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Heroine Netori 178

Heroine Netori 178

Chapter 178 – Corrupting Magical Girl (1)

To start with the conclusion, it was ‘Heroine Netori’ worth investing 130,000 points in. I was satisfied with everything from the quality of the heroes to the results of Netori. Are you crazy about this taste? I was able to clear the challenge that could have been difficult thanks to the character that was worth the points more easily than I thought.

[‘Complete the mission without knowing who the heroine is’ – 1 million points]

Nice… 1 million, how much is this? I lay in bed and reveled in the joy of being rich. No, even 13 was this comfortable? But how much would it be if it were 1 million? I didn’t know if I could really live like a king in all worldviews in the future.

Oh, I have to spend 200,000 separately because I have to go see Wi Ji-hye. But well, it’s still 800,000. This means that you can choose 6 more characters like the evil lord. Nice… This is it I blew a whistle, feeling the happiness of winning the lottery.


[※ Super Discount! A unique opportunity that will never come again! ※]
[Return by death (single use): 1 million points (existing 10 million points). If you die, instead of being forced to settle, you go back to the day before you died.]
[Time stop mechanism (single use): 1 million points (existing 10 million points). Pressing the button stops time, pressing it again restarts time and destroys the device.]
[Save & Load: 1 million points (existing 10 million points). After setting the save point, shouting load will return you to the point where you saved. There are 3 slots available and each slot can only be loaded once.]

“…… ?”

But at that moment, an ad for “Super Discount” Suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.


How should I judge this… Didn’t you like how I got rich all at once? This time, the score of ‘Heroine Netori’, who tried to collect the points at once, looked really nasty.

However, I couldn’t just ignore it because all three items looked very useful.

Death return? It would be useless in the modern worldview, but what if that is a martial arts worldview? It was like giving one more coin in a place where a person’s life is like a fly’s life, so it couldn’t be worse. For the same reason, the right to suspend is also the same. If you’re a top-notch master and a nabal, stop time and cut your throat, isn’t that the end?

Also save & load? This seemed the most fraudulent. In fact, it’s a high-ranking compatibility of death return. Of course, if you die before loading, you’ll lose the item… Could it be that there is not enough room for that? Now that I’m at the level of a B-class hunter, I don’t think that’s going to happen. And according to the description, it can be used 3 times, so it seemed more useful than other disposable items.

Therefore… If you live, it’s save and load… No, do you really have to spend it all as soon as you earn it? As I was contemplating whether I should buy this or not, a new notification popped up in front of me.

[One minute left.]
[… ] ]

Oh dear, are you really just being sincere? ‘Heroine Netori’ seemed to want me to buy it unconditionally this time, and pushed me to buy it by popping up a new notification window every second. After… What about this I was really worried because of that.

[… ] ]

But the worry didn’t last long. If you look at the points alone, it’s a profit of 9 million points. If you think so, it would be foolish to miss this opportunity. Besides, points are earned quickly anyway. 200,000 points for returning to the martial arts world was cheap enough to be earned with just one suitable challenge.

“Whoa… Okay, if you want to attack Wei Wisdom, you should have this much of an item….”

So I made up my mind and decided to flex.


“A total of 44800 points… A little less than 50,000.”

After purchasing Save & Load, I settled on the points and skills I gained this time. The points earned while achieving the S grade were 41230 points, which was 44800 points when combined with existing points.

[Poker Face Lv.1 – You can hide your emotions.]

And the skill he acquired this time was a poker face, a skill that would be useful when gambling or acting. Isn’t this bad enough? It looked several times better than the sleep skill.

“Whoa, then shall we go back to earning points?”

Satisfied, I immediately prepared to move on to the next world view. I was thinking of meeting Wi Ji-hye as soon as possible. So there was no time to rest. I’m taking a break because it’s possible even in ‘Heroine Netori’. Now, it was more important to quickly earn points and return to the world of martial arts.

“Well… What would you like this time…”

So I made up my mind to choose a challenge worth at least 200,000 points. Seeing this, it’s easier to just aim for one big thing than to do a lot of small things. Just like when you were young.

“Oh, does this look good?”


