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Heroine Netori 182

Heroine Netori 182

Chapter 182 – Corrupting Magical Girl (5)

When you have to choose between the lives of nearly 200 people and your own life, is there anyone who can choose the former without hesitation? She assures that, no matter how good-hearted a magical girl is, there will be few people who will sacrifice herself without hesitation. To sacrifice one’s life for someone you’ve never seen before? Is it that easy?

Surprisingly, however, the public thought that the magical girl had to sacrifice herself.

[This is the level of a self-proclaimed righteous magical girl.]
[I saw the article and cut off the donation right away. I can’t believe my money was spent on someone like this. My hands and feet are shaking.]
[Is your life your only life? What will I do with my family, my friends, and my relatives!]
[If you have a conscience, at least you should have done it together. Are you just watching as your colleague dies?]
[Please participate in the national petition. I can’t stay still like this.]

It is the story of the ‘White Mocha’incident that dropped her Magical Girl Aquamarine, her once B-Class her back to her C-Class her.

[Exclusive] Magical Girl White Mocha dies
[White Mocha, why did she lose her life?]
[Shock! Is White Mocha a sacrifice? She was righteous until the last moment.]
[Aquamarine disappeared, why did she disappear from the public.]

The so-called ‘White Mocha’ incident, in which 187 citizens and B-class magical girl White Mocha died, shocked the public, and the public, who lost their reason, turned the arrow of blame to Aquamarine, the only survivor of the incident.

It was because of an interview with an expert who insisted that the tragedy would not have happened if she had quickly sacrificed her own life.

Nonsense? Then she said Aquamarine should have died, did everyone really think that? Unsurprisingly, it’s a true story.

White Mocha, which was gaining national popularity, White Mocha, which was thought to soon surpass A-class and become S-class, and White Mocha, which always ranked first in popularity polls, the public could not accept her death of her. Her White Mocha Her was too precious to leave her overnight.

[She endured to live alone so that an unpopular bitch would notice, and Mocha sacrificed this… What should I do because I feel really pitiful? Our Mocha ㅠ]
[Mocha really ㅠㅡㅠ It’s just starting to rise ㅠㅜㅠ What should I do really ㅠㅜㅠㅜ]
[Does this make sense… Under… Mocha, who smiled so broadly just this morning, died? Fuck really… She doesn’t die when she should die… Will I just die? She doesn’t want to live […
[Why does Mocha have to die? Why does she have to die for Mocha? Why does she have to die for Mocha? Why does she have to die for Mocha? Why does Mocha have to die?]

So they chose Aquamarine as her scapegoat. Her public her poured out all of her grief, anger, and anguish over the loss of her White Mocha her, blaming her, even if she was forced to.

However… They didn’t know

On the day White Mocha died, it was Aquamarine, not White Mocha, who gave her life to her to save her citizens.

‘I will do it. It’s better. I wanted to leave somewhere.’

‘What are you talking about! This… It’s not that easy to say! What about your boyfriend? Will make it! I heard there is a guy I like! Then I have to go back alive!’

‘…… Is that? I was a car. Okay? And it’s right that I die. Here her sister her died. I can’t admit it. Unlike that girl, her older sister her is a truly righteous magical girl.’

‘Ahaha… I? Like me… ? Even at this moment, I’m thinking about…?’

‘A sister who is honest like this is much more righteous than that girl who is pretentious to the end. Whooping… I think it’s the last time, so I’m talking about all these things.’

‘Marine… Nope, this isn’t it either. Let’s somehow find a way for everyone to live.’

‘Then if that bomb explodes like this, everyone will die. Did you forget what Instructor said? Let’s go for sure then… I’ll go.’

‘Wait for a moment! Marine! Ah… I can’t…’

The fact that Siwoo has a girlfriend, and that her true identity her is St. Rose, that there is no space for him to enter between the two of them, that he will have to watch the two of them together for the rest of their lives… Knowing that, Aquamarine did not have much desire for life. Having been deprived of her Siu, who was everything her to her, she was in a state of losing all her will her.

So she decided to sacrifice herself for the sake of her beloved White Mocha.

‘I’m sorry, Marin… No it’s jin hee It was really fun to be with you. So… Forget about the stupid guy who kicked you, cheer up! Protect people as a magical girl like now. That’s my last request… Will you listen to my sister?’

However, in her last moments her, her resolve her was shattered when White Mocha, who could not let her her beloved brother go like this, decided to sacrifice herself instead of her. Just before the bomb exploded, White Mocha blew her out of her building, breaking the barriers that protected her citizens her.

– Jjajaejaeng!
-Quaguaguagwang! Quaang!

