the vagina. If this is the case, I think I can do it a few more times.

So… I don’t think I can write any more letters. I didn’t enjoy it properly. This time, I want to kiss Youngjoo on top and get fucked. So I’ll cut the letter here.



To agon.

Are you okay? I heard you couldn’t sleep and screamed all night. Were the prison guards harassing you? I’ll tell the lord and make sure that doesn’t happen. I would be lonely in solitary confinement, but being bullied is so terrible. Huhu, am I the only one who thinks of you? So you should be nice to me. You can’t be as violent as you were back then.

Oh, I have something to tell you. Originally, you and the lord were only supposed to be married for a few days, right? But that period… I decided to increase it a bit. In fact, it has already passed quite a bit. Ahaha…

That is… I haven’t passed over to the lord yet. So the lord begged me to give him a little more time. I accepted that. I’m confident that I won’t pass it anyway. Are you trustworthy? So please trust me until the end.



To agon.

Today is… For the first time, I tried riding a horse. Does Agon know what that is? It’s when a woman gets on top of a man and she shakes her waist by herself. Are you very stupid? But they say it doesn’t matter if the couple is confused. When I heard it, it seemed right, so I readily accepted it.

By the way… This was harder than I thought. Is the lord staying still until the end? I thought you would stab me with a dick after looking at the situation in moderation… At times like this, I really felt like a devil.

However… Even so, I couldn’t betray the lord, who was looking up at me with an expectant face. Now I am the lord’s wife. She has to serve her husband her to the end. I turned my back as hard as I could. Just a little bit so that my husband can feel it with my pussy.

But soon after, her husband reached out and massaged my breasts. With very lewd and lascivious hand movements. A strange moan erupted from my mouth as his erect nipples his were stroked and pinched. It felt so good.

Really… My husband loves my breasts so much. Because of that, I couldn’t properly focus on riding. It was hard to endure just the cock scratching the vaginal wall, but it was a natural result because I was caressed at the nipple. In the end, today’s goal failed. My back his gave out strength and I collapsed on my husband.

Whoa, I’m sure you’ll succeed next time. As her wife her, she should n’t be able to extract her husband’s semen with her own power her. She will definitely do it next time. So can you cheer me on?

The lord’s wife, Rosina.


To agon.

Agon, you know I… In the end, I passed over to the lord. That is… Motherhood couldn’t win. Ahaha… When I found out that the lord and my child were in the boat, the lord was so lovely… I couldn’t stand it. So I accepted the lord’s proposal…

Am I really ugly? I’m sorry… However… Now I have become a body that can’t live without the lord. A kiss with the lord, sex with the lord, a baby with the lord, everything with the lord… Nothing can be given up now.

So… Don’t forgive me Am I a dirty woman? Let me go now You will definitely find a better woman than me.

Just like the lord came to me…

The lord’s wife, Rosina.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
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[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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