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Heroine Netori 186

Heroine Netori 186

Chapter 186 – Corrupting Magical Girl (9)

To start with the conclusion, making Aquamarine on the same side was the correct answer. She’s been more useful than I thought. She was only going to use it as a card to entice Saint Rose, but Aquamarine was worth more than that.

‘… Rose is a magical girl under special management by the Association, so if she cannot be contacted for a long time, she becomes a help signal to the Association. To fake it…’

‘… There are also magical girls who specialize in detection. Rose had complained that she was annoyed by them. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid detection… ‘

She knew valuable information that even Hee-eun, who became S-class, did not know. Is this why time is so important? Anyway, thanks to her sincere determination of her to be with me, I was able to find and fix the loopholes in my plan.

‘Whoa, in the end, you and I are both victims of the association… I’m really stupid…’

‘But with this… You mean you can get revenge?’

And in the process, just in case, it was effective to tell me my circumstances, to be precise, the circumstances of the owner of this body, Park Deok-bae. I wouldn’t have heard this information if I had made you a slave and gave you orders. So why is consensus building so important? It was a wise decision to be cautious because the opponent was S-class.

Oh, that’s okay, tell me how you succeeded in kidnapping in one day?

That’s what… Frankly, I was very lucky. It’s a pity for Aquamarine, but her love stone her was suddenly ruined. Because of that, the magical girl Aquamarine became Choi Jin-hee, an ordinary girl, and we were able to use this to summon Saint Rose to an uninhabited place.

After that, things were simple.

‘Keukkeuk, you managed to notice and transform. But it’s already too late. If you move just one step from there, you will be separated from your friend forever.’

‘Eww, cowardly… ‘

‘Rose… Please save me… Hey, I don’t want to die like this… Please… Sarah please! Ugh, you took everything from me, huh, are you going to take my life too? Huh? Isn’t it? Please… ‘

‘Jinhee… ‘

There’s no way a righteous magical girl would let a hostage die. As Saint Rose thrust her sword into Aquamarine’s throat in front of her, she surrendered meekly. After all, this is why justice bugs can’t do it? There are too many weaknesses that can be exploited.

Huh? Still, it’s S-class, but isn’t it too easy to get caught?

Well, it turns out that Saint Rose owes a deep debt to Aquamarine. Because of her her self, her her hurt friend, her is going to die because of her this time, so can you stay still? I have to help somehow. And you know the information that Aquamarine gave me. Maybe she thought that even if she was kidnapped, she would be rescued soon?

Well, it’s a decision that I really can’t understand.

Even if you believe you will be rescued, what if you get raped before then? He said he had a boyfriend who was stolen from Aquamarine. Is it okay to be eaten like this?

‘Ha, don’t do it! This pervert! Sea cucumber! Sea ​​anemone!’

‘Hmm? What is this…’

‘Don’t touch me and go away!’

But I had thoughts. My clothes didn’t come off … This was information that even Aquamarine did not know, but it seemed to be her own ability that Saint Rose was hiding. Her her ability to protect her own innocence her in times of crisis. She wasn’t an S-class magical girl and the main heroine for nothing.

‘Ha, are you rebelling now? Great. If you want, I’ll kill the aquamarine in front of your eyes.’

‘No! That’s not it! This… The Love Stone protects it on its own… ‘


‘Huh. Now that it’s like this, I can’t take it off even if I want to, and I can’t take it off even if I want to release the transformation. Do you think Saint Rose of love and peace will collapse this easily?’

In addition, annoyingly, this ability was activated automatically regardless of one’s will, and because of that, the threat of aquamarine’s life did not work. In addition, the erogenous stimulation and likability, which were always used like cheat keys, did not work, as if there was a function to block mental attacks or block the senses.

Indeed, S-class… It was not an easy difficulty.

‘Whoops, … Wow?!’

‘It would be good to do it in moderation even if you are proud. Don’t forget your situation. If you rebel like that, you’ll lose everything.’

‘… Oh, I see. …… Yo. This.’

Well, even so, since I came this far, it is no different than the end.

Clothes that don’t come off
Aquamarine became a common person
Open mouth

If so, you got the answer. Even if you want to unlock the transformation, you can’t? Then you can forcefully release it. You just need to make the magical girl Saint Rose no longer a ‘magical girl’. Just like Aquamarine, who lost her powers due to being hated by the public, Saint Rose can be made into an ordinary girl.

