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Heroine Netori 179

Heroine Netori 179

Chapter 179 – Corrupting Magical Girl (2)

In this world, a mysterious stone called the Magic Stone exists. If this stone is ‘connected’ to a woman with a ‘good heart’, it will change into a dainty pink love stone. .

On the other hand, if this stone is ‘connected’ to a person with an ‘evil heart’, it turns into a dull and pitch-black dark stone. Will transform Oh, wasn’t it manga, not oblivion? Anyway. To put it simply, this stone acts as a transformation belt for the masked rider.

No one knows where to get magic stones or how to make them. Numerous scientists have been immersed in research for decades, but no one has come up with an answer. But just one thing… There’s something they’ve figured out, and that’s how to increase the magic stone’s power. And the method was surprisingly simple, and that was absorbing people’s emotions.

How do you do that? Well, to elaborate a bit… In the case of Love Stone, it is strengthened whenever people like, support, and love magical girls. And in the case of Dark Stone, it is strengthened whenever people hate, resent, or hate the villain.

In other words, magical girls become fans, villains become anti-fans, and each time they increase, they gain strength.

“Oooooh… ! I know this operation works, but… I’m really ashamed though. You have to pretend you don’t know and show your panties, you’re a total pervert! And… It’s really dumb that this works. Do men really only have dirty thoughts in their heads?”

“All men are wolves.”

“Huh… So, are you also a pervert?”

“Of course. Hee-eun, there are only two types of men in the world. A man who is a pervert and a man who pretends not to be a pervert. And among them, the latter is overwhelmingly dangerous. So, those who Pretend to be sweet must be careful.”

“…… Electrons are also perverts, so you don’t have to be careful… ?”

That’s why the Magical Girl Rapier uses her silver exposure strategy not because she is a pervert who likes her nudity her, but in order to strengthen her her love stone by increasing her own fans her with her nudity videos.

But does this really work? Yes, even in this world, naughty things are the best.

[Fancam] A rapier that defeats the B-class villain, Dirk Bae]

[Which I didn’t see wrong, right? Black mesh… Crazy crazy… ]
[N It’s the best ever ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ]
[N No, is he an exhibitionist?]
[N Shut up. What should I do with that rapier costume?]
[N Yes, I didn’t wear it to show off you guys~ I wore it to show off my popular boyfriend~]
[N] You don’t have a rapier boyfriend? Are you solo? Do you eat alone every day?]
[N Oh, there are so many steamed ones. Do you also take care of Magic Stargram? It’s me lol]

[14:29 16:10 29:45 Highlights of this video]
[Is the rapier new? The rapier is new!]
[N 29 minutes is right]
[N Perverts… Dog is dirty Do it in moderation]
[B he shows it, what should I do?]
[N Shut up. It can’t be helped because the rapier outfit is too exposed]
[No? You don’t know what to show? Don’t mess with the pure rapier. The rapier is a baby, you should save it. Hehe.]

[There are so many perverts. If you need a daughter, go watch porn. Don’t insult rapier fans for nothing. FYI, I’m watching the fancam purely to support rapier ㅇㅇ I’m not watching it to see the color of rapier’s panties ㅇㅇ]
[N This is correct.]
[B kkkk I do too. I’m a steamed fan]
[N Shut up. Can’t we just cheer for you please? Rarely is a magical girl as righteous as a rapier. So please support rapier if you are Korean.]
[N] Is it really righteous? If you know it, isn’t it a sponsorship with a panty company? If that’s not the case, it’s not exhibitionism, and there’s no way you’ll be exposed this often.]
[Are you a genius?]
[N Huh… It’s dog goosebumps. Disappointed, really. The rapier looks good, but it doesn’t work.]
[ㄴ It’s a drip, but there are kids who accept it as steamed;; Are you from there?]
[N Shut up, you guys… ]

In reality, idols expose their panties… How can horny men not like it? In addition, instead of showing it openly, you can see it subtly, so you can feel a strange sense of immorality, so if you are a man, you have no choice but to be inferior.

