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Heroine Netori 184

Heroine Netori 184

Chapter 184 – Corrupting Magical Girl (7)

[Breaking news. Magical Girl Mint Choco and Pineapple Pizza died and Magical Girl Aquamarine went missing. The association… ]

– Clink!

“… Missing? Jinhee is missing…?”

“Jinhee… Oh, isn’t it?”

Surprised by the news that her childhood friend her was missing, Siu hurriedly opened her smartphone and tried to contact Jinhee. Text, chat, phone calls, etc. He mobilized every method he could.

“… Please… It’s Jinhee…”

However, there was no contact between Siwoo and Jinhee. Normally, she would have responded quickly, but she remained silent until the end, worried that Jin-hee was really missing.

[… ] As it was revealed that Dirk Bae, who had been downgraded to a C-class villain a while ago, was at fault, the association’s hasty judgment was put on the cutting board. According to one expert… ]

However, Siu, who could not give up, tried to find out the situation by calling Sera. As for her S-class her, she did n’t even know the news or the information she did n’t know.

[Hansera: Sorry!]
[Hansera: Can you wait a bit? We’re figuring it out now… ]
[Han Se-ra: But if it’s Jin-hee, you’ll be fine! Don’t worry, let’s wait. Yes?]

Contrary to expectations, however, neither Sera nor the Association knew of Jin-hee’s whereabouts her. She said that if she was alive, she would have been contacted somehow… Maybe Jin-hee is also against the villain…

“No! It won’t be! I’m sure you’ll be fine!”

Siwoo, who unconsciously had a terrible imagination, shook his head vigorously and called Jinhee again. That was the best Siwoo could do now.

But then, a voice that didn’t sound like words flowed from the news.

[… ] However, the public’s reaction was cold, and the dominant opinion was that she ran away from the scene to live alone this time. What do you think, Dr. Kim?]
[It’s a very ugly reaction, but I can’t rule out the possibility… Because we couldn’t find Aquamarine’s blood at the scene? What does this mean, this means that Aquamarine did not fight properly once.]
[Does Dr. Kim agree with the claim that Aquamarine escaped?]
[I am of the opinion that there is a possibility. Of course, there is a possibility that he may have been kidnapped. Anyway, what’s certain is that Aquamarine did n’t fight back once while his comrades his died.]
[Indeed… I see. Thanks for the nice comments, Doctor.]

Jin-hee abandoned her colleague her? That she ran off on her own her? It was the worst argument that Siwoo could never admit. The Jinhee that Siwoo knew was not such a coward. She was a righteous magical girl whom he admired.

“You’re driving Jin-hee into a bad bitch with things you’re not sure about? … How can a person do that? Why is everyone bullying Jin-hee!”

Angry, Siwoo turned off the news and got ready to leave the house. As a childhood friend, he couldn’t just watch it like this, so Si-woo ran to the scene and tried to find Jin-hee himself.

– Clap

[Siwoo… Please, help me… ]

But then, at the right time, Jin-hee received a call from Si-woo. Also, she was unharmed. After confirming that the situation was not the worst, Si-woo happily asked Jin-hee how she was doing.

“Jinhee! It’s okay? Are you okay? I’m really worried…”

[Siwoo… What should I do? I’m fine… It’s not okay. I’m really fine… None of that is okay… Black, Siuya… Whoops. Siuyaaaaa… ]

“Ooh, stop crying and calm down, Jinhee!”

But for some reason, Jinhee’s condition was not serious. She was extremely anxious and because of her crying her Jin-hee, Si-woo was worried and made her restless. Maybe, like that incident, she didn’t know that something bad had happened to Jinhee.

[I need help… Ugh, black… Siwoo, my love stone… ]

“Jinhee, calm down! Slowly, pause, breathe… Calm down first!”

[Sarah… Call me, Siwoo… Black, I have no one to ask for except Sarah. Please… Siwoo, help me just once.]

“It’s Jinhee. You can help any number of times. So please stay calm…

[Yes… Black, uh… I’ll hold on… I’ll calm down… So, call Sarah. Now I can’t trust anyone but you and Sera….]

“Don’t worry. Sera will definitely help. We are friends!”

[… ] Tell Sera that you are at the same place where you used to consult with each other… Hey, I’m hiding there right now… And please… Please tell me to come back to me. Saint Rose is too conspicuous… Whoops, I… I don’t want to show myself to other people right now… ]

“Okay! I’ll tell Sera, so stay still and wait there! Stop crying! Don’t think bad! Got it?”

[Ugh… Heuuuuu”’ssuccess, Siuya… Really only you… Heck, thank you… ]

“Jinhee… I really appreciate it. Really… Thank you for keeping me safe.”

