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Heroine Netori 183

Heroine Netori 183

Chapter 183 – Corrupting Magical Girl (6)

Aquamarine’s feeling of inferiority to St. Rose was important information beyond the fact that the two were friends. Jealousy of a friend who is better than you? This is a complete betrayal. If you make good use of this point, you could make another card for Netori.

‘So, you have to compare as much as possible. Got it?’

‘Yes, Boss! Don’t worry! I will show you the potential of Rosemary members!’

‘This bastard… Are you a villain and joined the magical girl fan club?’

‘Uh… I’m a member too, do I have to leave?’

‘…… Not. Just keep fanning it.’

So I tried casting the bait once. It wasn’t clear information. I wanted to see with my own eyes whether she was really feeling inferior, and if she was jealous, how strong it was.

‘… Honestly, isn’t St. Rose better?Haha.’

‘…… Sigh.’

Surprisingly, Hee-eun’s information was real. Aquamarine was really jealous of Saint Rose. It was clear that Aquamarine hated Saint Rose, as she bit her lip with an angry look on her face as soon as her story came out.

‘Haha! I really appreciate you.’

So I proceeded with her plan to kidnap her. After claiming to be her guide her, she deliberately led them to a dead end, then assassinated her comrades her while Aquamarine was distracted.


“Ah, aaaaagh!”

And I revealed my identity of her that I had been hiding in front of her bewildered woman of her.

“Welcome to despair deeper than darkness. Darkest Chain’s Dirk Bae.”


……… No, fuck what’s this. What kind of words come out automatically. What? Despair deeper than darkness? Did you graduate from middle school a long time ago? Ha… This must be during Lord of the Evil Lords,haha! As if laughing, it seems that the character’s characteristics have been demonstrated. Is it because a genre is a genre…? Perhaps, this shriveled line might have to be continued in the future.

“This, profit! Dirk Bae! What a coward!”

“Oh dear.”

Heck, I’ll complain later, and I’ll do it first. I easily subdued the aquamarine rushing in a straight line in excitement, then disarmed her. Then, in order to appease her according to her strategy, I spoke to her in the most friendly voice possible.

“What a disappointment. Even fools avoid attacks like this.”

“Let go! Let go! You… My colleagues… Heh, black… Why… Ah ah ah ah ah!”

“Why? You’re stupid. Don’t you know that You saw my true face.”

But this time the challenge put a constraint on my actions. No, I didn’t mean to sell it like this … There was no problem in pretending to be a warm boss to his subordinates his, but to a magical girl, it seemed to be insignificant. I’m a little sorry.

“Huh… You’re the one who showed me that…”

“Right. So, I can conclude like this. ‘I was planning to kill these two from the beginning.'”

“Profit! You! Dare… Dare!”

“Haha. Do you think I’d be afraid if I dared to say it? In this situation? What a pitiful judgment. Or should I say it’s unfortunate language skills?”

“Ugh… You bastard!”

“Hmm? To say it’s bad for a villain is a compliment. Thanks to you, I became stronger again.”

“Ei-i-i-ik… !”

No, but this is a bit harsh. From what I can see, there is no real luck. What are you being so sarcastic about? It seems that a terrible hybrid was created by overlapping the ‘mission achievement as a villain’ challenge and character traits… I don’t know anything else, but I’ll have to overcome this kind of stupid thing somehow. If this continues, the appeasement will fail.

“Huh. Don’t joke around here. Magical Girl Aquamarine, I have something to tell you. So please calm down and listen to me.”

I forcibly overcame the force that twisted my body and continued the conversation as calmly as possible.

“…… I have no intention of talking to a villain. Did you kill him by looking at his real face his? Then kill me too… I am tired of surviving alone.”

However, Aquamarine refused to talk. Ah… I was worried about this Whoa, I can’t help it. Then you have no choice but to use instigation and fabrication. I told her lies to her with an unconcerned face to turn her mind of her aquamarine to her.

“Are you going to be so stupid even knowing that these two people here are watchdogs planted by the Society?”

“…… What?”

“The Magical Girls Association fears that the White Mocha incident will be brought to light again. But isn’t there a sole survivor of that incident? So these two people are the ones who put a watch on you so you don’t think about anything else. Are you surprised?”

“That’s a lie…?”

“Haha. If you are a party, don’t you have any guesses? Even if we brought up the topic of White Mocha, there must have been someone gaslighting us, telling us to forget the past and only think about the future.”

Of course it must have been I don’t know the full story of the situation, but it’s a big incident that will remain as a trauma, but didn’t you change the subject right away when the story came out? You probably didn’t want to see a colleague you’re supposed to work with fall into a mental breakdown. So the story I brought up just now was nothing more than vain agitation without evidence.