‘Oh, sister! No, sister!’

What a righteous magical girl shouldn’t have done… But thanks to it, Aquamarine was able to live a new life she didn’t even want. This was the whole story of the ‘White Mocha’ incident.

However, contrary to White Mocha’s wishes her, her death her became the label of Aquamarine and severely afflicted her new life her.

“Oh fuck… Even if you come, that year will come. Aren’t you the only one running away like that time this time?”

“I mean… Isn’t this just discriminating against our company? I heard that only magical girls with good personalities come to GG.”


‘Again. I cursed at the person who saved me again. …… Annoying.’

Upon receiving her dispatch signal and arriving at her destination her, Aquamarine was offended by her from the start. When the citizens who cheered after being rescued by her confirmed her identity of her, she immediately started gossip about her by writing her impression of her.

She did n’t come back to be treated like this … She persevered according to White Mocha’s will and tried to protect her people her, but Aquamarine was hurt even today by her primary criticism her that she hears every day .

“Is that what you guys are saying right now? I can’t say thank you, but is it human to be sarcastic! It’s really embarrassing that you guys are my subordinates!”

“Paper… Boo, boss! Sorry!”

“If you’re going to apologize, you should do it to that magical girl over there, not me!”

“Ah… Sin, sorry! That… Thank you for saving me…”

Well today for the first time she met someone who took her side of her. Thanks to that, she was able to hear thanks like other magical girls. Even though I fell down and bowed down … The first thank you heard from her since her return her made her choke.

“Are you Aqua Marine? She always admired her. To be able to return for the sake of the citizens even after suffering such unreasonable abuse… You are so amazing.”

“No. Because she’s a magical girl… Because she’s it’s my job… It is natural.”

“Of course. If it were me, I would have sued all the malicious commenters and sent a complaint to the articles. If I had the strength, I would have helped… Still, seeing him come back and work hard, I feel like cheering for him. We wish you well in the future!”

“Ah… Yes, yes!”

But it didn’t end there. Her man who helped her was her ‘White Mocha’ who believed in and supported her even knowing her case her… He was the first ‘fan’ she met in her life.

‘Except Siwoo… There was someone who believed in me…!’

She never imagined that she would have fans supporting her, and she was so moved that she ended up in tears. It was a really big change for her as her emotions were dry after her two incidents of her.

“Under! Boss! No matter what kind of fan you are, that bitch… Are you a magical girl fan like that? Just a St. Rose fan like me. If this terror had been Saint Rose, it would have been cleaned up already.”

“This guy is right. Why don’t you just join Rosemary like us? It will be much more fun than cheering for a C-class girl. Honestly, isn’t St. Rose better?Haha.”

However, her good mood was spoiled by her inattentive subordinates her. They started comparing her Saint Rose, Aquamarine to her most hated magical girl her.

“Is it true that you wish for an S-class magical girl on the topic of NS? I don’t know about GG.”

“Shocking. What are you talking about being proud while going to NS that betrays even the founders?”

“Right. So the villain is not a C-level villain. If it was GG, it would have been at least Class A?”

Haha! That’s right. It’s our company, but we did something really embarrassing. Then, this newcomer also looks like this.”

Angered by this, her colleagues made a fuss, making sarcastic remarks to the man’s subordinates. Surprisingly, the man who seemed to be the NS manager agreed with them. Even though the atmosphere could have turned violent, the man sided with Aquamarine instead of NS until the end.

“By the way, everyone. There is no time to be doing this now. We must rescue the boss as soon as possible!”

“Ah… Right! Please wait carefully here. I will take care of it soon.”

“But it will be difficult to deal with soon.”


“Well, this building is a bit complicated. Forcibly, internal construction was carried out one after another, and the company almost became a maze. So… You’ll need directions to quickly defeat the villains. So… Please give me a chance to help you guys.”

“That… No! Dangerous!”

“Wait a minute, Marin! Wouldn’t it be nice to have directions? If it’s really like a maze inside, you’ll need help.”

“Choco is right. It’s an urgent situation, isn’t it? I’ve been wasting too much time here We have to go up quickly. There is no reason not to take the shortcut.”

“…… Then I get it. Then please take care of me.”

“Haha! I really wish you well!”

In addition, even though the man could be in danger, he volunteered to guide the way himself. He was a man as righteous as a magical girl. From his warm first impression of his to his personality, all of them were wonderful, so they believed him and rushed to the president’s office.


“Ah, aaaaagh!”

However, the place the man led her to was a dead end, and when she found out, her colleagues were already corpses.

“Welcome to despair deeper than darkness. Darkest Chain’s Dirk Bae.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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