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Heroine Netori 181

Heroine Netori 181

Chapter 181 – Corrupting Magical Girl (4)

[Lee Hee-eun: Can’t do this? I’ve been researching hard for a week, but I haven’t been able to find any information. It seems that this is enough to block information with a decision from above… As you said, it may really have something to do with it.]

[… ] Did you really not find anything?]

[Lee Hee-eun: Huhu, that’s not it. I only have one thing.]

[As expected, I believed it. Talk to me quickly, then.]

[Lee Hee-eun: That’s… Saint Rose has a friendship with the C-class magical girl Aquamarine.]

[… ] Is that the end? Are you kidding me now?]

[Lee Hee-eun: Huh. This is pretty important information, right? The two of them weren’t just friends, it seemed like they actually knew each other. Even with his real appearance his, he seemed friendly.]

[That… That’s definitely important information. But are you sure?]

[Lee Hee-eun: Almost? But it will be true. A woman’s intuition is telling me that it is certain.]

[Hmm… Great. I’ll believe it too. Thank you.]

[Lee Hee-eun: Huh. And isn’t this the end? The two are friends, but… Feeling like St. Rose hanging unilaterally? Aquamarine had the vibe of pushing Saint Rose a little bit. And a little… Would you be jealous? She seemed to feel inferior to St. Rose.]

[Five… Is that good information? Great. Then I should aim for Aquamarine first.]

[Lee Hee-eun: Maybe kidnapping?]

[I should. He’s the only source of information right now. It can also be used as a hostage.]

[Lee Hee-eun: Okay. Then, I will tell you the area where Aquamarine is active.]

[In the meantime, tell me about the magical girls who are active in the area with him. I’m thinking of causing an incident there. If he’s Class C, he won’t be dispatched to the incident I caused.]

[Lee Hee-eun: Oh, that’s a good idea? You did well to drop to C-class.]

[The words are long.]

[Lee Hee-eun: Shit. I get it anyway. I will look for it and contact you.]

Ha ha! This is it, this is it. This is a cheat! Netori looked difficult, but thanks to the S-class cheat key Hee-eun, I could see an angle where I could go easily. Because she was a little stumped, to be honest. I, a villain who is not even a normal citizen, should only do bad things because of the challenges, but how can I be a S-class magical girl?

But can you take the main heroine’s friend hostage like this? Then there were plenty of possibilities. She’s a righteous magical girl, so she won’t save her friends even at the cost of her body her. Then that’s it. There was no way that a woman exposed to erogenous stimulation would not be captured. It would be a bit of a struggle, but if you touch and fuck her a lot, it was clear that she would come over soon.

However, the problem is that Netori’s rating does not rise easily if she is forced to do so… Well, that’s something to think about later. Now, it was important to somehow keep the main heroine in hand.

[Lee Hee-eun: Aquamarine is famous for this case, you know? Send me a link just in case. Https://magic.Wiki/w/Aqua%20Marine]

[Thank you.]

Oh, I tried to look up the wiki anyway, but that worked. Are you a good kid? I smiled and clicked the link to enter the wiki site. And I perused the writing on the wiki for a while.

“What… I can’t help but feel inferior.”

And he sincerely sympathized with Aquamarine.


Choi Jin-hee, the magical girl Aquamarine, is Park Si-woo’s childhood friend and had a crush on Si-woo, who was righteous since childhood. Siwoo saved her from being teased by her because she had no parents. She couldn’t help but like Siwoo, who shouted ‘Don’t make fun of Jinhee!’ In front of everyone.

‘Wow… ! Have you become a magical girl?! Awesome! After all, Jinhee was a good kid!’

‘Hehe… It’s all thanks to Siu.’

‘Cool… I want to become a magical girl too… ‘

‘What? He’s a crying man… ‘

‘I’m really sorry about that. Why can’t men be magical girls?’

‘Well… Why?’

‘Still, men can join the association and support magical girls! I’m glad that even that is possible. I really want to do something righteous!’

‘… Yes! If it’s Siwoo, it’s definitely possible.’

‘So wait a minute! When you become an adult, you must join the association and I will support you! We’ll be together for the rest of our lives!’

‘Put it on, forever?! … Eh, definitely!’

And her unrequited love her didn’t seem to be her own. When she became her magical girl at a young age, she saw her and made her confession that her Siu her was not hers. Hearing Siwoo’s sweet words to spend the rest of his life with her, she smiled broadly and was happy.

