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Heroine Netori 185

Heroine Netori 185

Chapter 185 – Corrupting Magical Girl (8)

A moment of silence followed by surprise

Siwoo was shocked by the absurd reality that was happening on the other side of the screen. Sarah is sucking another man’s cock… ? It was a terrible thing that Siwoo could never accept.

[Haha… Chew-up, Chu-woo… Ha, ha, chuup, tseung… Gulp, ha… Under… ]

So Siu denied the scene in front of her.

You’re wearing her blindfold her. It’s clear she’s trying to hide her face. If it was the real Sara, would she bother to hide it? And there’s no way Sarah would do such a nasty thing. She is still an innocent child who rejects skinship. A kid like that is doing something like that? It’s a trap. She found a woman who looked like her and dressed her up as Saint Rose.

The moment he saw it, he instinctively sensed that the woman on the screen was Sera, but Siu forcibly denied his sense of her. He tried to somehow find the reason and prove that the woman was not Sarah.

[Yes? Oh, has it already happened? Great.]
[Churup, haha… Yes?]
[No, because it looks a bit stuffy.]
[Kyaaaaa! Shi, I hate it!]

However, the woman whose eye patch came off to reveal her face was undeniably Sera herself.

[Stop! I do not like it! It’s different from the promise!]
Haha. Promises are meant to be broken. That’s the villain’s common sense. Could she be so naive that she believed it? And it’s being filmed for intimidation, but you don’t have to reveal who you are.]
[Ugh… Worst… Garbage… ]
[It’s okay. Keep sucking If you watch it, will it be better than before? It would be better not to disappoint.]
[Ooh…Haha… Chur… Chew-up, Chu-up, Chew-up… ]

That’s why Siwoo had to admit it even if he didn’t want to admit it.

That woman meticulously licked the back of her glans with her saliva-soaked tongue,
That woman sucking his dick in her mouth and sucking it with a groaning sound,
That woman who is gradually getting used to the cock service for a while even with her clumsy appearance of her,

The fact that she is her girlfriend his whom he loves.


Can you believe it took a year from dating to holding hands? Sera’s love for Siwoo was genuine, but she was especially strict about skinship. Her premarital virginity was a given and she had to entrust her parents’ permission to kiss her.

Does it make sense? It’s absurd, but her home upbringing her was that serious. Perhaps because she became a magical girl at a young age, or because her mother was also a magical girl, she was half brainwashed by her parents about her virginity.

That’s why the biggest progress for the two people, who had been dating for nearly two years, was the kiss on the cheek, which Siwoo managed to do with courage.

[Whoa… Uh, how long… Chuup, chung, puhu… Should I… ]
[Until I am satisfied.]

But since Sera is sucking his dick her so hard… Only then did Sarah’s saliva-soaked cock her become her first kiss her. It was a very unfair thing for Shiu.

But there was nothing he could do about it. Regardless of Siwoo’s resentment, Sera continued serving, and the anonymous chat window next to the screen was covered with screams and cheers from fans.

[Rose Noonna… I’m sick of Juji… ]
[Rose-chan, what’s wrong… What is this dream?]
[Saint Rose 〉〉〉 rapier huh? Yes]
[Isn’t this a deepfake? Or it makes no sense. Why is Rose doing that? Guys, don’t be fooled by this. That’s not Rose. This is fake You guys are being fooled. Rose is not that kind of person.]
[ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He sucks so damn well, it’s not something I’ve done once or twice lol]
[It makes no sense… Why are S-class sucking the villain’s cock… Are you a magical girl? Why is this bitch who should be fucking pure not resisting and sucking cock in front of the camera?]
[Hey, hurry up and promote it. If 20,000 people are filmed, Rose will be told that it’s a live show?]
[It wasn’t like that at first. After all, she is S-class, so I can feel her sucking cock right awayhaha]
[The rapier will have to work hard. You can’t compete with exposing your panties. Compared to the cock-sucking Saint Rose, the rapier is really pure.]
[Crazy bastards. You all reported it. I have obtained all of your IPs and have already captured and stored them. The Villain is saying something about Rose, but he was tricked into doing this and sexually harassing her as a group. If you get a call from an unknown number, assume it’s the police.]
[Where are all the Rosemarys who cursed at rapiers? In fact, St. Rose was much dirtier, right? The rapier was pure itself, right? LOL]
[20,000 Gazuaaaaa]
[Ah, I’m so envious of the villain, fuck. I’m envious of the big cock, but Rose is sucking it.