Oh, don’t you get scolded for being too blatant or low-quality? But there is another good excuse for this. When you transform into a love stone, you automatically wear a magical girl-like costume, but in the case of rapier, the exposure of that costume is a little high, right? So running around with this will solve the problem.

And is this not enough? Then, in an interview, all you have to do is say, ‘It’s an embarrassing outfit, but if you want to keep justice, you can overcome this shame!’ According to my memory, this interview made almost all the antis shut up. This body before being possessed came up with a really good idea.

Think about it, a pure beautiful girl who knows shame, has no choice but to expose her panties every time? Oh… Play some? There was something in common, perhaps because it was the same virtue.

“Whoa, the comments are really disgusting… Still, if you combine the energy gathered today, you will definitely be able to become an S-class. Thank you, uncle. Even if it’s for revenge… But thanks to you, I finally made it.”

“You did a good job. In the end, this operation wouldn’t have worked without your skills.”

“So that’s what I mean… As a reward, I’ll give you a chance to hug a beautiful girl who will soon become an S-class magical girl. Here you go.”

Hmm? Uh… What. Was it like this? According to my synchronized memories, it wasn’t this far, right? Hee-eun, who had released her transformation and returned to her original form, looked at me and opened her arms. It’s comfortable for me to hold.

So she thought what kind of rice cake was this and tried to hug her without any doubt, but she suddenly started to say something she didn’t want as a force was activated in her body her.

“Hee-eun. Don’t be too foolish. Revenge isn’t over yet.”

“Huh… Now that’s the uncle’s answer. You know something was weird today? What do you mean by pretending to be kind without answering? Wow If she had really hugged me like this, she would have doubted him. She was swapped for someone else .”

“… It’s because she’s suddenly getting stronger and a little dizzy.”

“Ah! No wonder! Strangely, he said that he blocks my attacks well today. Jackpot case! What else did you do that made you so strong?”

“There is such a thing, man.”

“Chit. To hide… I see. Then I’ll stop now. Uncle, bye bye.”

Oh… Did I almost fail? I think he said that because of the ‘Achieve mission as a villain’ challenge… Thanks to that, I was able to avoid unnecessary suspicion. Thank god. If I had lost with Hee-eun, this Netori would have been quite difficult. She was lucky

Oh, who is Hee-eun? Well… First of all, it’s not a heroine. It’s just a supporting role, but she’s Park Deok-bae’s neighbor’s cousin that I possessed, so she’s a girl who lives next door to Park Deok-bae. But what is the relationship between the two of you? Well… It’s a bit long to explain…

To put it in conclusion, the two are colleagues who dream of the same revenge.


Lee Hee-eun and Park Deok-bae’s daughter have been best friends since they were young, and thanks to the two people who are very close, the two families were also close like relatives. To the extent that we travel together every season.

… However, that very trip was a problem. An S-class magical girl and an S-class villain had a fight at a tourist destination. As if the two were enemies, they clashed fiercely, and in the process, the two families were swept away by the magical girl’s attack and lost their lives.

Except for Lee Hee-eun and Park Deok-bae.

The two people who lost their families overnight went to the Magical Girls Association and demanded an investigation into the truth. Unfortunately, however, the association did not accept their request. She did not want to damage the image of a magical girl who became a hero after defeating an S-class villain.

As a result, the association blamed all the wrongdoing on the dead villain and sued the two people for defamation trying to uncover the truth. Thanks to the association, which did not want to escalate the matter, the complaint was soon dropped, but the incident left the two in despair.

And then two magic stones appeared in front of them.

Naturally, Park Deok-bae, who fell into the abyss and dreamed of revenge, became a villain. He vowed to destroy the S-class magical girl who killed his family and the association that hid the truth.

However, Lee Hee-eun, on the other hand, became a magical girl. She dreamed of more than revenge. Lee Hee-eun vowed to become a real righteous magical girl, to purify the ugly associations and become a role model for righteous magical girls.

The two who became a villain and a magical girl were not hostile to each other. Rather, the two decided to join forces for revenge. Park Deok-bae in the world of villains, and Hee-eun Lee in the world of magical girls, promised to correct the wrong things that day by cultivating her strength.

And the first step in that process was to make Lee Hee-eun her S-class her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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