‘It’s Jinhee. I have… Got a girlfriend?’

‘What… ?’

‘Whoops. Spring has finally arrived for me too. But do you know who it is?’

‘…… How do I know that.’

‘Right? So, I would like to introduce you today. She’s a magical girl just like you! I’m introducing you to this opportunity because I want the two of you to become friends. Oh, but is this a secret? Know? Only we know each other?’

‘…… I’ll introduce you?’

‘Yes. What a surprise! Are you surprised? Whoops, Seraya! You can come in now!’

‘Oh, hello! My name is Han Se-ra. Nice to meet you!’

But that was her own illusion of her. Siu was not of the same mind as her. She liked Siwoo as a man, but … Siu liked her just as her friend her.

Seeing her face her prettier than her own her, her voice brighter than her own her, her body her more like an adult than her own her, and the woman in front of her who was superior to her in every way , she realized that she had hoped in vain.

From the beginning, Si-woo did not see her as her woman.

‘…… Hello. This is Choi Jin-hee. Nice to meet you too… ‘

Realizing the hurt of her broken heart her, she forced herself to hold back tears and made an appropriate excuse to leave her seat. She was too sad to remain here.

‘Uh… Is it nice to see you?’

‘It’s because I’m covering my face. You’d be very happy if I transformed?’

‘Okay? Then… ‘

-Shuuuuung, Shuuung, Faaat-!

‘Love and Peace Yay! Saint Rose, the magical girl who brings love and peace, is complete! Hehe… I wanted to make a magical girl friend! Please take care of me!’

‘…… Saint… Rose?’

‘I was surprised, right?’

-Shuuuuung, Shuuung, Faaat-!

‘Yes. I was surprised. To the point where it sounds like nonsense. Hi rose. I saw it yesterday and I see it again. Is it not?’

‘Uh?! … Ugh! Marine! Shiu’s friend was Marin?!’

However, after she learned Han Sera’s identity, the feeling of sadness disappeared from her heart. And in her place was a feeling of anger. St. Rose was her colleague who had given her love advice the very day before.

‘What, did the two know each other?’

‘You know all too well. To the extent that we even consult with each other on a regular basis. …… Ahaha. But Rose, you were just playing with it… ? Wait until you understand my heart? I’m sure he would know?’

‘No! That is… I really didn’t know anything!’

‘Yes? How is the atmosphere…’

-Ppiriririk, beep beep!

‘Oh, it’s a call. Sorry. I want more, but I have to go now. Saint Rose, nice to meet you. But I don’t want to see you next time. Then Siwoo, let’s go.’

Even when she knew that she had been deceived and that she was wrong, she could n’t stop blaming her St. Rose. Because even if she did, she felt like she would collapse if she didn’t get angry.

‘Jinhee… I heard from Sarah. You two were on bad terms? I must have been fooling around. Sorry.’

But the next day, when she saw Siu, who came to her and apologized, she was filled with anger and tried to clear her own mind. Siwoo who saved herself from being bullied, Siwoo who was always righteous, and Siwoo who took her own heart her… She was heartbroken, but I thought it would be right for him to stop being jealous of her as a’friend’ and congratulate her sincerely even now.

‘Now, pay attention. As you all know, a transfer student came today. Everyone should be welcomed.’

‘Hello! My name is Han Se-ra. Nice to meet you guys!’

However, she failed to clear her mind of her. Han Se-ra and St. Rose made her feel uncomfortable when she and Siu even transferred to the school they attended. While making an unknown excuse that it was because of Love Stone.

‘A righteous magical girl? Ha, don’t be funny. What is fair and what is pure about a woman who transfers school because of a man? Number 1 in the popular vote? I can’t admit it. After everyone knows the truth, will they curse at me for being betrayed? Bad year…

That’s why she couldn’t help but hate Saint Rose.

-Ppiriririk, beep beep!

[Area 7, C-class villain Dirk Bae appears, terrorizing NS headquarters, Inc.]
[Class C Magical Girl Aquamarine, Mint Chocolate, Pineapple Pizza, Dispatch]

“Ha, I felt bad, but it worked out.”

After Choi Jin-hee, who shakes off her thoughts, transforms into aquamarine, she goes to the head office of NS Co., Ltd., Which is famous for its distrustful company. She said as she thought she would take all the stress she had today to Dirk Bae, who caused the terror.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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