When Saint Rose was wearing her eyepatch, most people did not believe that she was the real Saint Rose, but when the villain removed her eyepatch her as her viewership surpassed 5000, the atmosphere in her chat window reversed. It became.

Everyone knows the truth.

The chat window filled with betrayal and futility, anger and jealousy, excitement and desire fell into chaos from then on. People who cursed the villain for her manipulation her began to envy him, and those who defended her St. Rose to the end took the lead before anyone else and began to blow her low-grade sexual harassment at her.

The circumstances of St. Rose did not matter to them. All that mattered to them was that the pure and innocent magical girl was sucking the villain’s cock. It would be unfair for St. Rose, who couldn’t choose another option because of the threat, but he had no choice.

[So… Ha, when will you be satisfied… Chuup, Chuup… ]
[Oh… Maybe you don’t know? This is fun. Then I’ll have to let you know.]
[… ] Yeah? Whoops! Oops! Oops!]
[Be patient! I think I’ll be satisfied with a little more.]
[Oops! Oops! Woo-wook! …… Wow!]

After seeing a magical girl whose face is stained with the semen of a villain, no one would watch with reason.

[Easy to see…]
[What is the amount of semen?]
[Rose-chan~ Accept me coldly~]
[If you cover that face, you will feel conquered. LOL]
[I’m so jealous, fuck really]
[Bukkake dd]

And it was the same for Siu.

“Sir baaaaal! I’m going to kill this dog! Dare to Sarah! Aaaaagh! Seebaaar!”

Siwoo could n’t forgive the villain who went beyond conquering Sera’s lips that even he could n’t reach, and ended up marking his face her. That’s why Siwoo shouted like a madman and expressed his anger at the villain on the other side of the screen.

But, of course, Siwoo’s cry did not reach the villain.

[Whoa, good. Should I just stop here for today? Good work Rose.]
[Ooh… Black, ugh… Black.]

After finishing his ejaculation, the villain touched Sera’s face her with his stretched cock her.


Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy
Uncle are you insane? Aren’t you crazy?
I never thought I’d do something like this…
Mister… You’re a real villain

After checking the broadcast through the link, I unknowingly muted it and looked around. In a house where you live alone. It was truly shocking what he had done to make him do such stupid things.

To play a magical girl training video… Does this make sense?

It was to the point of giving goosebumps at the evil deeds that were different from the previous villains. I wondered what they were going to do after kidnapping St. Rose… Ha… As a woman, I felt a little sorry.

Apparently, she thinks she will be rescued and is forcibly enduring it… The rescue signal you sent has already been manipulated by me? So what you wish will never happen… Rose, who didn’t know that and eagerly sucked the uncle’s cock, looked pitiful.

But this is also part of revenge… You shouldn’t be sorry After correcting my posture and organizing my mind, I manipulated public opinion because I wanted to be at this time.

[Saint Rose 〉〉〉 rapier huh? Yes]
[The rapier will have to work hard. You can’t compete with exposing your panties. Compared to the cock-sucking Saint Rose, the rapier is really pure.]
[Where are all the Rosemarys who cursed at rapiers? In fact, St. Rose was much dirtier, right? The rapier was pure itself, right? LOL]

This was an opportunity to get rid of the bad opinions that were focused on me. It was nice to have fans thanks to exposure, but… Honestly, if you’ve reached S rank, shouldn’t you be managing your image? The exposure light sounds really disgusting. Where else could there be a magical girl as pure as me…

[This is interesting. Then I’ll have to let you know.]

…… But man, your cock is really big… I can’t practice with what I usually do… Ha… Should I buy a new one?

[Oops! Oops! Woo-wook! …… Wow!]

Wow, complete devil… You’re really a pervert, man… You were always impolite with me, and you always had dirty thoughts in your heart, right? … Well, I think it’s like an exposure operation.

“Ha… Mister… Hehe…”

…… Then I guess I need to change the delusional atmosphere… From soft to slightly hard… Thinking of the old man who will forcefully attack me from now on…

“Yes… Mister… No, there…”


“Ah, what is it? Is it off already?”

A… I was going to do it to the end with momentum while seeing the real thing of the uncle, but it turned out to be a pity. If this was going to happen, I should have recorded it… You said the next broadcast would be in two days, right? Great. Then you must be prepared…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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