“… So, please…!”

However, it was an agitation that worked well enough for Aquamarine, who had already gone mental. Originally, people only believe what they want to believe. According to the wiki, the association did not provide any help. So I thought there would be resentment towards the Association? However, it seems that he really distrusted the association.

“Is that true?!”

That’s what you see when you bite the bait right away.


“…… So what you’re saying is that the association is trying to prevent the incident from ever being brought back to the public. But at that time, it was the association that raised the plate. He said that he made a lot of work while commemorating Mocha’s sister. Doesn’t that make it inconsistent then?”

“Haha. Okay. Weird isn’t it But if you hear the reason, you will understand.”

“…… What is that?”

Have you completely passed? After stopping her tears, Aquamarine demanded an answer from me with her hard face. Her interest in her in her own comrades her, who had become her corpses her, seemed to have faded. Are you sure you believe what I say? It was a very good look for me.

“In the first place, the White Mocha incident was an incident concocted by her association to kill her. You were unjustly involved in the incident.”

“….Lie! What a ridiculous lie you are! Now, are you insulting Mocha-sister?!”

“Calm down and listen to the end. The Society needed an alternative to White Mocha that would listen to them. White Mocha wasn’t the association’s pick. They didn’t like White Mocha, who only pursued justice, not the interests of the Society.”

“….What… Then…… “

“So her association was about to kill her and divert public attention from her to her White Mocha to her magical girl of their choosing her. You said you were doing a memorial or something? It was all part of that.”

“… Lie… Must be a lie…Then… Sister… “

“You don’t believe me? But you know what? The villain who caused the suicide bombing that day was an executive of our Darkest Chain. He was my older brother… And the reason you caused it was because an organization that was instigated by the association ordered it. Okay? That was actually a deal between your association and our organization. We said it was a fabrication for the growth of the organization and the association to kill White Mocha.”

“Ahhh… Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Of course it’s bullshit Do you think I, a low-level executive, would know that? The White Mocha incident I know of is all the remnants of my memory and the wiki I read before coming here. So what have I said so far? I told you, bitch. It is a story that I made up by adapting something strange while reading the wiki.

“Ah, sister… For that reason only…”

But did it work? That’s a made-up story, but I think it’s because I rolled my head. When I looked it up, there were many things I could adapt. Like White Mocha, who had trouble with the association, or a self-destruct villain who was actually an executive of the Darkest Chain. All of them were plausible instigators, so I was able to fool Aquamarine as I wished.

“I’m asking this again, but if you’re the person involved, you’re probably guessing a lot. Wasn’t there something strange that day?”

“…… Right… I thought it was just a crazy coincidence, but if it was all contrived… I understand. If the association gave you information… Everything makes sense.”

“The Association is trying to hide that.”

Oh, by the way, this is borrowed from one of the conspiracy theories in this world. During the White Mocha incident, there was an opinion that it made no sense that suicide bombing was possible. At the time, swearing was a claim that was buried while eating all the swearing, but after looking it up, it didn’t seem wrong, so I tried to say it.

By the way… Seeing that this also worked, there must have been something strange that day.

“Okay… Hit it once But why are you telling me this…”

“Revenge. I personally have something to pay back to the Society.”

“…… So you’re asking me to join you in your revenge? I know the Association cheated on me. I know you tried to kill Mocha and her sister that day together. But there’s no reason why I should join hands with you. Revenge is… Because I can do it personally.”

“Ah, of course it is. But revenge is easier the more companions you have, right? Will you need my help too? Because I have to fight none other than the S-class magical girl, Saint Rose.”

“… What is it I… With Rose?”

“Didn’t I tell you? What the association wanted was to create an alternative to White Mocha. Who was it that made her wildly popular after she died? Who was the one who suddenly became famous and took everyone’s love? Who made everyone forget White Mocha and cheer themselves on? You would know very well.”

“Saint… Rose…”

“What do you think? Are you ready to join us now?”

The reason I wore it until now, it was all for the current build-up. You’re an Aquamarine who hates Saint Rose because of her inferiority and her complex. But does it give you a reason to hate it so clearly? Then what is over She will be my faithful subordinate and She will help Netori this time.

“… Can you elaborate a bit more?”

“Sure. If you will be my colleague But since you’ve come this far, you don’t have the right to refuse. Are you sure you have to go?”

Still, she’s a magical girl with a good heart, so isn’t she rejecting it? Haha, don’t worry Not for now, but I brought this just in case.

“Wait a minute! What are you doing! This… “

“It is proof of the contract that you and I were on the same boat.”

I laughed cowardly like a villain and put the necklace of obedience around the oppressed woman’s neck her.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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