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Heroine Netori 180

Heroine Netori 180

Chapter 180 – Corrupting Magical Girl (3)

Again, in order for the villain to increase her power, she needs to get negative emotions from people. So the question here is, how can I get negative emotions? The answer is simple. Crime, and even greater crime. Murder, robbery, rape, terrorism, and other evil deeds of all kinds can earn people’s resentment and hatred, making them even stronger.

However, it is usually difficult to do this alone. It may not be a simple robbery, but large-scale kidnapping or terrorism requires at least a squad unit. So, the villains gathered their strength to commit worse and worse things, and naturally created an organization of villains.

And the most famous of those organizations is the villain organization called Darkest Chain, to which I belong.

“Congratulations! Boss! You finally did it!”

“To make a planted spy into an S-class magical girl… You are amazing, really!”

“” “I respect you! Boss!”””

What, is there even an article? When I returned to the hideout after seeing off Hee-eun, the subordinates who had been matching hands and feet with me greeted me with loud cheers. I was puzzled by her appearance of her and when I opened her smartphone of her, sure enough, an article saying that Hee-eun had become S-class was plastered in the news section.

“Fuckers… Thank you. You guys have been very helpful.”

“No. Isn’t this all because the boss’s strategy is good?”

Haha! That is also true.”

To be exact, it’s not me, it’s a strategy set up by Park Deok-bae from Before Possession… Well, how is it good is good I laughed like a villain and had fun with my subordinates who cheered me up.

“Ha ha? Oh, you very much know that you are the president. Ok? I was very excited when I got lucky and got one.”

But while we were laughing like that, a disturber suddenly appeared.
This guy… Who is it?

“Keukkeuk, why? Were you scared? What are you looking at so blankly?”

Oh, that’s him. The villain’s name is Crean, and he is one of the useless executives of an organization that has no skills and no results. He is a very villain-like bastard who visits and harasses Park Deok-bae, who is weaker than himself, every day to fill his self-esteem his.

Are you annoyed by the news that the guy you usually ignore did something? When I saw the sarcastic guy with a frown on his face, I burst into laughter. Cheating, childish.

“Why did you come to someone else’s area? Can I congratulate you?”

“Under! Did this kid have a swollen liver… Sheesh, I have to be patient. I’m just here to give you a warning. Did you know that this time you were downgraded to a C-level villain for being an executive for saying that shit? This is a fucking embarrassing thing. It would be better to quickly put it up to at least B-grade. Belfi hyung-nim is a bit pissed off.”

What’s this… Tsundere? Contrary to what I remembered, I was horrified by the friendly appearance of Crean. Was this guy gay? This isn’t a warning, it’s advice or advice. I wasn’t this kind of guy… Oh, maybe that’s it? It may be that he comes to me in advance and shows me a creeping appearance, fearing that I, who will gain power through this incident, will take revenge on him.

“I do my own thing. So get out of here.”

“This bastard… I definitely warned you.”

Well, I wouldn’t even care.


The only thing that matters to me is Netori. Park Deok-bae’s revenge or discipline within the organization are meaningless to me. You don’t have to earn points. All I have to do now is find her her heroine her and take her away from her heroine her.

So, the first priority is to find the heroine.

By the way… This didn’t look easy. No, there are so many magical girls. Isn’t it usually five at most? So I thought I’d find it soon… The number of magical girls enrolled in the association was almost equal to the number of employees of large corporations. Only then can you find it in time…

“Did you find it?”

[Exclusive Interview] 1st Place in Popularity Poll, S-Class Magical Girl Saint Rose Appears!]
[- Hello everybody! Love and Peace Yay!]
[-Saint Rose, the magical girl who brings love and peace, etc. Is complete!]
[ – Nice to meet you all!Hehe.]

I searched the association’s website and didn’t get an answer, so I turned on Nutube to cool my head, and the heroine appeared from the first video. That’s the main heroine. I didn’t see this in the picture… It seemed that the heroine could be distinguished from the video.

“You’re lucky.”

“… No, I’m just lucky…?”

So thanks to this, Netori was going easily this time, and I was trying to be happy, but I suddenly noticed one fact. If you’re an S-class magical girl… It means that Hee-eun, who fought with me yesterday, is stronger than me. Is this also crazy? … Do you have to netori him?

[-I’m number one! Totally impressed, everyone!]
[- Hehe, so to celebrate the 1st place, with gratitude! I have prepared a song for you guys!]
[-Then give me an accompaniment!]
[-If the… ♩ If I go… ♪ If I approach…… ♬]

“What is the voice… “

You wouldn’t understand it if you only saw the appearance. The unrealistic pink hair, the unrealistic beautiful appearance, the ruby-like shining eyes engraved on the white and clean skin, and that big breasts that pierce through all this innocence and make men boil… That a girl with the . Is strong enough to just knock down a large building.