How do you do that? There is a hole

What would happen if a magical girl who was loved for her pure and innocent image of her suddenly showed herself sucking the villain’s cock? Hehe, wouldn’t something interesting happen?

“Ha… So look at me now and suck this. Is that what you mean?”

“To fool St. Rose. You have to put in that much effort.”

“…… Okay. Promise me this one instead. Don’t show my face on the air.”

“Don’t worry. Because I have no intention of doing that.”

Of course, the process is never easy. You see a magical girl with a boyfriend and ask her to suck the cock of a villain she’s never seen before. You’re threatening her friend’s life her, so she’ll obey, but she’ll definitely resist. That’s how hard it is to broadcast.

So I’m aquamarine, oh no more. I decided to use Jinhee. If you let them know that you are not the only one who suffers from a tragedy, they will obey, albeit reluctantly.

“Don’t forget to pretend to suck.”

“Huh… Forced sucking isn’t smoke, right? Whoa… I’m ready anyway. Start.”

“Okay. Then, I’ll take a picture.”


“Why don’t you send St. Rose a message of support from her? Seeing this, I’m telling you to cheer up too. Are you two friends?”

“…… Ugh you’re the worst…”

“Haha. You know that’s a compliment to a villain, right?”

“…… Huh.”

“Well, it’s a compliment, so suck it up quickly. You don’t have to make textbooks so that Saint Rose will learn and suck hard. Or do you just want to get raped? Just talk My men are always ready.”

“… Haaam, Hueup… Chuu, Chuu… Whoops…”

“Ha, start without saying anything? But I really can’t Does this require a lot of training?”

“Huh?! Whoops… Woo-wook…”

Think about it. ‘I have friends, but you don’t? If you don’t do it, he’ll get kicked around, is it okay?’ Will St. Rose stay still? Absolutely not. Righteous magical girl, Saint Rose, will suck my cock after all.

“Do it carefully. Be careful not to touch your teeth. You don’t have to do better than St. Rose when it comes to sucking cocks.”

“…… Chew, ha… Chuup, Chuup, Chuup… Ha… Haljjak, chung, chururu…”

“Okay. To do so.”

Alright, with this, we have all the conditions to start netori in earnest. Now you can blackmail St. Rose with the video you’re filming and start broadcasting. I thought it would be difficult… I did it again somehow.

“Ha… Gulp, haha… Chuong, Chuuup, Chuu, Haeung… Chuup, chug…”

Haha… Chop, chuup… Gulp, phew… Ha… “

By the way… What is it boy Do you think it’s going to be this soon? Just a moment ago, I didn’t feel good, I just felt sick… Now, the clumsy yet active movement of the tongue moving inside the small mouth is so dizzying… It looked like it would be cheap soon.

Did you know that you had talent on this side? My back flinched involuntarily at Jinhee’s fellatio as she grabbed my waist with both hands and passionately sucked my cock. Aside from being careless, Jin-hee’s tongue movements were very impressive as she tried to feel my cock even a little more.

He… Are you sure you weren’t forced to suck it? I was puzzled by Jin-hee’s sudden change of attitude in her, but there was nothing wrong with it, so I continued filming. I was thinking of taking a video to post on Phone Tube after a long time, but I thought it would work well for Jin-hee now.

It’s not a striking beauty, but Jin-hee’s face her, which is ordinary but not ordinary, is also in high demand. But are you a pervert who sucks cocks like this? Then that’s perfectly fine The uncommon perversions of beauties that are common in everyday life also strangely arouse a sense of immorality.

“Strange… Ha… Gulp, puha… Very tasty… Are cocks really this sweet? The more you suck, the sweeter it comes out… Haeup, chew woop, tseung… Haha…”

“Sera… Whoa, this… This cock… Strange… Chuup, Chuuu…”

But sweet… ? Oh, right. This was one of the additional effects of sexual stimulation. If this… I think it will work for St. Rose too? It’s not like you’re touching it through your clothes.

It was a bit disappointing that Fella alone seemed lacking in stimulation, but a magical girl who gradually becomes serious about Fella would be stimulating enough. That’s enough to drive the viewer crazy.

This, I look forward to future broadcasts.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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