[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[I am challenging the ‘Achieve the mission as a villain’ task.]
[The genre is ‘magical girl’.]
[You are ‘Middle Boss C’.]
[You can use the Necklace of Obedience.]

[Mission: Netori the heroine.]
[Tip: The main heroine is a righteous magical girl. She believes that people have good hearts like her.]
[(A grade or higher is required to complete the challenge.)]


Accomplishing the mission as a villain, worth 300,000 points. Aren’t the conditions too easy compared to the rewards? If you look at my progress up to this point, it’s rare that I’m not a villain, so you might think so.

However, there is a distinct difference from so far, and that is that only evil things are forced to be done. What are you talking about? Unlike the previous worldview, where he was a vicious lord but not vicious at all, this time he must do only bad things…

But I wasn’t particularly worried. It’s not even real anyway, so how about doing something bad? Points were more important to me. I only have 800 points left. There was no reason to hesitate. And you’re just a magical girl. As a B-rank hunter, you will never be my opponent…

– Quagga gag gag gag!
– Quaang!

“I appeared! ‘Rapier’ appeared!”
“Boss! Help!”

“Huh? What are you so afraid of? It just hurts a little bit, doesn’t it?”

-Chack, chwang!

“Boss! Aagh!”
“Help me…”

“Whoop whoop. Be cute You’re having a hard time with a little hole in it. Do you think so too? Darkest Chain executive, Dirk Bae!”

What is this… ?
Did I choose the wrong genre?
Um, no… ?
Is it a magical girl thing?

“It’s no use pretending otherwise! I already figured out who you are!”

But how did you bring down the building with that slender arm and a thin fencing sword? And how do you swing the sword so fast that it’s hard for my eyes to follow? How… No, is this really true? Were magical girl stories originally this hardcore?

“Ruler! It’s a win!”


“Hoo… This… It’s a little different from what I’ve heard. I heard that you are just a coward… Quite, I like it, I like it!”

-Chae Ae-Aeng!
-Chaechaeng! Visor!

“Ohhhhh! Boss too! A grade A magical girl and a match!”
“I believed you!”
“Boss! Please avenge your colleagues!”

No no no, what kind of revenge is revenge? It’s too much to stop! I quickly blocked the rapier attack with the sword in my hand, but I couldn’t even attempt a counterattack. This… If it wasn’t for observation, I would have died already. That much, the ‘Rapier’ in front of him was a strong opponent. Is that grade A? No, some kind of magical girl stuff even has ratings… Is this real?

“Eight! But can we stop this!”

-Shoo woo woo
-Shoo woo woo

When I was distracted by the sudden start of the battle, I began to gather my spirit after taking a flag ceremony to see if the rapier was preparing for a special move. Then, as the wind began to blow around her, the rapier’s short skirt fluttered, exposing her panties to her.

“That black mesh… !”

…… When I involuntarily screamed at the shape of the black panties, which looked quite lewd, which did not match the noble appearance of the rapier, which looked like a rich lady, she blushed and got angry at me.

“Wait a minute! How can I say it so openly! You have to pretend you don’t know until the end!”

“…… What?”

“Oh my… Cut! Cut!”

“…… ?”

“‘A magical girl who fights against villains for justice! But is she actually a pervert? Black fishnet panties today!’ This is the setting we promised. Did you already forget? But what if we talk about panties? Silver is important!”

“Uh…? No, that…”

“Really! If that’s the case, you’ll have to take it again! I already used a lot of stone energy, heein.”

What does this mean? In fact, it was a go-stop where everything was put together… ? It was difficult to properly understand what the rapier was saying, perhaps because all of the memories in this body had not yet been synchronized.

So… These two were originally acquainted, and now this situation is a situation that each other promised in advance… ? No, then she said earlier that she really tried to kill me was actually an act? …… Really?

“You haven’t forgotten, have you? If you show me how to defeat the old man with this, I’m in S-class too. S-class!”

“Ah, it was. I’m sorry… The panties were more revealing than I thought, so I stopped without realizing it…”

“…… I beg your pardon? Those are the panties that the uncle gave you! You pervert!”

Well… Something is going wrong with this from the start.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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