But it’s not a lie. It’s true in this world. That child in the video who sings a sweet song with an angelic voice is many times stronger than me.

But do you have to netori that child?

…… It’s fun, yes, it should be like this. That way you won’t be able to use cheat keys with peace of mind. Phew, I almost became a person without conscience.

[Hee-eun, he said he was S-class. A lot of information locks have been released, right? Get all the information you can get about St. Rose and send it to me.]

[Lee Hee-eun: … Uncle are you crazy? How can I get that as I just got S rank? Do you know what kind of C-class St. Rose is… ]

[I know it’s hard, but it’s still necessary. Save me somehow.]

[Lee Hee-eun: …… Is it related to that?]


[Lee Hee-eun: …I see. I’ll try as far as I can.]



“It’s up! St. Rose interview!”

“What is it, really! Hey, watch it together!”

“Wow… It’s really fucking pretty.”

“Today is crazy. Really… Wow, what is it He even sings a song.”

“Ros-chan is obsessed with this taste.”

During lunchtime, Siwoo, who was watching his friends his go crazy in the interview video of St. Rose, felt a strange sense of superiority inside him and sent a message to his girlfriend His, Se-ra Han.

[Park Si-woo: I saw the video haha ​​I heard the song was touching? All the classmates are upset.]

[Hansera: Really? Really really?]

[Park Si-woo: Yes haha ​​Everyone is crazy to see that haha]

[Hansera: I’m glad… I was really nervous… I’m so glad it’s really ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ]

[Park Si-woo: You sang very well? Are you nervous?]

[Han Se-ra: Ung-ung. I was very nervous thinking that Siwoo would see it. Hi-Hi… ]

She was Saint Rose, everyone’s magical girl.


Siwoo was just an ordinary boy with no abilities. But he also had one thing that was special about him, and that was a great sense of justice.

‘Chuckling giggling, do you dare to block my way? Giggling giggling, I’ll kill you all!’

To the extent of blocking the villain with a knife to save a girl he has never seen before.

‘Thank you…’ I was stupid A righteous magical girl shouldn’t have thought about such a thing! I learned a thing thanks to you!’

But it was precisely because of that sense of justice that he was able to live.

‘Chuckling, what nonsense… Eeh?!’

‘You, you… ‘

‘Love and Peace Yay! St. Rose, the magical girl who brings love and peace, is here!’

The girl he was trying to protect was actually Saint Rose, an A-class magical girl.

“St. Rose…?!’

‘If it were you, would you hide my identity until the end? Hee hee I can trust the righteous warrior!’

‘Uh, uh… ‘

Siwoo, who changed her position her and was protected by her, looked at Saint Rose, who was fighting against the villain with her cute appearance her, in a daze. And after a while, her face her blushed and her heart her started cheering her on.

‘Chuckling giggling, this is lucky today. No matter how much St. Rose you are, you won’t be able to easily defeat me today!’


However, even with St. Rose’s step forward, the situation was not easily sorted out. The villain with the sword was stronger than I thought. St. Rose was repeatedly pushed back by the offensive of the villain who killed many people in one day and absorbed their resentment to her.

-Shuuuuugh, dig-!

However, as the saying goes, her opportunity comes after her crisis her, and when she is in danger, a twist occurred. Suddenly, Saint Rose’s love stone evolves and her power becomes several times stronger.

‘Don’t give up! Saint Rose!’



Thanks to that, the two were able to survive the moment of desperation. The power to evolve the love stone of the object you love, thanks to Siwoo’s new ability to her.

‘This power… This feeling… It’s yours… ?’

‘That is… ‘

‘Cool! Awesome! Evolving the Love Stone! I’ve never seen anything like this!’

‘Haha… Actually, I’m seeing it for the first time too… ‘

‘Oh, it’s not like this. Hmmm, then I’ll formally say hello. My name is Hansera, magical girl Saint Rose. Good luck in the future!’

‘Yes? I beg you…?’

‘You know who I am! So in order to keep the secret, I have to get you on my side! How would you like to be my teammate?’

‘… Yes! However much!’

Siwoo, who was just so righteous, was able to acquire new abilities and become a magical girl’s colleague, and from then on, the two of them made their own secrets and soon became friends.

[Park Si-woo: Your voice was so pretty.]

[Hansera: Voice only? Hehe, let’s just stop.]

[Park Si-woo: Of course, the face is also pretty.]

[Han Se-ra: Hee-heung, give me more compliments!]

And the only people in the world who knew this were Park Si-woo, Han Se-ra, and Si-woo’s childhood friend Choi Jin-hee.

“Why are you laughing so stupidly? Sarah?”

“Uh? Oh Jin Hee Ugh, ugh… The interview video has been uploaded this time. Haha…”

“Hmm. It’s nice too.”

It is her her magical girl Aquamarine who has her own first love her stolen by her her magical girl Saint Rose.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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