I couldn’t properly hear everything, but seeing as the love stone story came out, it was never a situation to be taken lightly. Concerned, Si-woo called without delay and informed Sera of Jin-hee’s circumstances.

[Believe me! I’ll come and rescue you soon! Jin-hee said he believed in me, right? Fufu, if you’re a magical girl, you have to live up to expectations! Okay, I’ll be back soon, Siwoo, don’t worry, I’m waiting for you!]

“Yes! I’ll beg you, Sera!”

Fortunately, Sera accepted Siwoo’s request without a moment’s hesitation. She reassured Siu by telling him to trust only herself. Thanks to that, Siu was able to relax and wait for the two of them.

“And this is the bad news, Sera and Jinhee have the flu and will be in the hospital for a while. Do you know how strong this flu is? Both will be very difficult. Everyone, if you have time, please send me a text of consolation.”

However, even after a day, Sera and Jinhee did not return.


[The phone is turned off, so it will be connected to voicemail after a ‘beep’ sound… ]

“Ha… Sarah, what the hell happened…”

Seeing that Sera’s smartphone was turned off once again, Siwoo sighed deeply. His hopes of someday contacting him were gradually fading away. Of course I thought you’d come back soon… It was clear that something had happened to the two of them.

“Sera… It’s Jinhee… Please come back safely…”

However, there was nothing Siu could do. Deeply discouraged, Siu entered the St. Rose community with a sense of just in case. He didn’t know that in a community with tons of fans, there might be at least one person who knew where they were.

[Rose-chan, are you sick today? ㅠ. Magic Star upload failed… (5)]
[Real-time St. Rose sucking the villain’s cock.Link (2)]
[Galju interview gif.Gif (12)]
[If Rose is sick, I want to take care of her. (3)]
[Real-time St. Rose sucking the villain’s cock.Link (4)]
[Where Rose-chan lives (24)
[ㅋㅋㅋ He looks like he’s been playing rice cake with his boyfriend his all day lol (14)]
[Real-time St. Rose sucking the villain’s cock.Link (4)]
[If you post sexual harassment, please delete it immediately. This is a place where Rose also comes to play sometimes. Please manage (4)]
[Magic Star in silence for 20 hours…… What happened to Rose-chan ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (12)]
[Real-time St. Rose sucking the villain’s cock.Link (2)]
[Ah, bitch, they’re plastering you with a bit of aggro ㅡㅡ (5)]

However, most of the posts that came up as a community without nutrition were only spying on private life or sexual harassment. Angry Siwoo saved the writings written by the bad fans as PDF files as usual.

[Are my eyes weird? … What? No, is that real? (3)]
[Manager, please handle it aggro. (2)]
[Isn’t it cosplay? Evande (6)]
[Real-time St. Rose sucking the villain’s cock.Link (3)]
[But it’s the first platform I’ve seen? Aren’t you being hacked by watching this? (9)]
[Assholeshahaanyone can see that it’s him haha ​​he always looks at the rapier and calls out that he’s an exhibitionist, so he looks good
[Real-time St. Rose sucking the villain’s cock.Link (1)]
[He said It’s just a different person. Can’t you see I’m wearing an eyepatch? It’s disgusting. Do you really want to drag it like that? (4)]
[It’s a really bad joke. I’m ready to sue right away. (4)]
[Rose-chan… Isn’t it? Say no to the fuck!!! (6)]

By the way… Some reactions were different today. Of course, I thought it was aggro, but looking at people’s reactions, it seemed that the plastered links were real. At first, about half of them, and later, almost all articles talked about links, and Siwoo, embarrassed, clicked the link to check it out himself and entered the plastered site.

And there, Siu saw a very shocking scene.

[Ha… Chu, chuu… Puha… Churup, ha… ]
[Don’t you do it right? An S-class bitch can’t suck a cock properly?]
[Huh… Ugh, churup, chu, woof, haaaaa… Fuha, Cough Cough!]
[What do you mean, you want to see your friend die?]
[Oh no! It’s not… Ooh, ooh?!]
[Otherwise, suck it properly. Ok?]
[Chuuuuu] Woo-wook, chu-eup, chung, ha… Chureup, gulp, haa… ]
[Yes, this is it. Do your best with the thought of serving like that. It’s better now.]
[Yes, yes… Chururu, haam, chung, chuup… Chuu-up, Chu-up… Ha… Chureup.]

It was the worst scene that Siu could n’t believe and did n’t want to believe, in which his girlfriend his, the magical girl Saint Rose, carefully sucked the cock of a man who seemed to be the villain.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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